Secrets of the old Cossack

The one who does not respect the customs of the people do not keep them in your heart, the shame is not only his people, but above all do not respect themselves, their family, their ancient ancestors.

1. Cossack can not consider himself a Cossack, if does not know and does not comply with the original ancient traditions and customs of the Cossacks. Cossack! Desire to know their ancestors out of pure love, and your efforts will be crowned in the end self-knowledge.

2. Knowledge — something very individual, and is not transmitted as many words as action, but you

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Regeneration of the body and disease

When life we are constantly updating. Each unit of our fluids and cells is a time of renewal. Since blood is updated in 4 years, the body's cells are completely renewed in the last 7 years. If you have developed consciousness, you can imagine how a two bodies with a difference in age of 7 years old and its essence to flow from one body to another. In this case, you realize that the body is then left there and when it re vtechet fluid life, it will grow and function. Once created body dwells in eternity

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The Slavs used the art of dreaming

1.1. Napping — the goddess of slumber, drowsiness, laziness, carotid mechtany; spouse Dream. KARACHYUN (KOROCHUN) — more of the longest night of the year, causing Chernobyl. MARA — the goddess of death, disease, cold, winter, evil, night, darkness, kolodovstva, anger, daughter Svarog Chernobyl wife, mother of Grievances, Msta, Karna, Zhli, Ўgomona (rest), Sleep, More, Mraz, Lenny. DREAM — more sleep, Sandman husband, the father calmed down, son of Veles and Mary. Chernobyl — one of the noble Arleґov, Breaking the wisdom of Arleґov, that opened GLOVE passage from the lower worlds in the higher, and in recent times, the people

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Nanocrystals, which kill cancer cells grown in Kharkov

Nanocrystals, which grow at the Institute for Scintillation Materials, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv), can be effectively used to fight cancer.


This reporterUkrinformthe deputy director of the Institute for Science, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Yuriy Malyukin.

— Cancer cells have all of the people. But in some they can doze peacefully until the end of life, while others suddenly start to grow and become cancerous. Their evil is that they penetrate the vital organs and inhibit their operation, causing death. Science

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Italy: the mystery of the statue of David




Italian scientist from the University of Florence made a surprising discovery about the famous statue of David by Michelangelo. Chop between the right spine and right shoulder blade attentive scientist discovered an anatomical defect — there is no one muscle.

Notably, the researcher says that Michelangelo knew

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The human body is able to predict the future

November 10, 2012 23:15

The human body can anticipate the great event before it happens — at least, according to the results of a new scientific study.

"We found that the event can be predicted without any external prompting — explains neuroscientist at Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) and co-author Julia Mossbridzh. This signal, though small, but very real. The question is, how it arises. "

Other scholars refer to the conclusions of researchers at Illinois rather skeptical. They think they are too tense and hasty.

The effect of "anticipation" is real?

Many experiments have shown that physical indicators such

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The idea — the energy


We extract energy from everywhere. When we eat, we take out the energy to power our cells. We breathe in the air and get a breath of energy from the sun, planets, plants and all living things. When we have something hard and continuously think that a lot of energy and information stored in our mental images.

There comes a time when the amount of energy reaches a critical mass, mental images begin to live your life, attracting the events and circumstances of which we thought we were dreaming, or, conversely, which feared. Implementing a

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Mausoleum — a system of suppressing

"In the morning, at eleven o'clock, January 23, 1924, I gathered the first meeting of experts on the subject of the device to the grave of Vladimir Lenin, which was decided to be buried on Red Square near the Kremlin wall, and build a mausoleum over the grave." VD Bonch-.

January 27 at the official funeral procedures exactly 16.00 ROSTA said, "Arise comrades Lenin lowered into the grave!"

Ziggurat (MFC-rat, the Ziggurat): the architecture of ancient Mesopotamia cult tiered tower. Ziggurats were 3.7 tiers in the form of truncated pyramids or parallelepipeds of raw brick, unite and gentle climbs

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Japanese tanks period of the second world war. Part I

In the 20 years before the outbreak of war with China and the subsequent advent of the entire South-East Asia, Japanese Empire began forming their own armored forces. The experience of the First World War showed the prospects of tanks and people of the country of the rising sun have taken note of it. Creating a Japanese tank industry began with painstaking research zabugornyh machines. To this end, since 1919, Japan has purchased from European countries small parties tanks of different models. In the middle of the 20's were considered the best French Renault FT-18 and the British Mk.A Whippet.

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She visited in the world to

September 24, 2012 20:55

Signs of death

My clinical death occurred during pregnancy, 8 January 1989. Around 22:00, I started bleeding. There was no pain, only the severe weakness and chills. I realized that I was dying. The operating me connect different devices, and the anesthesiologist began to read aloud their testimony. Soon I began to choke and I heard the doctor's words, "to lose contact with the patient can not feel her pulse, it is necessary to save the child …" a voice began to subside around, their faces blurred, then there was darkness …

Again … I

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