Death of 1500 head of cattle in South Dakota


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22.07.11.Glavny veterinarian South Dakota, Dustin Oudekoven, said that in the state of unbearable heat waves killed more than a thousand animals. Unbearable heat exhausting cattle, especially in areas where there is no wind. Sultry nights have contributed to increased mortality of livestock. According to the newspaper «The Daily Republic», cattle can not tolerate such high temperatures, because the body does not have time to cool the animals, and they die.

The average annual mortality rate of cattle is 1-2%. What will be the indicators of this year, experts find it difficult to say, but obviously

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The return of youth. Real cases of rejuvenation

January 8, 2012 11:18


Issues related to aging of the physical body of people always worried. In order to regain your strength, people are always looking for different means of trying to reach, if not eternal life, or at least prolong it. However, there are cases of real rejuvenation of the physical body, which medicine can not explain in any way.

Consider the real cases of rejuvenation documented. A striking case occurred in Japan in the nineties of the last century.

75-year-old Japanese woman Say Senagon suddenly became dramatically younger! This was in November 1997, told

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In the United States raised the artificial kidney and successfully transplanted her rat


American biologists for the first time succeeded in growing high-grade artificial kidney and successfully transplanted it into the body of the rat. Experts have said that developed a novel technique that uses a kidney infection as a "model" to build her a working copy.

"If we can adapt it for the cultivation of human kidney, patients who are now waiting for a suitable donor can receive new organs grown from their own cells," — said Harald Ott at Harvard University.

Work was carried out on rats at the famed Research Center USA — Massachusetts

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Otherworldly reality

November 27, 2011 2:43

Ghost can be seen on the street

In the media, people often see messages about meetings with ghosts. Most of them are questionable. Still, there are examples of manifestations of supernatural beings who almost impossible to refute.

Phantom of the flower

Cases related to ghosts, especially convincing when the latter is directly interfering in people's lives. For example, send some information. That's what happened with the case of a young Englishman Ounom Harrison. He came to Europe from South Africa, where at that time his family lived, to take part in the fight against fascism,

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The existence of the soul

November 25, 2011 6:43

Soul — a clot of low energy, so-called astral body capable of very strong impact on the physical body, and even material objects

In October 1968, students BBC BBC strange surprise announcement: "Now will include works by Liszt, Chopin and Beethoven, which were dictated by them from another world … Rosemary Brown" on the music started these composers, of which no one knew.

In the last century of the second millennium, scientists, and after them, and all sensible people were convinced that we do not have souls. There is only an abstract concept that

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1000 killers are aimed at Earth

"If, however, Apophis will fall on us, it will be about a regional catastrophe."

NASA astronomers have discovered asteroids that threaten our planet

FOUND 93 PERCENT "murderer"

Recent studies of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (English National Aeronautics and Space Administration, abbr. NASA) found almost next to our planet about 1,000 asteroids big enough to cause catastrophic damage if they fall to the ground, according to reuters. com.

This was reported professionals involved in the project "Spaceguard» (Spaceguard). It was formed by order of Congress, NASA in 1998. The purpose of the project — to find

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Nibiru is already visible! And you said this is fiction …

Nibiru, and all said that it is not!

Last year, two well-known astrophysicist claimed that near the solar system is a huge subject. About Nibiru speech did not passed, and the more end of the world, none of them have not even tried. The names of these scientists may be familiar to you — it Uitmir Daniel and John Mathis of the University of Louisiana. Astrophysicists have been assured that the Oort cloud is a new planet, or just a huge cluster koment, sure it was not. It was assumed that the size of the object several times higher

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In Astrakhan, because poisonous locusts die boars

For those who love to go out with his gun on his prey. Big boar hunt down and return home with the production this year could throw a shotgun somewhere far away.

Hunting for wild boars in 2011 and in 2012 banned completely. The thing is that these animals pogolve declined several times. The cause is still not exactly figured out. But experts say the whole thing in locusts.

For wild boar — the best treat. But because of the swarms of locusts are constantly hounded, and pest poison in the body builds up to maximum performance, it enters into

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Emergency on Gorlovsky Coke. Video


11.06.11.Vchera evening, June 10, at 18.25 at Gorlovsky Coke was discontinued supply of electricity from the network "Regional Energy", which caused a traffic hazard and led to the discharge into the atmosphere of surplus coke oven gas. This writes

"As a result of the termination of the power supply was disrupted continuous process, stopped gazotrubnye machines and pumps. In this situation, according to the plan to eliminate the accident, the discharge of coke oven gas was the only solution. In order to minimize the adverse effects on the environment, coke oven gas burned — when burned release

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Decay of the body of the comet Elenin — Consequences

Due to the collapse of the body of the comet Elenin, its impact on the Earth will increase tenfold since the body of the comet increased by hundreds of times and extended over time, due to small fractions of water. In the process of crossing the tail of a comet, from October 27 to November 6, it is expected the real "Meteor Storm", with changing weather on the planet, and long showers, present, cosmic rain. Will the cloud cover, the more dense that the sun will not be seen during the day. Weather changes on the planet and all its

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