Dear submarine fleet in Australia

October 19, 2011Not so long ago, the Australians found themselves with fear that their 3,000-ton diesel-electric submarines of the class Collins expensive to maintain and operate than some of the larger U.S. nuclear submarines. Operation and service of each of the six class submarines Collins the currently manages more than $ 100 million a year. It costs more than the service of some of the American Boat (6000-ton Los Angeles and 7800-ton Virginia class, and even more submarines carrying ballistic missiles). Part of the problem is that the disposal of Australia has a total of 6 class submarines Collins,

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The long-awaited Ash

Just a few days back — September 13 — many special on military equipment in the world were almost shocked. In Russia completed construction of the first submarine K-329 "Severodvinsk". This nuclear submarine boat was designed by "Ash".

Now "Ash" will for the first time come out into the open sea. Checking the boat will take place in a white sea. And for the first diving watch with extraordinary attention as many military experts at the Russian Federation, and spices from around the world. That is logical, since it is specifically the upcoming voyage will show the vector

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To combat the subversive and terrorist forces of the Black Sea fleet will increase, Rooks

Raising ceremony Navy flag on a boat for special purposes "Rook" will be held at the Novorossiysk naval based on 7 May. It is reported by the press service of "Zelenodolsky plant them. AM Gorky ", which is construction Series launches the project, reports PortNews.

The main purpose of boats of the "Rook" — the fight against subversive and terrorist forces and resources in the waters of Fri-based Navy.

The developer of the project — Nizhny Novgorod Design Bureau "Vympel".

Second anti-seal boat Project 21980 was founded May 7, 2010, launched in July 2011 and sent to

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Child depths and terror

Once in 1914, a German submarine «U-9" immediately sank three British cruisers, sea battles of the line are converted into vertical: deadly projectiles rushed out of the depths to the surface and from the surface to depth.

Like an airplane — with the emergence of bombers boundary between the front and rear somewhat worn off, submarines eliminated this difference to the sea.

…Unbearable longing and nightmare bowed captain uzrevshih suddenly, out of the water, and there is growing dark big-eyed circular cutting, similar to the body without the tentacles of an octopus.

However, in those days — first century

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Diesel-electric submarines with cruise missiles. The project 651/651-K (Juliett class)

Modification of the submarine:— 651 — basic serial design of the first Russian diesel-electric submarines with cruise missiles specials. construction;— 651-K — upgraded diesel-electric submarine boat with cruise missiles curb "Killer Whale-B" complex gallakticheskogo targeting;— 651-E — the most experienced submarine, equipped with an auxiliary ETA.

Capacity Russian submarine forces, which were intended for the destruction of surface ships and enemy ships in the 1960s., Was carried out not only by the creation of nuclear-powered submarines armed with anti-ship missiles (SSGN, project 675), and by the rocket diesel-electric submarines. Draft Project 651 diesel submarine, which has a silver-zinc battery and

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Diesel-electric submarines of Project 877 Halibut

In 1970 it was decided to make the Navy diesel-electric submarines of the last generation who needed to act against submarines and surface ships, to put minefields, conduct reconnaissance. Submarines should be comparable to small, high-speed, low noise, own perfect radio, sonar, and electrical equipment. Since these submarines were going to supply the allies in the Warsaw Pact, except the ordinary project number — 877, she was given a proper name — "Varshavyanka."

Submarine B-871 "Alrosa" pr.877V KILO comes to raid g.Kartahena (Spain) for a role in joint maneuvers with the navies of NATO's "Bold Monarch 2011". May 25, 2011

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Diesel-electric submarine LADA

Head boats series — pr.677 "Harmony" — B-585 (sometimes occurs title B-100 and C-100, serial number 01570) and the head pr.677E "Cupid" ("Amur-1650?) Laid the factory Federal State Unitary Enterprise" Admiralty Shipyards "(St. Petersburg) December 26, 1997 In 1997, PL B-585 has received the title of "Saint-Petersburg". Boat launched on October 28, 2004

PL Series pr.677 is in production — all the plans in 2009 is planned for the Russian Navy to build eight submarines such type. But according to the state armaments program for 2007-2015., Planned construction of six submarines pr.677.

1. Submarine B-585 "St. Petersburg" pr.677 on the

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Day of the Northern Fleet

At the current time North fleet — The most powerful of all the navies of Russia. It includes advanced nuclear and diesel submarines, according to various classes of surface ships, aircraft, military equipment. The Navy is based in Russia only heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov Russian" and the regiment of carrier-based aircraft.

From the Fleet North — The youngest. If the Baltic Fleet in May celebrated its 300th anniversary, the Black Sea — 220, the North June 1, 2007 marked 74 years.

More than 300 years ago, was made the first attempt of creation of the navy in the

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Day Submariner

Once a year, on March 19 servicemen of the Russian Navy Submarine Force noted Prof. prazdnichek own — a day of Submariner. Specifically, in this day in 1906, as a new class of submarine combat vessels by order of the ruler of the Russian Empire Nicholas II were included in the systematization of the navy ships. According to this order, 10 submarines were included in the Fleet. First full-time Submarine Navy RF "Dolphin" was built in 1904.

The first time the submarines as a new category of vehicles that have not yet received a formal vocation, took part in

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Shark fisherman rescued


A resident of the Republic of Kiribati has stayed in the open ocean 15 weeks. He had to sleep next to her dead son in law and lose consciousness of impotence. Only a miracle in the form of sharks has led him to salvation, writes Policemen from Kiribati Toakai Teitoi stuck on his wooden boat in the ocean, as he ran out of fuel. More than 100 days, he drifted into this 5-meter boat, alone. "We ran out of fuel, but the food left there were many more.

The problem was only

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