Simon Jones scours the planet to track down wild, weird and experimental guitars and his collection now includes rarities from the UK, America, Russia, Germany, France and beyond. Lars Mullen drops in.

It’s been seven whole years since Guitar & Bass ventured to the far depths of Cornwall to witness Simon Jones’ startling selection of guitars. Simon isn’t a man to stand still, though, and since that time many of his instruments have been put on the block to make room for yet more way-out custom guitars. Is it about time for us to pay the man and his remarkable

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The ES-150 was essentially a jazz box with the deep body of existing archtop acoustics, but at the time it was a revolution

Gibson’s ES series began with the ES-150 of 1936, generally recognised as the world’s first successful electric guitar. The ES-150’s name – like many Gibson models that preceded and followed – simply denotes price: in 1936, $150 bought you the guitar, an amplifier and a cable. Gibson had previously fitted pickups on acoustic guitars in 1935, but the ES-150 was the first specifically-designed electric guitar to make a real impact.

Perhaps surprisingly, it was two retail companies – Montgomery Ward and Spiegel May Stern – who pushed Gibson to design and build the ES-150. Early pickup-loaded L-00 and L-1 models

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Teddy bear

The name ‘Teddy bear’ was first given to toy bears made from mohair and other fur-like fabrics. The name originated from an incident in Mississippi in 1902 when the then President of the USA, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, went bear hunting. After a fruitless trip, an American black bear was cornered and presented to the President to shoot as a trophy, but he refused to kill the exhausted bear, deeming it unsportsmanlike. Later, a cartoon depicting the incident appeared in the Washington Post, showing the president and a bear cub captioned as Teddy’s bear.

At the same time, in Germany, the

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Stack-em-up pachyderm.

Meet Elliott the elephant, who has it all. Over Humpty Dumpty—because you can put Elliott back together again. In fact, lie stacks up pretty nicely in the hands of a three- to six-year-old. As the kids get older, they can park Elliott on a night table or bookcase and still enjoy his company.

Start by Machining the Head.

1. Remove the pattern insert from the center of the magazine, and copy the full-sized patterns for all elephant parts. (Note: Make two copies each of the upper body, lower body, and ear patterns.) Next, cut out the patterns (one copy each)

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Penning a retro style

WILL ROBERTS asks whether the latest Olympus PEN is as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside.

The first time I picked up an Olympus compact camera I fell in love with it. It was about 18 years ago and the camera was my uncle’s 35mm film mju. Even as a child, I remember being struck by its clever, slick design. I loved its pebble-like shape, its clamshell sliding action and the way the lens would come out with a pleasing zip. It felt rugged and ready for work.

Fast forward a few years, to the time

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New Acoustics Bowers & Wilkins CM 10 successfully combines the characteristics of a series of elements of the SM and the older 800 Series Diamond. Anyway, this family features speakers Bowers & Wilkins, who, like a signature sound, it is impossible not to know at a glance.

It seems that creating new flagship CMS developers Bovvers & Wilkins decided to bring together a series of SM and 800, otherwise how to explain the appearance of the new model of the external, top mounted tweeter? If you put a number of media), and former senior CN.9, in addition to the tweeter,

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Land Rover is the ultimate country-living car. How many design icons do you know of that will take you to your country retreat, even across a flooded wintery landscape, and let you wash the mud out with a hose? The Defender, besides being the ultimate big boy’s Meccano set, able to adapt to your needs by bolting bits on, lives with classless urban sophistication just as well as it does covered in the dust of the Kalahari.

Need to move that kontreiwinkel chest of drawers? Check. Will all five kids and the dogs fit? Sure, no problem.

The story of

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Special BMP — 800 L

Jig-class household is equipped with quite a powerful 800-watt motor. Tool handle kerf in the tree depth up to 100 mm in steel — 10 mm.

Located on top of the body setting dial indicates the presence of an electronic system with which the user can select the desired frequency range moves. At the bottom of the housing of the pendulum action switch stages.

The model number of the notable features for its class. For example, the saw blade can be installed without an auxiliary tool. The support base is made of a casting, which adds to the stiffness of

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Glowing inhabitants of the oceans

Even in ancient times Carthaginian and Arab sailors watched the glow of the sea. Carthaginian admiral Hanno in V. BC. e. He noted that in the south of CERN, he saw the sea, «burning into flames.» But the glow of the sea for the first time described the Portuguese navigator and commander of the XVI century Juan de Castro in his book on the Red Sea.

Now we have had many colorful descriptions of this phenomenon. Here are the most interesting ones.

I not passed by this phenomenon and the French zoologist Edmond Perrier. «Suffice it to a short stay

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The elegantly designed Momi Momi Massage Lounger EP-MA70 transports you to total relaxation and looks great in any interior

Contributing to your overall wellbeing is the Panasonic Momi Momi Massage Lounger EP-MA70. The “Heat Massage» programme is a new addition to the massage lounger, providing a warm massage experience for the entire body. Body pressure and optical sensors allow the advanced 3D body sensor to measure body shape, thus determining target massage areas more accurately than ever before.

Akin to a masseur, the real squeeze kneading function helps loosen deep stiffness in the shoulders. You can also customise


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