Space-differentiated bronekapsuly (ODB-capsule)

The armor protection is performed by technology Space-differentiated bronekapsuly (ODB-Capsules) Using the know-how of PP TECHNOLOGY. Technology ODB-capsules The design bureau "Technique" and is used for 13 years.

Testing and implementation know-how held by the base car VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, MERCEDES, PEUGEOT, FIAT, VOLVO, RENAULT, GM, LAND ROVER, as well as the Russian car manufacturers. The idea of the know-how to provide a welded bronekapsuly inside the body of the car, minimizing weight body armor (favorably with any other schemes of booking), to ensure the maximum protection of the crew, to ensure secrecy reservations preserving the external geometric and

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The sensation of the net! Chinese newcomer Mr. Lee

Photos of the stranger found Lee, a resident of China, just blew up the internet. Lee claims that the alien crashed on its UFO…

Proud Chinese man says he personally saw in March 2013, a few UFO flying in the night sky over the Yellow River, in the province of Bindzhou Shandong, and suddenly one of them began to lose altitude, went into a tailspin. Crashed spaceship crashed to the ground, concluding his pilot an alien trapped. It is in these ruins, and he found a representative of an extraterrestrial

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Modular ships coming

A huge number of things about the main issues of development of this or any other industry, discusses the often privately. Yet, sometimes some members of these discussions after the meetings behind closed doors reveal Zahav lurking and say some detailed consideration of the matter. According disk imaging "News" on nedavneshnem meeting Russian fleet commanders and representatives of the shipbuilding industry prospects open a discussion of the current concept of the creation of the ships and the ability to go to modular principle of construction. According to the publication, the issue is almost resolved in favor of the modular system.

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New anomaly in the Earths magnetosphere, a powerful energy flow tied Earth and other space object?


The changes that have been observed in the Earth's magnetosphere on April 4, were again recorded 17.04 and lasted for two hours. Author video presentations (on materials of NASA — ( shows that in this period the "tail" of the magnetosphere, which is dominated exclusively positively charged particles, dramatically changed his polarity.

At the same time zone has formed a highly charged particle flux, linking Earth to the other "object" or cosmic body. By assumption, the author, this "body" an outflow of energy, and the Earth has acted as a "donor."


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To the sun, may be approaching a large comet

The recent invasion of the comet to the Sun may herald the approach of a larger guest.

NASA spacecraft SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, Solar and geliosfericheskaya Observatory) since its launch in 1995, took a picture of two thousand original solar comets. Most of them — a relatively small body, many of which evaporate after a few hours after exposure to the lens. They usually arrive every few days, but with 13 to 22 December, SOHO saw more than two dozen comets.

After recovering from the surprise, Carl Bettems and his colleagues from the Laboratory of

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Why can not I remove the adenoids

For most of us dart nose has long been synonymous with a full childhood. Every parent knows how difficult it is to protect your baby from the sodden feet, drafts, colds — it is easier to buy a drop "for all occasions", which will help cure a cold in seven days. We also know that, if left untreated, it will be held this week … no joke. Unfair joke. After all, if time does not keep track of it, one can run into another "childhood illness", which treatment (other than operational), modern medicine does not know — adenoids.

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A ball of fire fell from the sky in Argentina

One woman was killed and six others injured in a fall of an unknown celestial body. According to an eyewitness who lives in the neighborhood, fell from the sky burning object that completely destroyed the building and several cars damaged also standing next to the structure, according to the time factor with reference to the channel C5N.

The incident occurred at about 2 am at the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes in Monte Grande, Province of Esteban Echeverría. Causes of the accident has not been fully established, is under investigation. Locals claim to have witnessed

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Barbie could only move on all fours


If Barbie was a real woman, she'd have to move on all fours and be physically unable to even lift his head. Its just scary proportions and character reminiscent of a science fiction movie. Since the head: it is more than 5 cm, than the average female, and the neck is twice as long and 15 cm thinner. It turns out that she does not claim to raise his head. Her 40-cm waist 10 cm less than the length of its head. In the end, her body will be able to accommodate only half a

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Ayurveda — so lose weight in India




Ayurveda — the deepest and oldest (more than her 5000 years) medical system. Translated from Sanskrit, is: "ayuh" (long life) and "veda" (knowledge). The man who should Ayurveda is not sick, and lives a very long time in complete harmony with nature.

Approach to nutrition in

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Problem areas — not a problem

In life we are faced only with the problems Bernard Werber, "Empire of Angels"

How effectively do away with the bulge, cellulite and other problems figure? —These and other questions are answered MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

About problem areas they know everything — that's why they are problematic. This area on the body, are more difficult to reduce the total volume. They are called "dietrezistentnye zone" because fat does not go out even in the most

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