In the Kuzbass started releasing body BelAZ load capacity of 320 tons


Kuzbass Vagonostroitelnaya Company (HC "SDS-Mash") has launched a new product — body BelAZ dump trucks load capacity of 320 tons. The total weight of each product exceeds 53 tons, the volume of the platform with a cap — 199 cubic meters. In the manufacture of high-strength wear-resistant body is alloy steel, REGNUM correspondent was informed in the press service of the administration of the Kemerovo region.

Already in the year of Kemerovo plant produced BelAz platform capacity of 130 and 220 tons. The plant came on the performance of 120 bodies per year. Production of the

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The raid on the ghosts




A few months ago in Novosibirsk was first formed branch of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk." The head of the branch became a leading engineer of the "Sibirtelecom" Vadim Kudryavtsev *

"Kosmopoisk" — research association, exploring the little-studied and anomalous phenomena. Today, the International Association includes about

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Lost in translation, or what we actually know about body language?


Many people think that they understand the non-verbal signals interlocutor. But from the look of the careful observer can escape the fact that, in reality, these signals are extremely contradictory.

Last year, when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced the divorce, reporters rushed to assure each other that this was to be expected. "You just look at the body language" — screaming headlines, under which adorned with photos of gloomy Holmes, Cruise's holding at arm's length. And when Barack Obama last year, lost the first election debate with Mitt Romney, some commentators have pointed to the President

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Russia showed the golden textile for body armor

The Russian company "Kamenskvolokno" (Rostov region), engaged in the production of chemical fibers for various purposes, shown at the exhibition Milipol-2011 in Paris, a new aramid fiber AuTx, or "golden textiles."


The new fiber can be used for the production of body armor and other personal protective equipment, which will be much easier to bullet-proof vests and helmets, made from other fibers.

AuTx fiber was developed by a Russian company in conjunction with the British Alchemie Technologies. The basis of the material, according to "Kamenskvolokno" is "heterocyclic copolymer aramid fiber family." The "dynamic strength

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The Mummy Returns




I'm sure many watched the famous film by Stephen Sommers "Mummy" the adventures of treasure hunters in the Sahara Desert in 1925. Stumbled on an ancient tomb, adventurers unwittingly set free the forces of evil, which for three thousand years of lurking in the body of an Egyptian priest who was executed. Condemned to eternal existence

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Places of Power in the Crimean mountains




Power rings Meganom and mysteries of Kara-Dag

Cape Megan located near Sudak and externally, seemingly unremarkable. Neutral coastal landscape, rocky ground, bushes yes fescue-feather grass carpet. However, since at first glance. An experienced eye investigator on this carpet will soon find a strange yellowish band thickness of

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Gun 6P35 (TsNIITochmash, the theme of Rook)

Gun Army 6P35. In 1993, Grau specifies requirements for newcomer arms. From now on, the decision to develop a new army pistol Russian 9x 19mm cartridge, then received index 7N21.

This cartridge made in the dimensions of a standard pistol cartridge NATO 9x 19mm. pistol., but all this has a huge capacity, penetration and lethality. According to the plan of the customer, it can be used as needed with the shooting of the new Russian pistol bullets NATO. In addition, such a solution would deliver a new gun for export to the country, usually using NATO pistol cartridges.


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USA: is there life between death and life?




Near-death experience — not very sonorous term entrenched in Russian language — English vellum phrase "near-death experiences" (NDE), indicating the state experienced by some during clinical death.

The very concept came about 30 years ago. American researcher Raymond Moody, used it to describe the condition of many

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Cutaneous manifestations of allergy

An allergic reaction of the body tosome irritant (allergen) may result in differently. Quite often, allergy manifests itself in the form of blisters, swelling, or severe itching — and these effects are known as cutaneous manifestations of allergy. The most common allergic skin disease of nature — atopic dermatitis, urticaria, angioedema and eczema.

Varieties of allergies

Allergen from the environment may enter the human body naturally three ways:

During the food and drink — food allergy. With direct skin contact — contact allergy (eg allergic to animal hair or washing powder). In the process of breathing — breathing

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Ministry of Health ordered the bread to feed the Russians poisonous?




In 70% of Russian enriched with iron, "healing" hlebushek can cause cancer and cirrhosis of the liver

In order to meet the shortfall of iron in organisms Russians since the beginning of this year, the Russian Ministry of Health ordered the bakers add a "useful metal" into flour. However,

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