In Bobruisk on strike over a thousand businessmen

Lena Medvedev also said now on sanitary day closed mall "Vestar". In "Vestary" employs about 200 people.Just 5 Bobruisk markets. • Slonim: Not none of the 3 markets, 2.10.2007 • Belarusian entrepreneurs want to strike, 2.10.2007

Mogilev region: the authorities forbade all 12 planned pickets

Applicants pickets police are trying to get receipts for non-participation in opposition rallies, "Social March" and "European march". Mogilev police applicants are invited to preventive conversations on the phone, they shall be removed.In Bobruisk policeman tried to persuade activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Il Mitsuru sign the protocol prophylactic conversation.In Bobruisk social pickets not allowed, 28.09.2007

In Bobruisk social pickets not allowed

Request for holding a picket fed activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Lena Medvedev, Ira Mitsuru yes nonpartisan Veronica Popko.One of the applicants, Lena Medvedev’s ruling executive committee named politically targeted."In the fear of the executive committee protests, even on isolated sites from people who have the street Urickogo stadium "- said" Freedom "activist" Hulk "Lena Medvedev.Stadium Street Urickogo in Bobruisk City Council led to a place where to be held mass public event.September 20 in Bobruisk state security management Committee questioned activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Tais Kabanchuk. It tried to take the receipt

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Police did not know anything about the felled ballot box

Representatives of the OSCE observer mission on the incident in Bobruisk know nothing. They are told that they will understand the situation. The incident is not recorded by the police th Bobruisk.Yarmoshina now stated that one of the sections in Bobruisk OSCE observers pushed "knocked the ballot box on the floor and thrashed her legs" and one observer from the OSCE gave annotation, so voters gave him the papers, and threw urns spotless sheets of paper.

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In Bobruisk going to protest against the abolition of privileges

It is planned that in the picket perceive the role up to fifty people. Share the founders meant to spend at the stadium on the street Urickogo 76 — in that place, which led to the power of such events.Past conduct trials protests local authority Amoy.• Bobruisk: pickets for liberation A.Kozulin not allowed, 30.06.2007 • In Bobruisk try to hold the pickets for the liberation A.Kozulin, 13.08.2007

Bobruisk: TBM proposed to perpetuate the name of Dunin-Marcinkiewicz

Activists proposed to establish a monument in Bobruisk Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, rename a street in the street Karl Libkhnehta Dunin-Marcinkiewicz also throughout the year to use the anniversary theme in the decoration of the town streets.Belarusian playwright Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz was born February 4, 1808 in Bobruisk District Ponyushkovichi the manor. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz called in Bobruisk Cathedral. In Bobruisk he finished the county school.At the end of 80 years of the XX century in Bobruisk were going to establish a monument Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, but it is not brought to an end. Monument stolen. Instead he put inconspicuous bust. Street with the name of Dunin-Marcinkiewicz in

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In Bobruisk require return here Belarusian sweets

Branch Manager TBM Victor Malinowski said, "Freedom", which rely supolkavtsy his letter to correct linguistic nonsense. They were very sad and shameful that sweet "card" Bobruisk, zefir has no Belarusian scenery on any of the many species.Meanwhile, city (as, in general, and the whole of Belarus) swamped Ukrainian confectionery and other products, which is framed in Ukrainian.Earlier confectionery Belarusian enterprises have names and successfully sold. Consumers remember product names such as "pleasure", "Bobruisk best ordinary," "Hidden Treasure," "Starry Silver," "Bobruisk Enigma", "Belarusian gift."

In Belarus the next boom construction arenas

Although the lion’s share of construction materials consumed municipal building number 1 — functional complex "Minsk-Arena" in the metropolitan district "Vesnysnka" — to secure some regional and strategic object erected in any queues. Pruzhanskiy "midget" Just These days are promise to hand until the smallest of the existing arenas. It will be located in Pruzany in Brest and is designed just for 800 seats. As assured in the Office of the Executive Committee Pruzhansky serious construction, the building is ready, the team is now expected to respectively "top":"While nothing really for you to say. Opening exactly planned before the end

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Arrested in Moscow last deputy Vasily Starovojtova

Getsman is in custody, the question of his extradition to Belarus. Mogilev region prosecutor’s office in absentia before» yavila charged him with criminal society organizations to commit serious and very serious crimes with the introduction of official position.In 1997 in this case were arrested and convicted several people, including chapter "Dawn", twice Hero of Socialist Labor Vasily Starovoytov.As reported BelaPAN Getsman had property in Belarus: village house Myshkovichi, apartments in Minsk and Bobruisk Klichev also built a cottage in Bobruisk, which gave a relative — a former manager of President Ivan Titenkov.

Bobruisk: entrepreneurs forced to cede power

Favorite regional organization "Movement for the free development of entrepreneurship" Medvedev said Lena Radio Liberty, believes that the outcome of negotiations with the government for successful businessmen.According to her, agreed that for 2-weeks forbidden to penalize or withdraw product standards which are for certification.

A.Myadvedeva: "When we said that all" go on vacation "and" for what taxes you are going to live? "They uttered:" We’re going to have to make concessions. "

"I think this is a major concession. However, they are so long" floating "… But when we declared that all" go on vacation "and it is the same,

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