A new body of Kuban State University (Krasnodar)

September 3 the grand opening event of the new teaching laboratory building of the Kuban State University.

From that day, the university began to work 21 new classrooms, which are designed for more than 1,000 students in the Faculty of Economics and the Institute of retraining. All are equipped with modern equipment — interactive whiteboards and projectors. In addition, the exhibition hall was opened art-graphic faculty and largest university canteen.


The main attraction of the body has become a meeting room Kuban State University, which has all the facilities to hold meetings and conferences at the highest level.

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Liftbek Lada Granta was lit in the photo

The network has photos of Lada Granta in a body "liftbek." The car was filmed in Togliatti on the streets of the city and published a portal Speedfreak. Earlier, the management of AvtoVAZ announced its plans to release a hatchback Lada Granta, so most likely, he and this liftbek — the same car. If the assumptions are correct, then it is this modification of Lada Granta is to replace the family of Samara. Rather, liftbek Granta will be no different to equip the usual sedan. It is planned that the car will be mass-produced in 2013. Recall that in

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In Tuva, opened a new gold processing plant

Swedish mining company Auriant Mining AB has opened the field Tardan, 78 km from Kyzyl gold processing plant, which at first in 2013 on capacity will based on heap leaching technology to get 1 tonne of gold per year.

The final permission to launch a new production was obtained from the territorial structure Rosnedr opening day, August 24.

The first gold produced was sent for refining in August 2012. Today the factory is on the field Tardan produced 55 kilograms of gold.

General Director Igor Oglov Tardanskogo mine, the Holders of the insignia "Miner’s Glory", introduced to the technological cycle

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On RSIME built a new building for the production of systems for the 5th generation of aircraft systems

August 14 the head of the region, Oleg Kovalev visited Ryazan State Instrument Factory, where he got acquainted with the work of a new production facility for the production of high-tech enterprises of innovative products.

Governor demonstrated automated measuring complex (AIC), equipped with the newly-built housing.

The cost of building and equipping the body was about 1.5 billion rubles. According to the general director, Yevgeny Barankin, its main purpose — to release systems for the fifth-generation aircraft systems.

The new production facility was built as part of the federal program "The development of the military-industrial complex of the

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Baltic Plant — Ship building started cutting metal for the body of the first of two Mistral

"Baltic plant — Shipbuilding" August 1, 2012 start cutting metal for the body of the first of two helicopter type "Mistral". As the press service of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), the works are on schedule.

Cutting metal for the second helicopter is scheduled for May 2013.

Cutting metal for the first of the Russian "Mistral" began at the Baltic Shipyard immediately after the Admiralty Shipyard delivered the first package design documentation, adapted to the capacities of the Russian shipyard. Bookmark the ship is scheduled for October 1.

It is noted that the Baltic Plant is an enterprise-builder of

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SOUTH tankers began putting the Cowboys

9:32 01/08/2012

MOSCOW, August 1 — RIA Novosti. Tank units of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) got the first sets of modern equipment "Cowboy" to protect them from fire and shrapnel, told reporters Wednesday service representative missile and artillery SOUTH Dmitry Chuvstvin.

According to him, the military defense systems (UPC) "Cowboy" are unique, because until the UPC, a special form which would have protected the crew of armored vehicles from the thermal effect and splinter, did not exist.

"The set includes the first-class ballistic body armor protection, flame retardant suit and Ballistic plate on a tank headset" — said Chuvstvin.

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Ritmiks — a new Bus Group Volgabas

Bus plant in Kirov (Volgograd region). Group "Volgabas" started the production of a bus line "Ritmiks" small class classic layout that includes the urban variant with a total capacity of 56 passengers, with 18, 20, 22 or 24 seats ( depending on your choice), 48-seat commuter with 30 seats and 25-bed special bus that meets the requirements for the carriage of school children.

The design of buses designed by engineers using a car factory frame chassis of the Czech company AVIA Ashok Leyland Motors, standardized units on the chassis of the truck manufacturer in the Russian market.


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Report / Metrovagonmash

Photo report from the April presentation: Moscow 81-760 and "Rusychi" for Sofia.

A similar report was already here, but I decided to add this one, more advanced, and the comments of man "in the subject." Under the cut a lot of beautiful pictures and interesting disk imaging 😉

1. We start from a checkpoint. At the entrance of the administrative building of the factory installed architectural composition depicting the rapidly sweeping through the tunnel And the type of car. His other symbols of national metrovagonostroeniya and the plant itself, and turned the monument frustrated

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Healthy Lifestyle

Exhibition — Conference held under that name in the Euro-Asia Exhibition Center on May 24-26, in Yekaterinburg. More than seven dozen companies and organizations from Moscow, Perm, Penza, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk and other cities took part in it.In the format of lectures, seminars and answer questions relevant topics were discussed: "Prevention of violations of the Early Childhood Development", "Visceral therapy to restore internal organs," "Stop the sickness and old age," "An integrated approach to the treatment of obesity, the technique of Dr. Bormentalja "" Apirefleksoterapiya "," travel health practice "," Conflict and effective ways of behavior in different conditions, "and

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KAMATEYNER — a new achievement in the field of transportation

As part of the project "KAMATEYNER" created a flagship model KAMAZ 65117-62-783820 equipped with the system BDF-PNEUMATIK for lifting and lowering operations detachable body.

New product developed in conjunction with "Priokskaya engineering plant" and released in Nizhny Novgorod. It is worth noting a remote control system readout body and adapter for standard twenty-foot containers with adjustable height folding legs. These options allow you to simplify and significantly speed up the various handling operations.

The vehicle KAMAZ-65117 as all the benefits and reserves are well known predecessors. Technical innovations give it a consumer characteristics, which are confirmed by certification and

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