Polish artist memories of his near-death

September 3, 2012 11:22

The question "What is there beyond the threshold of death?" Excites people a long time. His research focuses on numerous publications describe the experience of hundreds of survivors of clinical death and returned from "over there." Visited "there" and the Polish artist Alicja Zentek (Alicja Zietek).

She talked about it in the article "The Easels", published in the journal Nieznany Swiat. Present to you the abridged translation of this article. My clinical death occurred during pregnancy. January 8, 1989. Around 22:00, I started bleeding. There was no pain, only the severe weakness and chills. I

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Janissaries — Short Chronicle lush Guard

"The prisoners were young men — wrong (ie non-Muslims) — to enlist in our army," — such council gave the Sultan Orhan vizier and chief military referee Allaeddin. The idea was implemented under Sultan Murad I (1359-1389 gg.).

It was the 1365. Before the open on the ground boys towered figure Sheikh Bektash. He went to the neighbor of them raised his hand above his head, and, in the autumn sleeve of her dressing gown and said: "May you Yeni cherry." Thus began the "newcomer army" (Turkish yeniceri), a special body janissary. From other military empire of the Ottomans their

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And Astral Travel

August 13, 2012 16:45

Control dreams, learn to see only the bright, bright dreams, wake up every morning fresh and confident, get rid of the nightmares may just knowing the laws of the existence of the astral world and its connection with the physical world.

Doctors believe the materialistic dreams just a random combination of daily experiences that the brain continues to operate in a special mode, "mount", as if the film director. However, thousands of years ago, the Eastern sages, who knew of the existence of a physical (gross) and Astral (thin) worlds were convinced that sleep and dreams

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Scientists believe that the brain controls the body

August 4, 2012 8:38

Photo: magov.net

The intention of doing any bodily movement in the brain creates a sense that the movement has already happened, even if in fact the man remained motionless. The discovery could shed light on the mechanisms by which the brain keeps track of the body it controls, according to a study.

Despite the fact that in recent years there has been great progress in the study of how the human brain and its region, responsible for the emergence of the desire to commit a physical act, until recently, remained unknown. Scientists have linked

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A little of the magic of death

One of the most effective, albeit unsafe, ways to succeed magical means is communicating with the souls of the dead, or demons. From ancient time it is believed that the inhabitants of the dead — there are powerful, and representatives of the world of the living, with certain skills can ask them for help and assistance.

Want to find more information about the unknown? Then, look in the journal unknown ChuchotezVous, which is available at chuchotezvous.ru.

Science communication with the dead is called necromancy, and magicians who

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The phenomena of the Moon

There are many descriptions of observations of strange phenomena (usually light) on the Moon (as well as on other planets).

May 3, 1715 known in his time astronomer E. Luvill watched in Paris lunar eclipse. About 9 thirty Greenwich he noticed at the western edge of the moon "some momentary flash or flicker of light rays, as if someone had set fire to the powder path by which exploded bombs.

These light flashes are very short-lived and it appeared that, in another place, but always from the shadows (the Earth). Set out the message in Memoirs of the Royal

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Attention is now an unusual bird fly




I look at the picture Ninka. Photo is inserted into the frame (like gold, but all is not gold …). Nina suspiciously focused on the pictures (which is not like her), stares wide-eyed at the camera. It is evident that a serious shooting came without his usual apathy. Ninkinoy head around some colorful streaks, reminiscent

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Notes of a psychic

April 17, 2012 8:49

Subtle World supermarket.

Photo: radiovmeste.com

Above … glass sliding doors hung essence, like a jellyfish. Its tentacles writhing plaits fell down, touching the heads of people took place. Interested in an elderly man in a classic coat. Elongated tentacles, grabbed it, the subtle energy whip pierced his heart chakra, and took a bright energetic bunch — these are obviously fed.

The man staggered and grabbed his hand to his chest. I did not touch the essence and, having drawn tentacles easily passed forward.

In the hall, the ceiling, taking foreseeable space, dark heaving body

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Oddities of the brain. Consciousness and intuition

January 30, 2013 23:42

SV Medvedev, director of the human brain. Photo: Tatiana Petrova / The Epoch Times (The Epoch Times)

The strangeness of the brain, its treatability pathologies of "bug detectors" told the meeting "Matrix Science" at the RIA Novosti Petersburg Director of the Institute of Human Brain them. N. Bekhtereva Svyatoslav Medvedev.

Since ancient times, the human brain caused and continues to cause a lot of questions from physicians and philosophers, scientists and ordinary people. Is born the idea that consciousness is why one person a genius, and the other … you know. However, the human

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Paleontologists were able for the first time to determine the sex of fossil protoptits

Paleontologists have learned to determine the sex of fossil birds konfutsiornisov bone present in the body of mature females, so it became clear that only males have beautiful "brushes" on the tail, the prints are often found in the Mesozoic deposits, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.

Over the past 20 years, scientists have discovered several dozen species and protoptits ptitseyascherov that lived on Earth in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The function and appearance of the first story of feathers remains unclear. Part paleontologists believe that they appeared to attract females, and others associated with

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