Mysterious journey of the soul

April 12, 2012 17:24

The problem of the soul is of great interest around the world. Official science prefers not to discuss this topic, although it is known that in many laboratories around the world for a long time are experiments whose purpose — to understand what kind of a substance, whether it is able to see, hear and think.

In the early 1990s, a great interest was Dr. Eugene Science Kugisa about unique research at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences of Lithuania. Ultra-precise measurements conducted for nearly 12 years, have shown that people at death

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The first information about the mysterious planet X was published in «Washington Post» back in 1983

April 12, 2012 15:07

A large celestial body the size comparable to the planet Jupiter, which is at a relatively short distance from the earth and can be part of the solar system, it was found by an American satellite orbiting telescope operating in the infrared. Located mysterious planet in the constellation of Orion.

The object is so unexplored and unexplained, that scientists do not even know his true identity. Perhaps this is a huge comet, or "protostar" that do not have the energy to be a star, or a young galaxy, which is not fully developed yet. It

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In the experiments, often the same effect is achieved without direct sight. For some reason, people who have been trained by suggesting something to the victim, his eyes focused not so much on her eyes, but rather on the fact that they're …

Third Eye?

This phenomenon has repeatedly demonstrated psychics Nina Kulagina and Mikhail Kuzmenko. Film placed in a light-tight envelope, it was applied to the forehead, after which it appeared ordered image. Classical science of man, this phenomenon can not yet explain. But the ancient Eastern tradition claims that the ability to receive and radiate mental images

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In Japan, created a virtual reality system that allows implanted in someone elses body


Scientists from the laboratory Ikei postgraduate school systems engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan University have created a unique virtual reality system that could affect the five senses of the human body …

System developers talk about reaching a new level of virtualization, which involves not only the transfer of audio and video data to man, but uses the sense of smell, touch and feel movement, which can be used for the organization of virtual travel, during which a man can be, as it were in another body, edifying information about his feelings,

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The mystery of a great lama

March 30, 2012 18:18

Back in the early XX century, Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov famous as someone with amazing abilities — he could heal people, was able to predict the future and can easily read people's thoughts. Itigelov monk in 1911 received the title of Hambo Lama, ie the spiritual leader of Russian Buddhists in Buryatia.

In 1927, he retired from daily life, leaving before this very specific bequest — after thirty years, ie in 1955 had to "check" his "integrity", and after 75 years had "finally" draw from the grave. His will, executed in 2002. Buryat followers of Buddha September

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Faithfully — Carl F. Baggovut (Karl Gustav von Baggenhufvudt)

Russian Empire, in contrast to the modern Russian Federation, cleverly lure foreign professionals. Professional zabugornye officers brought a great contribution to the development of the Russian army as a whole, and the most important victory over Napoleon, viz. One of these generals was Charles F. Baggovut (Karl Gustav von Baggenhufvudt).

He was born in 1761 in the town of Pergel province of Estonia. A family, with the tongue-twisting name Baggenhufvudt has Norwegian roots, but in the XVI century, moved to Sweden, and then in the XVII century Estland. Father Carla Gustav headed Libau customs, and specifically it determines offspring's future

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True Truth. Arnold Meri

-Independent Estonia … Peaceful sky overhead. The highest standard of living. A leisurely way of life measured: friendly passers-by, laughing kids. Spotless, well-maintained streets. Monuments to the heroes of the SS … who fought for "freedom and independence of the Estonian people," and pounded to the cemetery Bronze soldier with bowed head … The Nazis were driven to the cemetery not only the bronze soldier. In the middle of victims of fascist revanchism in the Baltic States there are people alive, even the deepest old men who, but remained faithful to the truth to the very end.

Hero Russian Union

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Severstal will begin deliveries of automotive steel for Volkswagen

"Severstal", creating four years ago, a joint venture with the Spanish Gestamp, which Volkswagen won the tender for the supply of forged parts for the automaker's plant in Kaluga, hoping for it to become the exclusive supplier of steel. However, to achieve this, companies Mordashov managed just now.

As told RBC daily in the "Severstal", this year the company will begin supplying automobile body sheet on the Kaluga plant Volkswagen. It is planned that the steel company will do so through its partner — the Spanish Gestamp. "Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works (CherMK) has received approval to supply metal for

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Hungarian FUG armored cars and PSZH-IV

In autumn 2012 on military-technical festival «Herbstanlass», which is held annually Swiss Army Museum (Full House), among different samples of armored vehicles have been submitted Hungarian FUG and PSZH-IV. Armored vehicles on display at the Festival of the Warsaw contract. According applets festival presented wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. FUG — Russian analogue of ARV and PSZH-IV — A unique armored vehicle.

FUG (Felderito Uszo Gerkosci) — light reconnaissance armored car, made in Hungary on the basis of those. making Russian BRDM-1. Hungarian Army adopted in 1964. FUG is similar in design to Russian cars, but the engine-transmission department

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