Psychotronic weapons. Electronic signs of human exposure

Concealed light or a strong impact on the experiment aimed at PSI and electronic attack, or exposure to cause any disease in any given period of time (time may be 5 — 10 years and over)

— You have constant fatigue or slight discomfort or occasionally it often occurs for no apparent reason — Wake hardly more than fifteen minutes, waking up feeling refreshed

— Waking usually at night for a while, or do not want to sleep at night and during the day you can easily go to sleep — It may sometimes be slight heaviness in the body,

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HARA — energy center of the human body

HARA — energy center of the human body.

Class warriors, ie managers and advocates a kind of closest to the knowledge of the processes of the universe to the Russian wise men had the ability to move into other dimensions, to influence the minds of others, to introduce themselves to other states, to send wild animals to the enemy, control your body skillfully than today's yoga. What do the ancient manuscripts and manuscripts. Part of this class of warriors who have dedicated their lives only martial arts and military training, passed their skills and knowledge and from generation to

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Race — Births in the country Aces Aces


Race — Childbirth Aces Aces in the country. If, say, an old Latin spelling race was RASA. But note — the countries of Aces. And the country — STATE. It then subsequently changed to CONTRY, which means both the country and the village. And in today's world the concept of race is written now as Race — RACA — is the word now represent the human species. White Race — the white race, black Race — black race, elou Race — the yellow race, the Red Race — Race Red, Gray Race

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Human spontaneous combustion

In the last decade, the number of spontaneous combustion — the cases of so-called Pyrokinesis — around the world has increased by two and a half times. People for no reason at breaking out like a match and burn overnight, while all surrounding objects and clothes incredible way to remain intact. What seems to be, from the standpoint of modern science simply can not be, is not such nonsense. Vnauchnom world there are many hypotheses trying to decipher the mysterious phenomenon.

…Clothing is not affected

Ten years ago, in Tomsk burned man, according to witnesses, before peacefully sitting

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Carrots improves blood

The word "immunity" is familiar, perhaps, even to children. But what is that from a medical point of view? How to prepare your body for the coming winter, when the sun does not appear over Moscow, and fresh herbs from their own beds remained in the memory? In every immunomodulator and stimulants on the market today, there is no shortage. But what of the natural products and their derivatives are actually able to help us in a protracted fall and the coming winter? For advice, we turned to our regular consultant known herbalist, Head. Department of Family Medicine at the

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The mystery of necromancy

If you know some basic knowledge of the occult, which describes the many processes that occur to a person after his death. Each rite contrary to the laws that have long been known to science. After all, how the ceremony itself, a person dies, his physical body for a short time left on earth, and the astral body of subtle matter rises to the underworld.

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Letter of unusual man




Ladies and Gentlemen! I am writing to you with a very interesting and an eye opener message.

In Germany, in the city of Halle lives an unusual and very

wonderful man his name is Jacob Tsiperovich.

Tsiperovich Jacob was born in 1953 in Minsk, graduated from

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In the U.S., recreated the alien weapons?




In the stories of UFO witnesses are often referred rays, which, when applied to human beings or animals, to temporarily paralyze the victim without causing irreparable harm. "Weapons applied enlonavtami, has a unique effect on the human nervous system … usually deprives him of the ability to

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Russia: the population will begin to feed the fungal biomass




Mushrooms unusual appearance and consistency of biologists began to grow at Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering. Here, instead of legs, hats and spawn specialists, mycologists raise … biomass.

According to the university, for the cultivation of fungal biomass is used as a familiar and beloved Russians

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Transmigration of souls

The belief in the transmigration of souls, or reincarnation, one way or another, is present in all religions. A man is easier to realize that after the death of his immortal soul will not disappear but will continue its path, embodied in the new body.

The body is a temporary shell, so after his death, the soul takes on a different form, and continues to live with the memory of this experience erased previous life. According to some legends, the soul can transform into animals, plants, or even inanimate objects,

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