Incredible! Legendary Frosya Burlakova embalm herself in grave

September 30, 2012 13:38

Body of a star of Soviet cinema Savinova Catherine lay in the tomb for several decades, but the actress still looks as if alive.

Actress Catherine Savinov found incorrupt 30 years after burial. Time always circumvent the legendary Frosya Burlakova party, and after her death, she also has not changed.

In 1970 Burlakova buried near the railway crossing, where patients with schizophrenia actress threw herself under a train. After many years, native has made the exhumation and reburial at another cemetery. When the coffin got, kind of body shocked relatives Savinova.

Anatoly Novopashny,

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Found a weapon against women




According to scientists, the smile can deceive members of the fairer sex. When a man is smiling woman, she should be on the lookout: perhaps the opposite sex is trying to subdue her to his will, the scientists warn.

In the course of the three experiments, psychologists from the University of Granada have studied how men smile influenced the perception of his persona woman and her response. As a result, it was

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Assault awareness. Soul of a legacy

September 1, 2012 8:52

In early 2012 a group of American psychologists began to explore the state of the elderly patients who undergo transplantation of donor organs, the observations have been incredible. It turned out that if the heart of the young donor transplanted into an old body, his vital signs and the patient will increase significantly pochuvtvuet so much younger. But the most surprising discovery awaited scientists later, they noticed that after transplantation in some patients, the types and even in appearance. Trying to solve this problem, researchers have put forward the sensational hypothesis that if along with a

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We were flying a giant asteroid awkward


Next week, the attention of astronomers around the world will be riveted to a giant asteroid, but not because he is opasnost.4179 Tautatis length of 4.46 km and a width of 2.4 km — one of the largest asteroids, seen near the Earth. December 12, he will pass us at a distance of 6.9 million kilometers (more than 18 distance from the Earth to the Moon).  

Computer model Tautatisa (image Michael Busch). Astronomers are particularly interested in, such as a

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Mausoleum — the system suppression of consciousness


"In the morning, at eleven o'clock, January 23, 1924 I put together the first meeting of experts on the subject of the device to the grave of Vladimir Lenin, which was decided to be buried in Red Square near the Kremlin wall, and build a mausoleum over the grave." VD Bonch-.

January 27, during the official funeral procedures at exactly 16.00 Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union, said: "Stand comrades Lenin lowered into the grave!"

Ziggurat (MFC-rat, ziggurat)In architecture, ancient Mesopotamian cult tiered tower. Ziggurats were 3-7 tiers in the form of

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Fulfilling the last wish …

Death — neither more nor less than a transition to a different world, a time when the soul leaves the body. In order to facilitate its separation from the physical body, and there are funeral rites. Breaking or not keeping them, we condemn the soul of the deceased to unimaginable torment. Dispensable, it is between heaven and earth, quite often "came there," to living relatives …

The Trail …

Necrotic communication can be established in the case where the family greatly saddened, constantly lamenting the dead. They attract his soul to the ground, do not let go of her,

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Unsolved mystery of Filipino healers

For decades, scientists, researchers, paranormal phenomena, doctors and journalists and then heated argument about the phenomenon of Filipino healers. Some believe that the surgery without a scalpel and anesthesia and anesthesia pure swindle, and healers — it's just a clever con artists with the makings of magicians, others see this phenomenon really exists a phenomenon which, in their opinion, deserves study and attention of scientists.

About people perform surgery with his bare hands without the use of tools, anesthesia and anesthesia, the world began to speak in 50-ies of XX century. These unusual transactions were in the daylight, and

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Made in Tomsk: How to make the gauges

They withstood the brunt of the disaster at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. They work on submarines and mines. They do not take the tropical humidity and arctic cold. They — the real Tomsk gauges.

Former Tomsk manometer plant, and now — the company "Manotom" managed to secure their devices almost half the world. 70 years of experience combined with the upgraded resource base and stored in the enterprise team can practically work miracles. In the year the plant produced 500 thousand units. Together with all modifications made nomenclature has 10,000 titles. All this comes almost 10 thousand customers from various

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Lada Granta: cheap and cheerful

Another model of "AvtoVAZ", and even came to replace the "Classic" — a historical event. In the near future it will drive much of our country.

Sverhbyudzhetnik "The difference? There is a difference! "Under such motto the first official presentation of the Lada Granta on" AvtoVAZ ". Take a job with vazovtsev came Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. After a short test drive on the factory test site, he was pleased with the new Russian state employees. Lada Granta will gather on one conveyor with Kalina, for body welding is being stopped one of the

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5 facts about the red and blue colors of the control of your life

October 16, 2012 21:54

Imagine that somewhere, anywhere, there's a huge button, clicking on which you can activate the beginning of Doomsday and spread the hell out of the planet.

Try to imagine that button. Presented? What color is it?

Almost 100 percent of people it will be red. And not just because the color is associated with us the relevant traffic lights and various warning signs. In two colors — red and blue — our body responds in such a mysterious way that science is still a loss.

In different situations, red and blue can …

1. To

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