Flying object in the form of a boomerang

At the end of November 2010, in Kiev, about 22.00, walking the dog, on the house he saw a flying object (if one can call it that). In the form of a boomerang, the size of an entrance about 3-4, 50-60 meters in length, a width of 15-17 meters, height 7.5 meters, color, in the sense poluprozrasnogo dark glass glow from the case was clearly sprawl.

No light came from the inside, and something resembling a grid of glowing yellow orange light is constantly guided in a semi-transparent body reminding high level, but for some reason, everywhere and

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There is a simple solution to build an engine for a plate of …




The facts: — Science affects the life of the society and its members. — Foundation of science — the fundamental laws of nature.

Conventional wisdom: Conservation laws — direct logical consequence of Newton's laws, and also objective as the last.

The facts: — In the derivation of the

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In Ryazan day already trying to pull the failed under asphalt truck

Karst holes

Photo from:

Ryazan. January 12. Interfax-CENTER — In Ryazan working during the day can not rescue the truck HOWO, fell through the asphalt in the 2nd School Lane near house N1, "Interfax" in Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Ryazan region.

As reported by the witness the incident, the incident occurred in the second half of the day on Wednesday. Truck driver, vozivshego sand to a nearby construction site, parked the car and walked away. At this time, the asphalt under a truck fell through a hole formed in the rear wheels completely gone and most of

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Talking about alien implants long time. It is believed that this tiny, apparently, control devices, which are introduced into the body, most often through the nasal cavity or through other subtle holes on the body of the victim.

It happens that suddenly an x-ray reveals a man, he said, who visited in the hands of strangers, foreign body — implants. Sometimes doctors and managed to extract the implants.

One such story began in 1995, when the hypnotist Darrel Sims surgeons showed an X-ray of human legs, once taken on board a UFO. At first glance, it seemed that

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In the western part of Ireland has fallen meteorite


2.09.11.Na last week in the western part of Ireland, many people have witnessed the fall from the sky flying fireball.

Similarly drop recorded August 22 at about midnight. "It was like flying from the sky bright star" — said David Moore, chairman of the Irish Astronomical Society. Its approximate speed was about one hundred miles per hour.

In connection with the incident at the inhabitants of Ireland a good opportunity to get rich. From the statement of the press service of the National Museum of Northern Ireland winner of the award will be the one who finds the pieces

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Yoga replaces all




For many people, there is still a picture of yogis as people who sleep on a bed of nails, walking barefoot on hot coals and broken glass. Some believe yoga way of physical perfection, while others treat it as a kind of occult system.

As the ancient

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Modular ships of the future

A lot of things related to key development issues one way or another industry, discusses the often privately. Yet, sometimes some participants in these discussions after meetings behind closed doors reveal Zahav lurking and say some detailed discussion. For disk imaging «Izvestia» on nedavneshnem meeting Russian fleet commanders and representatives of the shipbuilding industry prospects open a discussion of the current concept of creation and the ability to move ships to the modular construction principle. According to the publication, the issue is almost resolved in favor of the modular system. In the near future in our defense industry there

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10 of the most unusual phenomena. Video


21.08.11.Odno of these events were recorded recently in Kiev.

As the body of man is connected with his mind

How does our body and mind co-exist? Many times I have heard that thoughts have a feature implemented. Medicine has only recently beginning to understand how the mind affects the body. The placebo effect, for example, shows that a person who is deeply in the belief that he was taking medication to cure of various diseases. Ie by thought. How is it? Explanation yet.


No one can definitely say that UFOs exist, like the fact that it is not.

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Mind and soul — the animals!

Who watched and listened to the song of the wolf, sometimes asking the question? And they are so howl at the moon, there is no other meat slathered! But imagine this wolf prayer. It seems that only the language of the other. But tell me, the soul of the animal is? I thought about that after baptism. And earlier heard some natives of hunters, hunting, not killing, but freed. Freed from that and why? I believe the soul from the body. Soul! The soul is eternal nomenclature unit, for such is the inventory number! Or divine spark, living

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Incurable virus keeps Australia in suspense


30.08.11.Okolo 50 from New South Wales and Queensland are awaiting the outcome of tests. Perhaps they have the deadly Hendra virus, which in recent months has killed 21 horses, according to Australian Associated Press.

So, we know that in Queensland infected 11 horses and one dog. And in New South Wales last week recorded a tenth death of the animal. According to the chief veterinarian Ian Roth farm where Deaths of animals placed under quarantine, and the horse's body buried.

Recall: Hendra virus in danger of respiratory and neurological diseases. In the nature of its carriers are bats family

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