The Science of Immortality

February 23, 2012 2:12

In 1992, the sensational news of the seventy-old woman from the Japanese city of Fukuoka is not on the TV screens and the front pages of newspapers. Because of this oversight Senagon nurse took a large dose of the hormone drug, thus it suddenly began to grow again teeth blackened gray hair and wrinkles disappeared on the face and body. After some time, the restoration of the Japanese women menstruation cycle, looking younger, she married again, and was even able to have a baby. After hearing about this miracle, many Japanese and Japanese

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Channels to the Universe

January 31, 2012 15:06

Admit it, dear readers: Which of you once in my life heard the word "chakra"? Objects of ridicule and scrutiny comedians esoteric, mysterious energy centers that seem to be existing in our body, which can be "open" (and, therefore, the "close"), and even to "pump"! And what it is, where to look for them — and more importantly, why? — No one really can not explain. To make up for this glaring gap we turned to Leonid Golitsyn, a famous philosopher, researcher and curator of occult knowledge.

Chakras are even those who do not believe in

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In the Stavropol region built a unique poultry complex

On the territory of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "North-Caucasian Research Station Poultry" in the village of St. George abundantly district, Stavropol region opened a unique body for breeding and production of turkey, which has no analogues in the world. One such "avian complex" performance replaces the usual six, says "Stavropol Pravda."

The uniqueness of the new design is that the turkeys planted in special cells. Before practiced worldwide "outdoor" content of these birds. Now the production of turkey meat will be much more cost-effective — fit turkeys in multi cells can be much more than the usual

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Chimera from nature. Man with two DNA

January 27, 2012 17:09

In the laboratories of Mother Nature are very strange experiments: one twin absorbs the other right in the womb, the mother is not the mother of his children, and brothers and sisters are merged into a single organism to survive. Genetics catching nature for a hundred years, but the beat and still could not. So, we chimerism.

U.S. resident Lydia Fairchild was expecting a nasty surprise when, after a divorce, she applied for a social benefit. Her husband had to acknowledge paternity DNA analysis — and the latter showed that just Lydia is the mother

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Parenting football

I wonder society sit in a pub and watch the excitement of the tense muscles of sweaty football fans, on which one can see that most physical activity over the past couple of years for them were really "two and a half", as they are changing the face and voice, if a TV screen right under their nose put out a red card. annoys me is not the night sounds of screaming fans and vuvuzelav that completely devastate the skull. probably why I like it "FIFA World Cup" Paul Kostyukevich because I was pretty common this madness.

I am

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How to see objects woven ethereal matter and etheric body?

January 15, 2012 17:25

In addition to the objects we see around us in the physical reality, there are more subtle objects and living beings, which are woven from finer etheric matter. There is also the etheric body … On the existence and definition of "etheric matter and etheric body" has been much debate in the scientific community of the 19th century. We will not go into the philosophical conclusions about the existence or non-existence of etheric matter, as well as its nature and origin, unnecessarily goal of our training is practical development of super-powers, not their rationale.


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Life without a brain

December 26, 2011 1:28

The man — part of the living world of the Earth. But it is distinguished from all other creatures the ability to think. Until the mid-XX century, scientists had no doubt that the body is the brain thinking, or rather its gray matter. But suddenly there were researchers who doubted this would seem not to be questioned the truth. Found that some people manage to think without a brain, and the bodies do not seem to have anything to do with thinking, take part in it.

This photo appeared on the website state police Miami.

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BPF Party declares unity

Society The leaders of the different communities BNF signed a statement in which they demonstrate "their unity and solidarity in the tests, which are to arise frontovskogo on our way," condemn "any attempt to split the party ranks both outside and inside."

"We regard as provocative attempts to discredit the governing bodies of the Party and to sabotage the party discipline and a fortiori use the services of repressive regime in order to satisfy their personal ambitions, "- says the statement.

"We consider it an act of political irresponsibility and infantilism reluctance of some distinguished members of the party to

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Kraken monster, known as

December 1, 2011 14:33

Squid fishermen seized and drags them to the bottom, and then swinging boat overturned his

In March 2011, a flock of giant squid fishing boat overturned in the Sea of Cortez and killed seven fishermen. Hundreds of witnesses were vacationing in the Mexican beach resort of Loreto people.

A terrible tragedy took place before their eyes. 12-meter vessel was a course parallel to the beach, going to the port, when out of the water to the sides pulled dozens of thick and slimy tentacles. They seized fishermen and drags them to the bottom, and

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Energy and Health

November 30, 2011 14:53

Everything in the universe is energy, and hence the level of our capacity depends on its level. A person with a low level of energy to achieve anything in life is almost impossible. A man with a huge level of energy, it will be enough just to think about something, and it is already being implemented. Thus, mages can materialize any thing, to build their counterpart and more. And now there are strong people, but we do not know them, because they do not live among the people, and if they appear, they become invisible

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