The shocking human mutation


It has long been developed so that people with genetic mutations believed monsters and monsters. They frightened the children and tried to be avoided. Now we know that unusual for us to look some people — is the result of rare genetic diseases. Unfortunately, scientists have not learned how to deal with them. We offer you a selection of the ten most unusual genetic mutations that occur in humans. Fortunately, they are quite rare.

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1. Progeria. It occurs in one child of 8000000. This disease is characterized by irreversible changes

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The first battle of Polotsk 5-6 (17-18), August 1812

Stalking Horse Guards French horse chasseurs of Polotsk August 6, 1812. Teal FA

After the defeat at Svol'na, body Oudinot retreated to Polotsk. Troops 1st Russian infantry corps June 31 (August 12) in August remained in positions at Svol'na. The next day a body arrives Wittgenstein (absent the disease) and took command of Dovre. Earl gave the order for the pursuit of the enemy. In the evening of the same day or to the body joined in the squad Gamena 9 battalions, a total of about 3 million people (ten battalion sent to Pskov). From the order of the

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The first global war and the Russian officer corps

The first global war was the last war for the army of the Russian Empire and its officer corps and dedicate his tragic fate. During the war, the Russian officer corps has undergone a large configuration as in number, and his own composition (rather say that in 1914-1917. Officers were produced in more individuals than in the entire history of the Russian Army before World War II).

Terms of promotion of officers at the time identified the extraordinary diversity of the officer corps during the war. Before the war, despite the very different social origins of officers, their entire

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Medics destroyed Yekaterinburg shroud




Mortal body left on a stretcher a clear silhouette

Photo: Photo of TV "Channel 41".

On Friday, the 13th, in the city of Yekaterinburg hospital drug something incredible happened. On the stretcher was removed a man's body and saw them leave-white silhouette. You could even make

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A week UFO flying over the Urals




Bright glowing object in the night sky for several days watching people Kachkanar (Sverdlovsk region). In the archives of the citizens there were even a few videos and pictures featuring an alien body. As the correspondent "New Region", the first signals to local newspapers, and even law enforcement agencies from concerned kachkanartsev

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Mythology cloning. Create an exact copy of a person can not




Animal clones have significant behavioral and physical differences.

Leonid Zavalskie

Translated from the Greek word "klon" means "twig stalk, escape" and is directly related to vegetative reproduction. Cloning of plants by cuttings, buds and tubers familiar to gardeners for more than 4 thousand years. Since the 70s

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Russian specialists have created artificial parts of the human body

Specialists Russian National Research Medical University named after NI Pirogov created artificial fragments of solid and soft tissues of the human body

Specialists of the department of Bioinformatics and Bioengineering Research Institute of living systems FPBI RNIMU them. NI Pirogov and the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, cosmetics and cellular technologies Faculty of Postgraduate Medical RNIMU them. NI Pirogov in the development of hardware and software based on information biotechnology could create artificial fragments of the hard and soft tissues of the human body, using a 3D printer.

First piece of hard tissue was

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In Belgium, a meteorite fell


BRUSSELS, January 5 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. A resident of the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant intends to sell the meteorite that fell near her home, said on Thursday the Brussels radio station.

According to the woman, the body of cosmic origin weighing two kilograms fell on the night of Friday to one meter away from her home.

To check whether a stone meteorite, the Belgian has used a magnet that was immediately dragged cosmic body.

If confirmed by the results of the official examination of the stone is indeed a meteorite, a woman is going to sell

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Who can understand a woman without words?

For many important processes in the female body responsible hormones. They can affect our well-being, mood, tone and even the appearance! When a woman's hormones are normal, we feel full of energy and strength, our companions are the youth and beauty of the skin, PMS does not overshadow life, menopause takes place smoothly and unobtrusively.

And what if the hormones are produced irregularly or not enough? Suffer from chronic fatigue, self-dissatisfaction, fear anticipate the arrival of critical days (and with them, and irritability), tolerate quirks of the body during menopause?

— Certainly not! And that is

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Knowledge about the dangers of smoking are generally limited to hackneyed phrase that the drop of nicotine can kill a horse, and fears of dying from cancer. In fact, it is difficult to find at least one system of the body, which does not suffer from smoking tobacco: it's respiratory, and cardiovascular and digestive, and nervous. Because of such adverse effects on complex organism nicotine can rightly be called a universal killer.

But harm to their health, smokers are a danger to others. And most often the victims of their addiction are the closest people — that they have

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