Asteroid Apophis could crash in the Far East


Asteroids are no longer cinematic horror story. They begin to show serious interest not only to scientists, but also the military and politics. So, the other day at the talks on missile defense Russia took the initiative entitled "Strategic Defense of the Earth." Global project provides "a combination of air, missile and space defense into one." This system not only invited to send against missiles as possible threats against Earth, coming from space — asteroids and comet fragments (see "KP" for 18/10/2011 and online In Roskosmos prepares to discuss another project to prevent the

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Ciphers of our body. Leather watch online

Documentary series "Ciphers our body"Contains a non-fiction films about the unique creation — the human body. Each issue is dedicated to one of the organs of human system or water body, emotions, etc. Sees skin or not? Some have argued — it is a lie of clean water, because of all the skin has long been clear. Others found confirmation of the sudden release and brought the argument: the ability to create encrypted in most human skin. True theory of cutaneous vision or not? How to solve this cipher? To all to understand, will be held a unique experience.

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Frog, which makes for itself the water

Korallovopalaya litoriya living in Australian savannas in the dry season drinking dew own making. Creeping out into the cold night air, and returning to a warm shelter, amphibian condenses the moisture on the skin surface, which absorbs and.

Frog korallovopalaya litoriya (Litoria caerulea) is living in a relatively arid Australian savannas, where, apparently, amphibians is not the place. The rainy season in these parts are replaced drought and frogs before there is a problem, as it did not really dry. Researchers from the University of Melbourne report that korallovopalaya litoriya found quite ingenious way out: she makes the water using

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Cape Town scientists call the brain fatigue insidious deception




The suffering of a tired man well known: it has the muscle ache, headache and start to see the bad eye. As a newly established scientists from the University of Cape Town, the brain deceives us. In fact, we have no pain, but he is willing to

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Fire support vehicle (IFV) AMX-10 PAC-90

The first time the car fire support provided in 1978. In 1979, the car went into a series, and in 1983 it is on the French army and a number of other states. Purpose — tank destroyer.

In versions — reconnaissance vehicle, a mortar base for installation or anti-tank launcher "Milan". In the center of the body found 2 local tower type «GIAT» TS-90. Armament — 90mm gun «CS-90F-4" in the two-seater with a 7.62-caliber machine gun. Vertical angles from 15 to -8 degrees. The effective implementation of distance to 2.5 km. Ammunition — armor-piercing, cumulative, smoke, high-explosive type.

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New Developments Ltd. MZ Tonar

LTD MH "Tonar" developed a tractor-trailer dump truck with Side Load 95.7 tons!


Same LTD MH "Tonar" developed semi-truck Thonar-95234 dropside

Tipper semi semi-circular cross-section have been used in various fields of activity as an alternative to the widely-known-bodies of rectangular cross-section. The plant started production of dump semi semi-circular cross-section of 37 cubic meters and a capacity of 45 tons, the first and second axes — lift (standard equipment). A semi-circular cross-section body with no loss of body stiffness reduces the curb weight of the vehicle (road builders increased

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The new gondola from Roslavlskoye wagon factory

For the first time in the domestic car building on the initiative of JSC "Russian Railways" manufactured prototypes of gondolas envelope TPA for the transport of coal and ore, increased lift capacity with 27 ton axle load.

Their expert opinions about the design features of the car, the tests carried out, its indisputable advantages compared with serial counterparts expressed the experts who took part in its development and staging to production. Gondola was developed by JSC "VNIKTI."

The prototypes are made by Roslavl Car Repair Plant. However, it is fair to call about a dozen

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The creator in you

Are you doing with the emotions and reasoning. But the "trigger", allows to realize your ideas about the world, are the emotions. It is their energy "animating" frames of images (your reasoning, that view of the world), and makes the images embodied in the physical world. However, not understanding the purpose of emotions and their real power, you often try to either destroy them or indulge them recklessly … Take courage and realize that you do …

  Regardless of what you think you are, you — the creator. Even if your creation — not huge galaxy, and only

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Posted by Jesus of Nazareth

Since last September, I suddenly began to visit the thought of Jesus — the savior of people and biblical Christian God. It was strange to me. I never really was interested in religions, details are not familiar with the biblical writings, did not attend religious services a few times out of curiosity or with excursions went to Christian churches, but awe and excitement of visiting experienced. I have never been able to read up to the end of the Gospel, as they were written confusing, vaguely allegorical language. And the Old Testament I felt disgusting. Something black, terrible and inhuman

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Aliens dwarf decades

Since ancient times, all the people were legends of mystic dwarfs. Beings, characterized by a slight increase and the strange structure of the body. Today, I'd like to introduce you to an article about these creatures. Over the past three years have been found such creatures at what one of them was still alive. Someone thinks them aliens, and some premature infants. Let me introduce you: Kyshtymskiy dwarf named Alexis, alien from the Atacama Desert of Dr. Greer, as well as Chilean newcomer, found in 2012.


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