Doctors have cured cancer child HIV



American doctors were able to cure the 7-year-old Emily Whitehead from severe cancer, infecting her body with HIV infection. — The patient has become the first child in the world, which was subjected to a so-called therapy CTL019, in which we used the inactive form of the HIV genes in order to bring her immune cells that fight cancer — said oncologist Stephan Group.



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The likely way to increase the combat capabilities of the tank

Traditional single-turret assembly of the tank, the existing more than 60 years ago, the trial of 6-year-old second world war and the following, led to the creation of modern military machine, provided by Russian and zabugornom standards.

Keeping the size and weight properties predecessors, they have dramatically increased firepower, armor protection and speed. The study of the construction of tanks for the main qualities indicates a slowing down and a full stop. One of the important factors is the ever increasing scarcity of housing and tower under armor. It is understood that the dimensions of the tank, especially its width,

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Output in the Astral

Output in the Astral.

Each time after the physical body sleeps, the astral body is projected in the physical world. At that time, as the energy body is in the open state, the astral body floats just above the physical, within the sphere of influence of the field of the energy body. Within this area (also known as scope "silver thread"), the astral body, wrapped ethereal matter, is held close to the physical world. During a conscious astral projection it may appear that you are projecting straight into the astral plane. However, there is always an intermediate phase in

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Soluble electronics will create these cyborgs VIDEO

October 6, 2012 15:52

In the journal Science published an article bioengineer John Rogers (John Rogers) from the University of Illinois, USA about the new technology of "soluble" electronic circuits that can be embedded into biological organisms.

According to John Rogers (John Rogers), he managed to create electronic components, insulating washers, conductors and semiconductors that can be easily excreted from the body without causing harm to him and simply dissolves in the body. With this "soluble" components, according to John Rogers (John Rogers), you can create a wide variety of people within the electronic devices, from mobile

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Halos are not inventions


— We are dealing with an unusual physical phenomenon — explains the doctor of biological sciences, professor, head of the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after KI Scriabin Alexander Zhuravlev.

Apollo with a radiant halo in a Roman mosaic (the end of the II century, El Diem, Tunisia)


— This phenomenon has long name: Spontaneous ultra-weak luminescence organs of animals and humans in the visible spectrum due to oxidative processes. I found it with my colleagues Boris Tarusov and Anatoly Polivoda.

— Alexander, all people shine? Or

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Scientists and tourists attacked a town in Chile, where the body does not undergo degradation


A small mountain town of San Bernardo, located in the Colombian Andes, continues to amaze scientists. The fact that the bodies of the dead were buried in the local cemetery, do not undergo the process of decomposition. This phenomenon is called "natural mummification."

For the first time, scientists are faced with a similar phenomenon in 1957. According to experts, the bodies have not been treated with chemicals. Some of them have remained virtually the same form that had at the time of disposal — the natural processes did not touch any skin or

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Living Encyclopedia: lynx

May 31, 2012 22:06

Lynx, Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx), a mammal of the cat family. There are many variations of color lynx, depending on the geographical area — from reddish-brown to pale smoky, with a more or less distinct spots on the back, sides and legs. On the belly hair is especially long and soft, but not thick and almost always pure white with a rare ticking.

Southern forms are usually more red, wool they have shorter legs and smaller. Ermine — a small animal kunego typical appearance with a long body with short legs, a long

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Bepxnevolzhcky steel service center (photo)

Author photo essay — paul_zver_70

Try to guess what sealed in the first picture?

Rolls of stock

Dear readers, before your eyes cars Renault Logan and Sandero, and other items of pride auto industry, but only at the initial stage of production. It will go in my reportage about the company, where they make a blank for body parts. However gauge only the workpiece is not limited, but I'll still only about her.

 So Bepxnevolzhcky SMC (steel service center). Metal rolling here comes in rolls.

2. Weight of iron kruglyashey than

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Entering into a trance — a way to increase awareness

October 9, 2012 4:23

The ability to go into a trance — a powerful tool for those involved in spiritual self-development, and for those looking for a way to connect with the higher powers. Altered state of consciousness (self-hypnosis, trance, religious ecstasy, lucid dreaming) is a special state of mind when your body is asleep and the mind is awake. Official medicine confirms that if the realized change in the state of consciousness the human body is resting about twice as much as in deep sleep. By analogy with the computer, the trans can provide a kind of reboot of

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On-site supermarket in Smolensk fell soil

The incident resulted in killing two people. The press service of the regional emergency department of Russia reported that as a result of the failure of soil at the construction site of a hypermarket in Smolensk, killing two workers. The incident occurred on 1 September at 15:00 in the street on September 25.

"The body of the first victim was recovered from the earthen dam at 15.51, about 17.00 rescuers found the body of the second victim. Now its trying to extract and transport out of the trench to the surface, "- said an informed source.

According to him, currently

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