Watch out! Mushrooms with cesium


This year, according to experts, radioactive mushrooms much as ever. Half an hour of examination and mushrooms taste and color do not seem noble. Indicators of radiation are too high. "With the passage of vetsanekspertizy found a high content of radionuclides cesium 137, this lot has been withdrawn from sale, are not allowed to realization", — said the head of the State Laboratory vetsanespertizy Nadezhda Belova.

30 kilograms of radioactive chanterelles — catch only one laboratory market. This year, in Moscow, experts mushroom season.

"This year is not permitted to implement 24 batch

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Board s / n 95012 for painting in Ulyanovsk


Of comments from that would be clear how the painting

Manually (painting equipment GRACO) on the elevators on both sides at the same time paint, that would not be exposed to dust. According to isolate different areas of the livery, paint them in the desired colors.

Painting aircraft is different from the cars that the plane is painted in the collection, the car body is painted in a disassembled state (prior to installation of major components). It is common practice all paint so that the keel is painted separately, for example, like the A380, then

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Michael Jackson died from overwork



In Los Angeles in the courtroom of Michael Jackson's personal physician, said that before the death of Michael gone without sleep for a full 60 days. It turns out that more than two months, Jackson took propofol, and anesthetics to overcome insomnia, as was going to recover and return to the world of show — business.

However, under the influence of drugs Jackson only felt well rested, in fact, his dream was very superficial. So the doctor is sure that

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More grain country!

Near Moscow Machine-Building Plant "Tonar" in February introduced the articulated tractor-trailer, the maximum amount of grain Thonar-9540.

A new modification of the tipper lorry convoy expanded line couplers Thonar-9540, successfully operating in the transportation of grain, gravel and coal. Due to the maximum dimensions (length — 20000 mm, width — 2550 mm, height — 4000 mm) body capacity trains increased to 72 cubic meters of which 31.5 cu. M falls on the first section of the grain truck and 40.5 cu. m per second. The sides of the tipper lorry convoy met with a ribbed profile and enhanced conics

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Astral plane — a plan visualization

December 27, 2011 22:44

Considering the hierarchy of worlds, we did not say a word about the "astral realms" of which so much has been said in the beginning. As we shall see, this was some evidence, and yet the place of these "sheets" and related "worlds" occupy the so-called "astral worlds"? First try to find out the traditional use of the term "astral". Analysis of occult literature shows that representatives of different schools have invested in this concept different content.

Thus, Paracelsus, and after him, and other representatives of the school of the "northern initiation" called the

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Your Bodys Many Cries of water!

December 24, 2011 19:36

Many habitually consider water an inert substance that only dissolves and carries the body of various substances. Recognizing that water is used to maintain life, they do not consider the fact that the water itself is the source of life, the source of energy.

Exchange of water between the cells and the blood vessels occurs through two main processes of osmosis and active work of the cell membranes. Osmosis is a passive chemical process to balance the osmotic pressure of blood inside and outside the cell membrane. Active cell membrane is controlled by the cell

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Tibetan caches of Atlantis


Lobsang Rampa — known personality not only in his Tibet, but also throughout the world. It is this lame honored to be in the inner sanctum of Tibet — the circle under the temple dedicated to the Potala. Here he came in contact with live Atlanteans on the eve of 1927. Reached the highest levels of dedication, ramp for the first time in a mystical trance personally saw representatives of the legendary race to dominate the world, to a certain disaster. The fact that in those days was happening to our planet, and

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Astral travel and danger

December 13, 2011 21:00

Today Paranormal and psychic abilities of human gradually become commonplace in our lives. If before such a condemned and conceals, now known to the public permanently become different kinds of information that go beyond the usual attitude. One of the most mysterious supernatural manifestations are astral travel. Scientists still have not come to a consensus about what is actually astral and astral body of man, but completely deny the existence in our world of such phenomena they can not. In order to penetrate into the essence of astral travel, you first need to understand

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BMZ goes to series production open-top cars

Bryansk Engineering Works has completed production of the initial batch of open wagons modes. 12-3090 and started their production.

The company has transferred to the customer, of "HC" KRU "two-thousand wagon, thereby exhausting the limit set obtained in June 2011, a certificate for the production of the initial batch.

 In May 2012, the company's specialists had a qualification test gondola and got the certificate of certification register by the federal railways, allowing expand production. According to the document, BMZ has received the right to issue gondola to June 2014 with no limit to the number.

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Doctors confirm that an Indian man living in the sun and water


As has been widely reported, the study confirmed that the 62 year old Indian man, constantly observed in the hospital 24 hours a day, 120 days spent without food. He maintained a normal level of activity, using only water and looking at the sun!

Doctors from native India, as well as scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University in the U.S. alone tested this phenomenon and called it (HRM) by the name of the hero of Hira Ratan Maneka (Hira Ratan Manek). Manek — mechanical engineering, which refers to the

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