A hole in the head for Makedonskogo




Found "veschestovo soul"

The ancients believed: the physical body exists as long as there is living soul. Where is it? The Greeks believed: in the pineal gland — a kind of "pine cone", located in the center of the head. Petersburg gerontologists substance isolated from the

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Infant’s body was found in a container in Serpukhov


23.11.11.Bezdyhannogo newborn boy found in a dumpster in the yard of an apartment building on a street in Moscow, the city.

Body of the child, not to live for a couple of days and discovered one of the inhabitants of Serpukhov, when he came to the garbage tank.

— The boy had the misfortune — share details of the police. — Three hours before the child can still be saved from death, whether the weather a little warmer …

MVD "Serpukhov" already looking for heartless mother, get rid of the baby in such a cruel way.

— In

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Energodar meteorite fell on?


* 9/16/11. * September 7, on Wednesday, the first neighborhood kids Energodar witnessed the landing of a space body — a few meters from the boys.

Parents of children seeing the "after" subject confidently stated: alien — nothing like a real meteorite!

About seven o'clock in the evening when it's dusk, seven-year old Angelina, sitting in a tree in her yard, she noticed a few meters from it flashed something luminous. The subject immediately disappeared near the sandbox nearby.

Some time later, the girl's brother, six-year Tom, discovered an iron ball in a sandbox-like meteorite (known meteorites can

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Experienced medium tank Object 140

First, the 50s in the "Department 520" UTZ (Ural tank factory), in the framework of the creation of a fundamentally new tank began to design medium tank "Object 140." The work was headed by Chief Designer Morozov. Due to the differences between the plant and the Directorate engineers design bureau, in 1952, some designers (in the set which was itself Morozov) defected to the Kharkov factory number 75. Work on the tank "Object 140" continued LN Karz. Some development and solutions for "Object 140" were used in the design of the tank "Object 430". Two experienced reference was made in

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On the surface of Mars once existed pond




RBC. 24.03.2004, Pasadena 3:04:33. On the surface of Mars once existed a standing body of water with salt water. To such conclusion experts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA (NASA) on the basis of data obtained by the rover Opportunity. Earlier, American scientists have found that on the red planet

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3 people poisoned by gas in the well near Moscow


8.06.12.Zhiteli village died after being poisoned by methane in the well, which occurred in spustilis.Tragediya Noginsk, Moscow region at the house on the street of the village green Kudinovo.

— Three men fell into the well, when doing cleaning it — said a source in law enforcement — the father, son and neighbor poisoned by gas, presumably methane.

According to witnesses, the men jumped into the well to save each other. The youngest victims — Andrew Kryvau 18. According to the MOE, his 44-year-old father, Yuri curves and 42-year-old neighbor, Mark Cashin found in the well in order to

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Operation Minsmit, sanctuary and puzzles

The operation of "Minsmit", held during the second world war, the true facts are not enough. But in most textbooks, reference books and encyclopedias different that illuminate the history of espionage, it is called a victory intelligence Britain and disgrace for the counter-intelligence services the Third Reich.

British excitedly paint their fortunes and have them for that all have reason to. The operation, which misinformed the German General Staff, is permitted to accelerate and facilitate landing of Allied troops in Sicily. On the Abwehr and foreign intelligence RSHA, which was run by a brilliant analyst Walter Schellenberg, a harsh shadow

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Plant healers. Lemon




More than 3 thousand years ago people knew about the healing properties of lemon and actively used it to treat many diseases. Subsequently, the scientists were able to establish that the lemon has a wide range of health-improving effects on the body.

It strengthens the immune and

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Ayurveda — so lose weight in India




The main thing — to be friends with nature

Ayurveda — the deepest and oldest in the world (her more than 5 million years old) medical system. Translated from Sanskrit, is: "ayuh" (long life) and "veda" (knowledge). The man who should Ayurveda is not sick, and lives

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Death of 1500 head of cattle in South Dakota


Photo from: dropbox.com

22.07.11.Glavny veterinarian South Dakota, Dustin Oudekoven, said that in the state of unbearable heat waves killed more than a thousand animals. Unbearable heat exhausting cattle, especially in areas where there is no wind. Sultry nights have contributed to increased mortality of livestock. According to the newspaper «The Daily Republic», cattle can not tolerate such high temperatures, because the body does not have time to cool the animals, and they die.

The average annual mortality rate of cattle is 1-2%. What will be the indicators of this year, experts find it difficult to say, but obviously

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