4 years without food and water




A year later, we wrote about a phenomenal woman from Krasnodar Zinaida Baranova, who, she said, and witnesses, living without food and water. The material has caused a major stir. Some questioned: "How long can people deceive hang?" Others asked: "Teach you how to come to this." In fact, is it possible to

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Siberian miracle incorruptible body


Hambo Lama XII (in the world Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov) gathered his disciples to let them know he was going to die, and asked to see his body after 30 years. After that, the guru sat in the lotus position, and began to meditate and died shortly thereafter.

Followers of performing the request of a teacher, his remains were exhumed at the cemetery Huhe-Zurhen and found the body of llamas in the lotus position — with no signs of decomposition. Lama was able to defeat the forces of nature. "Return the body of the temple while it

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Nanovoyna: the scale of the danger

Most modern professionals converges at the outlook that nanotechnology will determine the type of the XXI century. This concept is not uncommon for most of us. Since the mid-1990s, it is used mostly to refer to manipulate at the atomic and molecular level ("molecular nanotechnology"). Nanotechnology is of course now would require a fundamental configurations in efforts to ensure public safety and would entail structural changes in the content of military affairs in the art of war. We present our readers the material prepared by Ivan Chichikov, a professional Russian strategic community made by the Club of graduates of

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Penile fracture

What plagues not only the main subject matter of pride of all men. The penis can be rubbed, pinched, hurt, dislocate and break even.

In fact, fracture penis — neither more nor less than the cavernous gap (cavernous) bodies, tunica and sometimes the urethra. This is the most serious injury of male reproductive organ.


Although penile fractures occur in the practice of medicine does not happen very often, to break it all as you can. This danger penis is exposed in a state of erection, almost all fractures are closed. The most common place of injury — of

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Examination of the body Bebenina: Died as a result of asfiksii

Society Examination of the body of journalist site "Charter 97" Oleg Bebenina revealed that he died as a result of strangulation. The police have already made a preliminary finding of suicide journalist, what doubt zhurnalistavy colleagues.

A memorial service will be held on Oleg Bebenina September 6 from 14 to 15 hours in Minsk in the Hall of funeral services outside Olszewski, 12. The funeral will take place on September 6 in the East (Moscow) cemetery of the capital.

Body Oleg Bebenina was found in his summer cottage in the village Perkhurovo Dzerzhinsky district on September 3 in the evening.

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A new body of Kuban State University (Krasnodar)

September 3, the grand opening event of the new teaching laboratory building of the Kuban State University.

From that day, the university began to work 21 new classrooms, which are designed for more than 1,000 students in the Faculty of Economics and the Institute of retraining. All are equipped with modern equipment — interactive whiteboards and projectors. In addition, the exhibition hall was opened art-graphic faculty and largest university canteen.


The main attraction of the body has become a meeting room Kuban State University, which has all the facilities to hold meetings and conferences at the highest level.

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Iran: A woman gave birth to a frog with a human face




A resident of the Iranian city of Iranshehr, located in the south-east of the country, gave birth to a frog. The true story of an unusual, almost fairy-tale incident published in the Iranian newspaper Etemaad, reports the BBC.

According to the Iranian newspaper, it is assumed that

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Shipped second body PGV-1000M to ZIO Podolsk

Production of heat exchange of the body and containers shipped body PGV-1000M number 2. Prepared by the integration program housing the steam generator will be supplied by JSC Machine-Building Plant "ZIO Podolsk" (Moscow region).

For delivery of large-size steam generator body weight over 200 tons of used specialized rail transporter. Later on Podolsk plant will be installed steam generator internals. The integration program of NPP equipment developed in the concern "Rosatom" together with companies integrators, including "Energomash (Volgodonsk) — Atommash." It regulates a set of measures in place to assess the previously manufactured equipment, and gives the opportunity

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The original coating based on liquid glass to protect vehicles

Every motorist — owner of a new or not so new car you always want as long as possible to keep the pristine newness of his car, in particular brilliance and freshness of its bodywork covering. But during the operation time prevails — enamel body fades, there are small chips, "hairline" cracks in the enamel, microscopic, invisible eye "teaser" burrs. As you know, the main reason for this aggressive environmental influences on the paint.

New product in the domestic market in the field of protective equipment for the body of the car — unique coating based

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Weather in the capital spoiled witchcraft




In the last days of June in Moscow passed Congress shamans

Only the shaman can invoke the spirits of their ancestors.

Sanatorium near Moscow. Artem. Here, on the high bank of the gangways, complete scientific-practical conference "The sacred and the profane eyes of dealing." It holds for

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