Bbw girlfriend

The flagship Morel Fat Lady is, without doubt, the most vivid and memorable acoustics in the line of the company. Morel Sopran is cheaper, but is very similar to the legendary «plump.»

The appearance of the model Sopran truly spectacular and memorable. The contours of the body without actually having a single square centimeter flat surface is easy to discern the signature features of the older model. The body is made of a composite material comprising carbon fiber and fiberglass.

In combination with a complex shape is provided exceptional strength and rigidity of the body. A characteristic feature of

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Fit to Fly

Philip Belsham, FRCS, Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine to a leading London hospital, looks at the hostile environment in which the modern military pilot operates, in the first of a series about aviation medicine.

THE HUMAN ANIMAL, Homo sapiens, has, over the millennia of his evolution, become superbly adapted to his environment. Although his leas are not as fast as the Cheetah, his strength not that of the bear, his eyesight not as sharp as the cat, and his sense of smell not that of the dog, he has still become monster of the whole land surface of the

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Which body do?

Hams, collecting their own devices, often customized size functional units under the existing «cases», which are usually protrude from the body of outdated radio equipment. Then there is only to alter the front and rear panel, or to make them relevant lining. For secondary sites, not «sticking in the mind,» used «the box» on industrial devices for different purposes (up to packaging containers).

Another possibility is to «pack» their design — buy a ready housing. Now in stores radio has a varied selection of plastic and metal enclosures that are manufactured specifically for home-made electronic devices and different presentable

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A well-known proverb advises: «Eat breakfast myself.» For children, this is not recommended, as a rule, because they are doubly necessary energy: to form a growing organism, and to the learning process is successful.

Why do I need breakfast:

Schools often cause a child mental stress (especially the first lesson, when the student has the least sensitive), and stress on an empty stomach provokes gastritis. Fed same person transfers much easier to increase the emotional background.

Timely and regular meals will help students maintain normal metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs, including the brain. Improves memory, increases the rate of reaction.

Another indirect benefit of regular breakfast time is that the child is accustomed to the regime and systematic action. This skill is useful at any age.

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Bye-bye body hangups

Dr Linda Papadopoulos unravels the causes of poor body image

I hate my nose


When I was 10, my aunt told me I’d ‘inherited the big family nose’, and it’s crushed my confidence. I hate my picture being taken in profile and I’m convinced people are always staring at it. Why is her comment still affecting me?


The way we develop body image can be greatly affected by lots of factors: messages from some sections of the media, bullying, insults, compliments… and comments from friends and family. We stop seeing ourselves from our own perspective but rather, see

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For the honor of their overhead

If you ask any of the residents mines the way to the Cossack cadet corps named JP Baklanov, almost certainly hear a detailed and accurate response. On the housing there are well aware, is a local landmark and a source of pride. Especially since the school was located in a specially restored building from afar Noteworthy tidiness and neatness. And seeing from whitewashed checkpoint tightened teenagers in Cadet neat form, you know that he was in a serious institution.

However, the new home school celebrated just about a year ago. Since its inception in 2007, it worked on the

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By Paul Ward

Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

Software: Photoshop CS5

I ARRIVED AT THE concept of this month’s Creative Eye surprisingly quickly! Upon finding out that the topic was to be paint, I recalled an image that I’d seen online where by the photographer had covered a nude model in paint — the colour of the emulsion transforming her body into an abstract shape. This gave me the idea to use this concept, and combine it with some Photoshop trickery for a unique nude abstract.

Before I started pouring paint all over someone I needed to

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Bag for life

With the market for fashionable camera bags on the up, Lucy Mowatt put one through its paces on a day out seeing the sights and sounds of Norwich

When I was tasked with the assignment of writing a camera bag review, I must confess that I wasn’t overwhelmed. The thought of hauling around a drab black rucksack seemed a little unexciting. But when Photography Monthly then told me that I’d be reviewing a Kelly Moore bag, all of that changed — who wouldn’t want to play around with a fashionable handbag that’s been specially designed for a camera?

The American

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Erika Padilla

If you decided to grab a bucket of water and spill it over the head of some stunningly gorgeous gal, you’d either get a slap on the face, a knee to your testicular region, or a tub of tears borne from embarrassment. But PBA courtside reporter Erika Padilla, who this month joins the FHM family in,ph’s roster of columnists, couldn’t care less about soaking wet.

With every championship win, as champagne bottles are popped open and ecstatic hollering fills the dugout, her curvaceous body is treated to copious amounts of the cold liquid in celebration of victory.

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In the forests of Belarus activated mites

At the Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health said that only in May-June with tick bites turned more than 10 thousands of people. For comparison: in Last year for the entire warm season appealed for help 32 thousand inhabitants of Belarus. Special centers should immediately remove the tick from the body:"We regulate the time, which was a tick on the body. Less he was sitting there, the less the risk of contracting a disease of lime." Our research goal mites — that man had to be treated with prophylactic, failing get sick. "Tick can be removed from the body,

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