India has announced a tender for the supply of submarines

The Government of India announced tender P-75I (Project-75 India) for the supply of six stealth submarines of the last generation, reports TNN. Applications for the role will be accepted until the end of September 2010. According to the results of the tender agreement favorite will cost 500 billion rupees (10.7 billion dollars).

According to the contest, the winning company of the tender should be put India two quite ready submarines and transfer of technology of their construction. The other four submarines will be built in Indian shipyards — three at Mazagon Docks and one — at Hindustan Shipyard.


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Devil’s boat. The saga of the RT 658 / Devil Boat: The Saga of PT 658 watch online

This movie is about the story and combat use of American torpedo boat PT series. Known as the "Mosquito Fleet", small, frisky and well-armed torpedo boats, a lot to do to turn the tide in the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the British Channel during the second World War. At one of these boats (PT-109) was a John F. Kennedy — the future president of the United States. But the whole history These torpedo boats remained virtually unknown until now. Sixty years after the end of the war, a group of enthusiastic veterans returned one of these boats

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And again on submarines. New boats and an old rocket

Only that the public found out about the existence of some programs from upgrading the fleet, designed before 2035, as war again began to sound pleasant details of their plans. Earlier, Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said the Russian submarine in the summer after a very long break, return to fundamental shifts patrolling areas of the oceans.

First out of the news related to submarine Boat Project 955, also known as "Northwind". The number of planned boats of this project is constantly changing. Eventually, in 2011, braked on the amount of eight copies. How can prove to the number in

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MOE has completed inspection of the main radioactive dumps Russia

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry experts completed a survey of dangerous radioactive objects underwater, flooded in bays Tsivolki, Stepova, Ambrosimova and currents of the Kara Sea, the results of the expedition will be ready in November, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of the Department of Fire and rescue services department.

According to the ministry, at different times in the Kara Sea were buried many facilities after nuclear testing at Novaya Zemlya of nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" and the nuclear submarine K-27. Only Zemlya trough, according to preliminary data MOE, there are about 1.2 thousand dangerous underwater nuclear facilities.

"The work

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The K-162 ("Upas Tree," to systematize NATO — PAPA) was founded December 28, 1963 in Severodvinsk, and commissioned on 31 December 1969 his second title of the "Goldfish" boat was due to the highest prices and exceptional combat abilities. Ha submarine speed was set at 44.7 knots (80 km / h), which to this day is the absolute world record for submarines.

August 28, 1958 was made the party-government resolution "On the development of modern high-speed submarine with new types of power plants and the development of research, development and design work for submarines." The priority tasks were set

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Large diesel-electric submarine of Project 877 "Kaluga"


Modernization work:Hydroacoustic complex — CIM-400V.1, combat information management system — IDP-100 EM navigation system — Andoga-M, the battery AB47602.

The performance propertiesDisplacement: 2,300 tons above water, underwater 3040 tons.Speed: 10 knots surfaced, 17 knots submerged.03.

Range: underwater 400 miles, in the mode of RDP 6500 miles.Immersion depth: maximum 300 m, 240 m working04.

Shipbuilding elements:Length of 73.8 m, width 9.9 m, draft of 6.2 m average, series of double-hulled, 32% of buoyancy in store.05.

Armament: 533 mm bow torpedo tubes — 6, the total number of torpedoes —

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Sonar catch Nessie?


After another scan Loch Ness sonar found something strange in his depths, which experts say can not be a big fish or school of fish or a log or other debris. Marcus Atkinson scanned the lake on the tourist boat and caught at a depth of 75 feet (22.8 meters), something like a big snake and having a width of as much as 5 feet! (1.5 meters).

Sonar to find fish was mounted on the bottom of the boat and scanned the depth of every 4 seconds. A strange object appeared on the

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Trade secret tragedy in the Sargasso Sea

25 years ago, has sunk Russian nuclear submarine K-219, the premise of the tragedy so far not made public.

October 4, 1986 in the newspaper "Pravda" was taken kutsee TASS: "The morning of October 3 at Russian nuclear submarine ballistic missiles on board in the area of about 1,000 km north-east of Bermuda in one of the compartments of a fire occurred. The crew of the submarine and the approaching Russian ships is the elimination of the consequences of fire. On board the submarine is injured. Three people were killed. The Commission concluded that the threat of unauthorized activity

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Vyprygnuvshy dolphin out of the water fell into the boat

In the U.S., the 300-pound dolphin vyprygnuvshy of water next to the dinghy, suddenly appeared on the ship. According to NBC, the incident occurred on the islands of Capri, Florida, a few days ago. According to members of the local fire department Lt. Keith Perry, who took part in the operation to return a dolphin caught in a boat in the water before he had never encountered such situations. "I think he just made a mistake and accidentally jumped into the boat," — suggested the fire.

As a result of a dolphin jumping in the boat was injured one of

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Polygon. Rescue submarine watch online

Ivan Lebedev gets on board the rescue ship "Jora Titov," coming to the rescue Underwater a boat that is in distress in the Barents Sea. In general, it's just a script rescue operation, during which one can get answers to many questions. For example, as one can zalegshuyu find the bottom of the submarine, how submariners are without the help of others to leave it in the case of tragedy, and what underwater vehicles equipped rescue ship?

Marine engineering

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