Severstal will begin deliveries of automotive steel for Volkswagen

"Severstal", creating four years ago, a joint venture with the Spanish Gestamp, which Volkswagen won the tender for the supply of forged parts for the automaker’s plant in Kaluga, hoping for it to become the exclusive supplier of steel. However, to achieve this, companies Mordashov managed just now.

As told RBC daily in the "Severstal", this year the company will begin supplying automobile body sheet on the Kaluga plant Volkswagen. It is planned that the steel company will do so through its partner — the Spanish Gestamp. "Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works (CherMK) has received approval to supply metal for

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Tracked Amphibious ultralight Pelets 150/300.

Produced "Kit Car" floating among the tracked all-terrain vehicle on the Russian market stands a small size, low curb weight and an affordable price. The machine is designed to move a payload weighing 180-250 pounds or 2-3 passengers inside the body, which is covered by an awning on three sides. At the core of the machine is sealed, welded, steel case with a frame of high-strength steel. In order to obtain high corrosion resistance applied Bedliner polymer coating which is applied in a heat chamber by a special technology. The unique hull design gives it high strength and torsional

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Warrior will protect 90% of the Soldier

In Russia have developed an ultra-light suit of armor of the sixth, the highest class of protection — from shrapnel, bullets and bombs

As told to "Izvestia" in "Breastplate", created "The Warrior", a new suit for 70% better than its predecessor protect soldiers from shrapnel, covering 90% of the body surface. This result is achieved by the latest aramid fiber "Alyuteks" designed in "Kamenskvolokno."

Bullet vital organs fighter defends body armor with ceramic plates. Tests of new items due to start in the summer of 2012.

— In June, we will begin testing the "Warrior", and in 2013, if all

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In the Omsk region opened a new building Oncology Center

March 6 opening of a new surgical building of the regional clinical cancer clinic. To date scheduled 17-minute operation. Operating housing a total area of 13.4 thousand square meters, is a three-storey building with a warm transition into the main body of a hospital. Here are the operating unit 16 operating rooms, an intensive care unit by 24 beds, morphological Laboratory, Department of preparation of blood, central sterilization department. The new building is equipped with modern medical equipment.More photos …

Surgical unit dispensary — is the largest east of the Urals surgical oncology center. Its construction from

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The Marines of the Northern Fleet have inflatable vests

The Marines of the Northern Fleet of Russia received new inflatable vests. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, the Northern Fleet spokesman Capt. 1st Rank Vadim Serga. "Now, even if a soldier in a flak jacket falls into water, the system will automatically fill special sections provide gas and turning the human face-up" — he explained.

In fact, the new equipment is a standard body armor, equipped with a special volume filled with gas when released into the water. Buoyancy of new body armor is 25 pounds, which, according to Sergi, will keep the water in the military with

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Spring update image E-mobile.

Let me remind you that the beginning of production of E-mobility is scheduled for 2013, and now the company is actively working on the exterior and interior of the car, trying to take into account the wishes and concerns of potential buyers (see offs.’s) Because the design can change at any moment in one direction or another.

In the meantime, the project came to a very important date — March 5. Will confounded the skeptics, or the project will evaporate? Soon find out.

Introduction: E-mobility — a car with a dual-fuel power plant on board and electric

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Metrovagonmash: how to make subway

During its long history Metrovagonmash accumulated rich experience. In 1897, he was based as a car-building plant, then mastered the production of tracked vehicles, later together with AMO "ZIL" produced trucks. Now Mytischinsky Metrovagonmash is the birthplace of almost all Russian subway cars.

At the moment, the main activity of the company is the production of rolling stock subway, rail buses manufacture and repair of cars.

The main types of metrovagonov produced nowadays are 81-714.5/717.5, 81-740/741 and 81-760/761.Last year, the company produced 243 subway car, 32 car rail buses to repair the 113 subway

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Car Nefaz-93 341-07 with the volume 87 cubic meters. m

The design of the new trailer, which production is organized NEFAZ (Republic of Bashkortostan), designed to operate on the total road network, allowing axial load up to 7,5 t The main features include the use of the semi-trailer air suspension bellows with six on six hydraulic shock absorbers and control of body position, the use of lifting the front axle, six single wheel with tires in size 385/65 R22.5, transportation truck tractor with a height fifth wheel — 1150 50 mm. When the internal dimensions of the metal body tilts 13570h2470h2600 mm loading height is 1350 mm. Semi-trailer designed

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Kryukіvsky Carriages rozrobiv Novi Hopper wagon

Kryukіvsky Carriages rozshiryuє lіnіyku vagonіv-hoperіvLINEUP vantazhnih vagonіv Kryukіvskogo vagonobudіvnogo plant popovnivsya slit a new repeare wagon-hoperіv transported to crops. We lyutomu mіzhvіdomcha komіsіya permitted to yogo serіyne virobnitstvo. Tse vantazhny car mod. 19-7053-02 s rozmіrom body 116 m3 i vantazhopіdyomnіstyu 70.5 Tonny on vіzkah modes. 18-7055, yakі vitrimuyut navantazhennya vіs to 23.5 mc.

Lіnіyka vagonіv-hoperіv vlasnoї rozrobki Kryukіvskogo vagonobudіvnogo plant skladaє vzhe bіlshe 10 models. Pong rozrіznyayutsya profіlem carrying sipuchih vantazhіv i constructively Especially — rozmіrami body types vіzkіv i rozvantazhuvalnih pristroїv. Nezvichno velikі rozmіri body novoї modelі car Hopera dozvolyayut perevoziti at once uniquely bіlshy obsyag produktіv,

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Krukiv developed a new hopper car

Krukiv expanding line of hopper cars

Lineup wagons Kryukov Railcar added another new hopper cars for transportation of crops. In February Interagency Commission authorized its production. This wagon mod. 19-7053-02 to the size of the body 116 m3 capacity and 70.5 tons on trolleys mod. 18-7055, that can withstand axle loads of 23.5 ton.The line of hopper cars of its own design Kryukov Railcar is already more than 10 models. They differ in the profile of bulk cargo transported and design features — the size of the body, types of trucks and unloading devices. Unusually large sizes new body

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