Laky Verf: the launching of the first batch of water patrol boat

Shipbuilding Company Laky Verf launched the first in a series of patrol boat — "Patrol 2" for Gosmorrechnadzor. Laky Verf, previously specialized in yacht building premium in 2010 and included a range of spetssuda, while retaining the ergonomics and high quality performance.

"Patrol 2" starts operation on the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland after July 8, 2011, when the acceptance of the vessel to be held by the Commission.

The company plans to:

in 2011 to build 4 more boats of this series,

in 2012 — 6

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The Dutchman has built a veritable Noahs Ark



Dutch carpenter, frightened by his nightmares, has created a veritable "Noah's Ark": a man carefully studied the Bible in order to comply with all the dimensions of the vessel to the last elbow.

In 1992, Johan Huibers had a nightmare: Carpenter saw the flood waters washed from the face of the Earth Netherlands. It is noteworthy that throughout its history, the country is constantly exposed to flooding. And in anticipation of the next "doomsday",

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The ability to restore scorched U.S. nuclear submarine Miami is questionable

The possibility of returning to duty in the scorched dry dock shipyard "Portsmouth" (city of Kittery, Maine, USA) American multipurpose nuclear Underwater Boats (PLAT) "Miami" while is at issue.

Fire, sweeping the team and living compartments boat and lasted about 5 hours, valued members of the U.S. Navy as "large." As noted by Rear Admiral Rick Brikenridzh too early to talk about the fact whether "Miami"To be restored.

Background of fire and the price of damages while are not named. Burned-out compartments in the current time are sealed to prevent the supply of oxygen to the time until the military

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Residents of the two villages of the Amur region fought for bread

Residents of the two villages of Amur — Uralovka and Kuhterin Meadow — were without bread. The local bakery over flour. Two months from the remoter villages no transport.

In this "backwater", two hamlet left over from the former timber industry, in the summer you can get, but breaking the 50 kilometers wayward river See. After the collapse of "Bulgar" sharply intensified inspection of water transport. Check out "Rostransnadzor" forbidden operation ship "Ruby", kursirovshego between the villages and the "mainland."

The reason for the ban was that the boat was not on radio and life jackets were outdated model. Private

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Storm Lake Tavatuy in Sverdlovsk region

September 5. On Lake Tavatuy Nevyansky district of Sverdlovsk region occurred storm. At this point, the water in a faulty boat were 5 people who were evacuated by rescuers.

As the "New Region", the press service of the emergency department of the Sverdlovsk region, yesterday, September 5, about 17.00 during a storm on Lake Tavatuy the storm, wave height at which the 1 meter. Employees of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels, conducted patrols, discovered a faulty boat on the water, in which there were 5 people: 1 man, 2 women and 2 children (one of them — a baby.)

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Navy slipped faulty submarine

As said the newspaper "Izvestia". New submarines with improved control system it designed "Sevmash" for the Russian Navy under Project 955 "Borey", cause distrust among submariners. First tests the same way, "Alexander Nevsky" — a nuclear submarine — revealed a lot of punch. Although representatives of the "Sevmash" assure that they are already eliminated, divers are still afraid of boats on which they found 10's thousands of large and small gaps.

— A brand new digital system so crude that it is dangerous to work with. Recent tests have documented hundreds of running system failures. What if it happens

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The Navy of the Russian Federation

1977. At the height of the confrontation 2-majestic powers of the U.S. Navy comes to strategic nuclear submarine boat type "OH."

Armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles, it raises the risk the security of our country. Being on the inaccessible depths, away from your own database, it can easily cause a powerful nuclear missile strike on at least some point of the Russian Union. Eclipse the Yankees — a puzzle set for spices Design Bureau "Malachite" — to make a new battle ship, able not only to find enemy submarines, and to lead him secretly monitor and, if necessary

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The naval power of China

Chinese naval forces are composed of three operational fleets: Southern, Eastern and Northern. They contain more than 700 units of surface / subsurface ships:— 60 units of diesel-electric submarines (NNS);— 8 units of nuclear-powered ships (card);— 5 units of nuclear missile submarines (SSBN);— 28 units of destroyers, missile-(UB);— 52 units of various types of frigates;— 22 units of sea trawlers;— 84 units of amphibious ships;— 83 units of missile launches;— 77 units patrol boats;— 1 unit of CAAC (landing ship helicopter);— 2 Marine Brigade (10 thousand people);— 55 units of bombers;— 132 units of assault and fighter aircraft;— 65 units

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The 36th brigade of missile launches, Baltiysk

36 brigade of missile boats — one of the main compounds of the Baltic Fleet shock, it is composed of the 1st Guards division of missile launches and the 106th division of small missile ships. Ships and boats crews filmed before, but that's pretty and shoot them with a soul at the pier, in the database, managed just now — the very base of private territory, other approaches and camera angles, no, if by sea, with the passing of the Baltic Ship Canal. Well, now it's got to do 🙂 It was about an hour to walk around

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In Primorye specialists drove shark off the coast of

Experts of the operational headquarters for search and destroy sharks in the Far East on Monday drove the boat out to sea white shark coming up the coast to the village of the South Sea, told RIA Novosti the Institute of Marine Biology, Far East Branch of the name Zhirmunsky (FEB RAS).

August 17 shark attacked a local resident in the Bay Dennis Udovenko Telyakovskii, biting his hands. The victim underwent surgery, is no threat to his life.

After this incident, Emergency Situations Ministry to visit all the beaches and warned tourists of the danger. Bathing on the beaches of

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