Prepyadstviya Russian Navy

Office of Russian Federation decided to modernize the Navy as the prime priority weapons programs from the period up to 2020. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, has recently confirmed the allocation of the fleet of about 5 trillion rubles in the coming 10 years.

The plans are excellent, and if some items are made gradually, by the main classes of ships questions inspire more fear than optimism. If many of the issues are solved in a purely technical and organizational terms, the financial plans, as usual, the situation is very bad, plus there were some fundamental projects in business.


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Proposal DCNS for submarines SAM

At the exhibition held in Paris in 2012 Euronaval French DCNS shipbuilding association has submitted two proposals for this anti-aircraft missile system A3SM, created for self-powered submarines, which are underwater. Both versions are available for complex weapons submarines to foreign customers.

First option complex (A3SM Mast) is a turning pipe located inside the missile portable anti-aircraft missile system MBDA Mistral, raises a special retractable mast apparatus within a fencing-sliding devices Underwater boats (like a periscope). The rise of the launcher and launch missiles made in finding Underwater boat at periscope depth. Target designation and aiming is done once a rising

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Cut diamond, or McIntyre v. Wachter

During the second World War, Atlantic long been the scene of violent clashes Anglo-American anti-submarine forces with the German "wolf pack of."

May 5, 1943 British Escort Group B-2 went to sea in connection with the convoy SC-129, which followed from the Canadian port of Halifax in the UK. Ships led a campaign Commander Donald MacIntyre, one of the more fortunate British antisubmarine. The group included the destroyers "Hesperus" and "Vanessa" and 7 Corvettes. Group B-2, which was headed by Commander in June 1942, has held more than one convoy and had a good result — no one transport of

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Pirates of the Third Reich

Only in 1944 the Allies managed to reduce the loss inflicted by their German Navy submariners

German submarines second world was a real horror for British and American sailors. They turned the Atlantic in a real hell, where the midst of the wreckage and burning fuel desperately cried for rescue victims torpedo attacks …

Purpose — Britain

To illumine 1939, Germany had a very modest in size, although at a technical level, the perfect navy. Against 22 British and French battleships and cruisers, she was able to put only two vsepolnotsennyh battleship "Scharnhorst» («Scharnhorst») and "Gneisenau» («Gneisenau») and

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Ships coming in a naval show in St. Petersburg

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, the Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Khristenko, Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky and St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko immediately after the festive opening ceremony of the 5th international Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg inspected the exposed on the merits of the exhibition last Russian military and civilian shipbuilding. Sightseeing trip for them had head of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) Roman Trocenko, the heads of the leading engineering and shipbuilding companies of.

Corvette "Guarding"

Corvette and SUBMARINES Coming

Prototyping exposure of new developments "United Shipbuilding Company" (USC), more fully presented at

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In St. Petersburg, presented the new cruise ship unsinkable pike-

The article updated with new information and photos.

7:50, August 2, 2013 / Author: Olga Bektanova

In St. Petersburg, the unsinkable ship called "Palmyra-2." The distinguished guests who were invited to the presentation of a new vessel, work out in the rhetoric, calling the ship a ship, boat and even the ark.  And the features of the new "ark" are considered the lowest of his pickup and transparent glass roof, which can be easily move during the heat, and also push again if it starts to rain. I must say that from the outside it

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Fell to an American 135-pound stingray

Chicago dropped to a resident flying stingray weighing about 135 pounds. The animal jumped out of the water, the woman, her husband and children vacationed in Florida and made a boat trip on a rented small boat, UPI reported with reference to the television WFOR-TV.

Vynyrnuvshy knocked out of the water chute 40-year Jenny Hosh down and it was right under it. According to the captain of the vessel, the woman tried to crawl out from under the fish, but it failed. Hosh came to the aid of her husband, who pulled off ramp from the woman and tried to

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China copied all the latest draft Russian diesel-electric submarines, perhaps, Lada

Not long ago, China launched the latest diesel-electric submarine (pictured), but did not give any official disk imaging. Study Photo allows you to make a conclusion that seems to be it diesel-electric submarines with the designation Type 41C, which used Russian technology appropriate for the Chinese project. The creation of this boat says that Chinese naval engineers have made significant progress in this direction.

Boat Class Type 41A looks like the Russian submarine class Kilo. In the late 1990s, the Chinese ordered boats Project 877 (Kilo), which at the time were the most modern Russian NNS. Our home sold

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China is reaping the fruits of their own mistakes

Chinese efforts to claim all of the South China Sea and the sample does not allow there any foreign naval forces normally find an explanation in the economic field. In this area, placed a huge amount of valuable fishing grounds, not to mention oil and gas deposits beneath the sea floor. An additional advantage in the control of these areas is to obtain a non-hazardous patrol areas for booming (and as it should, just detectable anti-submarine means of the enemy) nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles aboard subs. Distance from the South China Sea to the Washington (DC) is about

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Caspian Flotilla will receive three landing craft

In the first half of 2013 in the Caspian Flotilla will include three Russian Navy amphibious boat project 11770 "Chamois. "This was Thursday, December 13, according to the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

1st of 3 boats already passed state tests in the Northern Fleet and will soon travel to the tests on the Caspian Sea. Two more boats are on the shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod, where the factory finish tests and preparing for the delivery.

Landing boat project "Chamois"Can carry up to 45 tons of cargo, including personnel and wheeled or tracked armored vehicles.

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