U.S. says UN indispensable platform to address climate

Negotiation platform UN remains irreplaceable in terms of public participation in addressing climate change, but can operate successfully and in other organizations, said the deputy special representative of the country on climate Jonathan Pershing (Jonathan Pershing).

Two weeks before the start of negotiations the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Doha (Qatar), media reported, citing sources in the negotiation process that the United States expects to move the focus to the discussion of climate change in the UN system, where the decision requires a consensus of all 195 parties to the agreement, to other "more comfortable" area, in

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New equipment for demining

The latest technology and equipment for military engineers demonstrated at a conference on mine action in the suburbs. See watch the video on the site RIA, looks like a form of "soldier of the future" for the field engineer and mine detection radar.

A new form of combat engineers is a ballistic suit that weighs about eight pounds. This new product, according to developers, can be worn as casual wear.

"The whole body is protected by the sapper, and in a zone of vital organs are plates ADP. This is a high modulus polyethylene, which holds the

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Earthly wars provoke parasites podselentsy

All of human history is based on constant wars. And wars are as global as a confrontation involved a lot of countries, and local, local, when at war, for example, a neighbor to neighbor. And the passion in these small conflicts often flare up is not human.

Often, wars are between employees and some firms. There is another common example: the war women for the man. And often some of the competitors running to a magician or fortuneteller. And then begins Astral War. But in principle, it is believed that any of the

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People — cyborgs

More recently, the word "cyborg" (cybernetic organism) was known only to scholars and lovers of fiction. The term appeared in 1980 with a light hand working on the problem of human survival beyond Earth engineer Manfred Clynes and Nathan Wedge psychiatrist. A new word has come into literature and sounded from the screens. His famous "cyborg" must movie "RoboCop." Human Machine Alex Murphy has set mankind question: is there a real possibility of becoming wee people cybernetic organisms?

It all started with the prosthesis

The loss of any part of the body is always difficult to read man. And

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American tried to resurrect his father

48-year-old resident of Detroit (USA, Michigan) stole the body of his recently buried 93-year old father of the mausoleum at the cemetery and put it in the freezer, located in the basement of the house, where police found him. His action man explains that wanted to make a corpse … the ritual of resurrection! Is this man insane?

Clarence Bright's body is not buried immediately, and placed in a cemetery mausoleum, as the ground was too wet for burial. The funeral took place on Saturday, and on Monday morning, officials of the

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A Chinese zoo visitor to death killed a ostrich. Video

You should not think that the animals in the zoo are safe. It turns out the barred cage on a well protected area can not always save them. There are cases where animals are killed by the fact that visitors feed them foods that animals are contraindicated. A visitor to the zoo in the Chinese city of Shaoguan even death could tear it, at first glance, a strong creature, like an ostrich, reports The Atlantic Wire.

For some unknown reason to stop sadistic nobody dared. Although, according to local media reports, the man committed murder bird in front of

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Rusich, receive your sight! Road rule

"There is an ancient secret doctrine, the same age as the human race, it is passed on by word of mouth, and to this day, but few people know it."

"Svarog -" forever spouting spring "every Rod. He is the beginning, the source, the cause of all things. Rod of God — all the inhabitants of heaven. All born, things — the essence of Nature. Everything is born parent. And Svarog — the essence of the source, start-started, the cause is the cause of everything.

Above Svarog — God, the Creator of all the worlds, and each world begetteth Svarog.

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Light Tank BT-SW-2 Turtle

In 1937 at the Tank-Automotive service station number 12 Kharkov Military neighborhood, on the proposal of the inventor did Tsiganova experienced wheel-track tank BT NE. Engaged in the development of machine design engineers fats, Krevnevich and Werner. In 1937 he spent most experienced test standard BT NE. First, the 38th year of test results the machine structure was subjected to revision. The tank, in the sides of the tower and the department of management vision devices have been installed and triplex periscope sight on the roof of the tower was foreseen for the installation commander's seat pan PTC. Improved version

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Teles! Yave, Zhare, Navier, clubs, Kolobov, Dive, Light in the tales, fairy tales,

Each man had a child a special magical charm of hearing and reading of Russian folk tales. Characters traveling the fabulous world, performed feats and fell into a variety of adventures. For millennia, the parents told stories to their children, because their stories reflect the essence of centuries-old wisdom of the people, Inheritance and awakens in the child a deep consciousness of the world truthful.

Ivan Tsarevich the gray wolf. Viktor Vasnetsov, 1889

But the mystery of Russian folk tales continues to play out here and now in our world and in our bodies, and this can be

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State of mind and brain work in paranormal activity




"Woe to those who call evil good, and the good — evil, who put darkness for light, and light — darkness, bitter sweet, and sweet — bitter. " (Is.5 20)

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. "(Eph. 5.11) "The

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