Rats are dead, and the young people continued to have fun

To the 20th century music was mostly positive and provided the people a positive therapeutic effect. That all changed in the 20th century, when the development of civilization began to appear destructive styles of music. In the mid-20th century humanity, a new disease — the craze for rock and pop music. Scientists have found that this music is more harmful than helpful. It reduces intelligence zombiruet person is kind of addiction. And the music scientists called "music-killer" (or "music addiction").

The reason is that it uses sverhgromkie sound, which, according to studies, have a devastating effect on any living

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Ritual meaning Slavic Dances

Since ancient times, people wanted to move. Just born, newborn proclaims itself the world cries and involuntary movements that confirm what has been the life of another human creature. Because we all know that the movement — is life. Even plants, their roots tied to Mother-raw-earth, the leaves turn in the course of the sun in such a way that they have always been addressed as much of the surface of the light.

Once people realized that it is able to control his body, not only to hunt or gather fruits, but also to display their movements habits

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NPRI has received a certificate for rail cars

Novokuznetsk Car Building Plant (JSC "NPRI") received a certificate for a gondola car model 12-9850 18-9800 on the truck model, and with it the right to produce the initial batch of 210 pieces.This four-unloading wagon with hatches and an axial load of 25 tons of force, which has certain structural features and benefits such as: increased service life of up to 32 years to run depot repair 500 kilometers., Increased body capacity of up to 90 m.

In Russia it is the first car with the body volume. It is interesting primarily coal miners because its use would greatly increase

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Generic Transformation

Literal meaning, in this case the word transformation — rebirth, the original development, the natural human nature, sometimes referred to as the method of becoming human.

A distinctive feature of technique is that it is not just the application of thought forms and shaped vibration and deeper into new sensations worldview, health, and the general state of mind. That is a transformation of the highest level.

The man remembers consciously experiencing a state — intuitive sanity blagorecheniya, health, strength, optimism, cheerfulness, etc. All that is open to a memory Rod. It is worth noting that the information from

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Spring in December: bloom seals, and psychologists warn of depression

— Snowdrops are not found, but seals also white and fluffy! Photos of Anton Lushchikov.

On Monday in the capital, the average day temperature was 9.3 degrees Celsius — is the highest average rate for the last 50 years. Naturally, the abnormally warm weather could not affect the plants that climate change is very sensitive. As our editor, which is capricious princess from a fairy tale "12 months", sent us in search of snowdrops … And it's in December!

First, we went around the Botanic Garden.

— We do not bloom — surprised our question in the Botanical

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How to relieve stress and rejuvenate?

I've recently thought about and was horrified at what a furious pace people live in big cities. And not only in the large. Granddaughter now also come for the weekend all the downtrodden, tired, excited. And no sedatives do not help relieve the tension. Then I use a recipe that she saved herself for life. Remember, fatigue remove juniper berries. To prepare an infusion, 2 tsp. berries pour 2 cups of cold water and leave for 2 hours, strain. Take 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day as a tonic. Fatigue as the arm lift. And not have to

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Peru. Ica stones — the library of the past.

A resident of Peru, Dr. Cabrera from the beginning of 1960 gathers in the districts of the small town of Ica, located 150 kilometers from the Nazca Desert, a collection of oval stones — from very small, fist-sized boulders up to one kilogram. All of these findings, the plane is dotted with small, stylized drawings of people and animals …

The sheer abundance of painted stones — a phenomenon quite unusual. Only in the collection of Cabrera, a passionate lover of the ancient cultures

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Seasonal Depression

With the onset of autumn, many of the soul without apparent reason, becomes slushy, dreary and sad. All this — the signs of this autumn depression, which according to the World Health Organization, one in five suffers.

It is believed that the seasonal mood swings susceptible people with "thin" mental institution, as well as any loose stressful, unhappy life is not quite physically and mentally healthy. That is, alas, most of the world's population. This annual autumn dissatisfaction and the surrounding reality may be different — from easy, not always fixed by feelings of anxiety and hopelessness to

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All the secrets and hidden secrets will be open by 2012

All cards will be laid out on the table, all the secrets and hidden secrets will be opened in 2012. (B.Marsiniak — Family of Light)

In our urban life, when all abuzz artificial electromagnetic fields, the most important for a person becomes a meeting with yourself — with the Divine within. We live in a unique and exciting time in the history of mankind, our Native Gods expect us patriotic heroism and selfless acts in this great time of change. Each of us is a huge pedigree with millions of ancestors, and many of their hopes, aspirations,

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Vezhestvo ROZHEN

Several replicas of the past day in conversations with different people, but in the end, gathered in a unified theme.

There was a lot of specializations that can be associated with the word witchcraft. Solvent rite, herbalists, trichomes koschuny, magicians, clowns, Medvedchikov — list, I think it could be huge. With that much remained practically the twentieth century.

Interestingly, of course, that isichia — silent prayer, like we know through Christianity itself rather pagan practices, like the famous Mount Athos long before the Christians came back … It is a key vedanie, perhaps the foundation of all

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