Shipped second body PGV-1000M to ZIO Podolsk

Production of heat exchange of the body and containers shipped body PGV-1000M number 2. Prepared by the integration program housing the steam generator will be supplied by JSC Machine-Building Plant "ZIO Podolsk" (Moscow region).

For delivery of large-size steam generator body weight over 200 tons of used specialized rail transporter. Later on Podolsk plant will be installed steam generator internals. The integration program of NPP equipment developed in the concern "Rosatom" together with companies integrators, including "Energomash (Volgodonsk) — Atommash." It regulates a set of measures in place to assess the previously manufactured equipment, and gives the opportunity

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Body armor made of polyethylene production Research Institute of Steel

Production of the new body armor with inlays of high modulus polyethylene settled into a "Research Institute of Steel." To demonstrate the capabilities of the new security device developers have conducted comparative tests with his armor steel. As a result, plastic plates stood shot Kalashnikov assault rifle and Tokarev pistol from a distance of five meters on a par with the metal.

"Polyethylene can compete with the best brands of armored steel. For example, materials such as titanium and aluminum. In addition, it is easier to have doubled, "- said the representative of the developer vests Eugene

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Lada Granta: cheap and cheerful

Another model of "AvtoVAZ", and even came to replace the "Classic" — a historical event. In the near future it will drive much of our country.

Sverhbyudzhetnik "The difference? There is a difference! "Under such motto the first official presentation of the Lada Granta on" AvtoVAZ ". Take a job with vazovtsev came Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. After a short test drive on the factory test site, he was pleased with the new Russian state employees. Lada Granta will gather on one conveyor with Kalina, for body welding is being stopped one of the

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Clouds packed …

Oxygen Water

White clouds — artesian water enriched with oxygen by a unique technology (high water). Now you can not only know the taste of the cloud, but also get energy given to us by air. The increased oxygen content of the water gives an unprecedented freshness and elevates to an excellent degree of its impact on the human body.

Water and oxygen helps:

— Improve vitality;

-recovery from stress — both physical and mental;

— Relief of headaches;

— Removal of hangover;

— Removal of toxins from the

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The thermal imaging device SWEET

The thermal imaging device "SWEET", developed at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, European certification procedure was implemented with the mediation of the Slovak company "Onkoset", said the Public Relations Center of SB RAS.

In this device all domestic, electronic components except for the signal processing unit. For example, sensitive to infrared (heat) radiation matrix and vacuum cryostat designed and manufactured in the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, a semiconductor material (indium arsenide) — at St. pereburgskom enterprise "Electron". The special silicon circuitry needed to bring the signal and can operate at liquid nitrogen produced in Novosibirsk on NPP

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Innovations in Business Gazelle 2011

The most important area of modernization in 2011 will be galvanized much of the body and cab — parts most prone to corrosion, the press service of the company. Since February, began installing galvanized parts of bodies and cabs, in the future we plan to go to galvanizing facial body parts to the waistline. Other changes in 2011 the family car "Business":

— Modernization of the vehicle’s cooling and heating of the engine (a modified design of the radiator will prevent overheating, even in 40-degree heat of summer, and the additional dogrevatel on diesel engines provide reliable starting even

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Keane will not be …

Gun design Gryazev-Shipunova is unique in the world, is the first in the Russian self-cocking a 9mm pistol enhanced penetration (greater than piercing AK). Designed for close combat. Personal weapons of new generation contains all of the latest advances in the design and production of weapons of this class. The gun has a low weight, high capacity magazine (18 rounds).

Movie really should not be removed unless in the hands of GS-18

Because you can not hide in a movie for the car door …

You can not because of the wall and

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In Chelyabinsk, launched the most advanced foundry in Russia and Europe

In two years, the Russian-Italian joint project to build a plant — LLC "BVK" received practical benefits — in the Chelyabinsk region have launched the most modern steel industry, which has no analogues in Russia, nor in Europe for the quality of the body molding for fuel znergeticheskogo complex.

The enterprise created 300 new jobs with an average wage — 35 thous. Among the new employees of the plant — the former workers’ Stankomash "The investment amounted to nearly three billion rubles. Regional coffers filled up only this year by 42 million rubles in tax deductions.

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The new hospital building opened in Megion (Khanty)

In megion long-awaited and important event for the life of the city — infectious body of the city hospital, with 40 beds, was put into operation.


Members of this landmark event, which included employees of medical institutions and urban associations, congratulated the head of Megion Michael Higuita. He stressed the importance of this facility for the city and its citizens, noting that the department is staffed to meet modern requirements and allows on-site to solve many issues related to the conduct of complex laboratory tests.

— Construction of infectious case was

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Universal Lada Kalina: production started

AvtoVAZ began assembling a new Lada Kalina in a body "versatile". At the initial stage of daily production rate of about 100 cars. Until the end of September will be made about 1,000 of these machines. This isreportsnewspaper "Volga carmakers."

Universal Lada Kalina: production began — Photo 1

Currently Lada Kalina in a body "wagon" is available in two versions: "Standard" and "Deluxe". In October and will join the line versions of the easy modification of the "standard". Advance release is designed for station wagons 6000 Lada Kalina. 

According to the

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