Death of 1500 head of cattle in South Dakota


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22.07.11.Glavny veterinarian South Dakota, Dustin Oudekoven, said that in the state of unbearable heat waves killed more than a thousand animals. Unbearable heat exhausting cattle, especially in areas where there is no wind. Sultry nights have contributed to increased mortality of livestock. According to the newspaper «The Daily Republic», cattle can not tolerate such high temperatures, because the body does not have time to cool the animals, and they die.

The average annual mortality rate of cattle is 1-2%. What will be the indicators of this year, experts find it difficult to say, but obviously

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The new planet was lost satellite




Sedna, the dimmest of the known large object of the Solar System, has no companion. This fact has surprised many astronomers — it was thought that its slow rotation caused by the action of gravity lower body of the satellite. Now that this hypothesis is refuted, the

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Indispensable ultrasound

Ultrasound (U.S.) — one of the most common methods of diagnosis. It is harmless to the human body and detects many diseases of the internal organs. At the heart of his work — echolocation, it is a reflection of ultrasonic waves from the tissue, the reflected signals are recorded with a special sensor and form on-screen image of the investigated organs.

Ultrasound is used for diagnosis of gynecological diseases and their control flow. To conduct the study using transabdominal and vaginal probes. A prerequisite of the transabdominal ultrasound (sensor located on the abdominal wall) is a full

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Clinical death. Video


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The case, which will be discussed further, as is nothing special, except for the moment that the actor, Tatiana Vanicheva, managed wisely use their disembodied state, and double-checked her watch, lying on her bedside table is: when you exit body and in the time of return.

Interestingly, between these events was at least half an hour. And the Product Recovery took up her body just after this period. But half an hour stay in the astral world the woman managed to see and experience the very interesting things.

The story she sent in 1997 to

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The right story. Shut the recess bunker with his body …


 Today is the 70th anniversary of the feat Alexander Matrosov.


Alexander Matrosov.

"Head of the political department of the 91st Brigade volunteers Siberians … 'm In the second battalion. Stepping … In the battle for the village ringlets Komsomolets Sailors, born in 1924, made a heroic act — closed recess bunker with his body, and this provided the promotion of our shooters forward. Ringlets taken. The attack continues. Detailed report on your return. Agitator Political Art. l-nt Wolves. "

This is — the very first "hot" certificate of heroism,

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Planet X


Unidentified space object has been 4000 years since escape velocity is flying to the Earth. February 14, 2013 he will be at the point of closest approach. Astronomers have found that this huge planet wandering throughout the universe.

February 14, 2013 celestial body larger than the size of the Earth in 5 times, will be dangerously close to our planet. The strength of its attraction is so powerful that it can change the slope of the land. If this happens, change the axis will shift the magnetic poles. Then the planet will fall unseen forces floods and volcanic

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Approaches to the understanding of the aura


Information about the aura came to us from the ancient times. If we make a digression into the past, we find a lot of evidence that in all parts of the world have studied the existence of a substance or spiritual emanation which surrounds the human body.

The man was close to nature and the degree of development of the senses often depended on his life. There have also been sharpened and super-sensible abilities that allow them to perceive the subtle energies of the worlds. Just go to the folk tales legends, to be sure.

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Finished 4th attempt to analyze the dwarf Kyshtymskoye




The question of origin "Kyshtymskoye Kralik," the body which, as is well known, was in 1996 found T.Prosvirinoy grandmother and soon stolen, is still of concern to many researchers. "Kosmopoisk" has made repeated attempts to find the body of a dwarf, and traces of his stay. Lastly,

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What is the atmospheric pressure is considered normal?

Our Earth has an atmosphere, to put pressure on all that is within it. In 1634, the Italian scientist Torricelli first to determine the value of which is equal to atmospheric pressure. Impact on the rights of its changes, scientists are studying a variety of disciplines. As it turned out, the atmospheric pressure is dependent on temperature, air density, height, gravity, latitude. It is subject to constant fluctuations.

What is the atmospheric pressure is considered normal? What does it matter? Physicists say: 760 millimeters of mercury. The results should be exactly at sea level, and the temperature must meet 15

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Man can control even the flu virus!

Creatures of our planet is incredibly diverse, and sometimes even a small living organism is able to not only cause harm to another, and even to control his will, forcing to act in their own interests. Recent research by American scientists found that the impact on the mind of man can influenza virus…

U.S. scientists have for the sake of the experiment were infected with influenza and 36 of his colleagues have observed their behavior before and after the virus got into their bodies. It turned out that people felt after vaccination need

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