Mystery of the Incarnation of man on earth

Philosophers and theologians esoteric at all times tried to unravel the mystery of the incarnation of man on earth. And almost every one of us at least once in life, but asked: "How does one come to Earth? How does a soul in the human body? What happens at the moment of conception? Does the soul of an unborn child? ".

We decided to buy a car from an authorized Ford dealer? In this case, choose the Ford dealer who himself has long established company you will be able to

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Live magnets and X-ray vision




After the Chernobyl accident 76-year-old Russian factory worker Leonid Tenkan, his wife Galina, and their daughter, Tatiana, and their grandson Nick attract the metal objects. Leonid can keep the chest up to 23 pounds of metal. Doctors in Russia and Japan believe that the ability Tenkaevyh real,

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Whats new in our lives?

April 19, 2012 9:11

It is difficult to doubt the veracity of the information that supports a variety of sources. In this case, we will focus on a variety of projections that make the experts in the field of science, somehow related to new technologies.

According to the forecasts of Professor Parviz Rabac, which deals tehnobionikoy the University of Washington, just 18 years old contact lenses and glasses replace the virtual glasses that will be implanted in the eye. They will be available not only for people with low vision, but also for those who want to push the

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What disasters await humanity in 2013

January 16, 2013 5:36

Passed in 2012, and with it the prediction of the end of the world, which was to occur on December 21. But humanity is unlikely to cease to believe in the apocalypse, which means that we should expect a much more fantastic forecasts. Let's look at the disaster, which, according to the authoritative and not so experts are waiting for us in 2013.


By the way, the next end of the world is expected in February. According to the forecasts of some "experts" on the night of 13 to 14 February the mysterious

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Sudden Death Syndrome




New terrible attack falls on humanity. Around the world, doctors fix unexplained deaths of young people in the prime of life between the ages of 18 and 30 years (maximum of deaths in this age range). Science for a long time known phenomenon of SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Currently, however, doctors insist on the

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Once shone two luminaries




German amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann became world famous when, believing the myths, found and excavated the legendary city of Troy. In this regard, the researcher Peter organismic systems Nikiforovich Elistratova be considered # # Schliemann space. He believed the myth that in the distant past in the

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Group experiences dying condition

November 27, 2011 4:44

In recent years, there is evidence that the people who died at the same time (for example, in a traffic accident) or are close to death, talking to each other in those moments. Photo from

Of the numerous experiments of research experience close to death found that partners such states often talk to each other.

A phenomenon known as "near-death experience", studied for many years. A significant number of survivors of clinical death, dying shared their experiences.

Feeling out of body, hovering over her own body, a sense of moving up through the

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Canadian Loch Ness monster captured on video

November 13, 2011 22:22

In the Canadian province of British Columbia living relative of the Loch Ness monster. At least, are sure of the locals who noticed the mysterious creature in Lake Okanagan.

Canadian Richard Hulse showed the world images in which, in his opinion, is depicted bathing the 12-meter Canadian cousin Nessie, reported IA "Rosbalt". An unexplained phenomenon is similar to a simple ripple on the water, but residents claim that the ripples can not be in a location of the lake and have the strange elongated. So all felt that this large contours and darker sea creature, or

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Coatings Company Plakart successfully passed the certification of internal TNK-BP

The application of anti-corrosion, wear-resistant coating

The application of anti-corrosion, wear-resistant coating

Coatings CJSC "Plakart" passed laboratory tests have confirmed their continued use in industrial applications for the restoration of buildings of submersible electric submersible pumps (ESP SEM).

The main objective of the tests carried out — definition of resistance to corrosion coatings in a corrosive environment and mechanical damage.

Tests have been exposed already worn out body with a depth of damage to 2 mm. To conduct research on the service-based TNK-BP were selected 20 SEM awaiting write-off due to the presence of significant corrosion damage.

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Look for the key to the mystery of the Tunguska

April 19, 2012 7:52

Tunguska mystery

The event, which we now explain, there were more than 100 years ago, but until now it has not diminished interest not only to specialists, but also for the vast army of amateur astronomy. June 30th, 1908 at 7:00 am local time in Eastern Siberia in the Stony Tunguska River basin observed a phenomenon similar to the fall of the meteorite, wherein a huge scale. That morning, eyewitnesses observed a unique car, which swept across the sky from south-east to north-west. His dazzling trail was visible in a wide area within a

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