Where the person to take power?

November 30, 2011 15:05

From the point of view of quantum theory, everything is energy. And man — also, it — it guide and drive. The amount of energy in a person determines a lot. His health, the body's ability to self-renew, the ability to realize its objectives, the property of intuitive decision-making, in general, is what is called a high "quality of life". Naivysochayshego excellence in energy management reach Magee, however, for the life of any person, some knowledge of the energy can be useful.

If everything is energy, where are the energy deficit in man when waking in

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Disease — a reflection of the stress and anxiety

November 27, 2011 12:56

Any of our experience — resentment, anger, distress, joy — is displayed in the form of changes in the body. Stooped posture, muscle clamps, habitual inclination of the head, shoulders or hips sag — traces of trauma and experiences. Attention to the body, to his posture, helps in many situations.

Here's an example: you have to make an important call. If you sit on the edge of a chair with minimal support and strained legs, and his voice will be shaky notes, you'll sound awkward, slipping into the begging tone.

If you call before that

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Diseases time

February 22, 2013 22:36

It is known that people caught in an extreme situation can sometimes inadvertently change, slow down time, thus helping himself in a critical or even fatal situation. Nature has given us a great ability that we can sometimes take advantage of a lifetime. (Most people do experience it only once, at the time of death.) We never for decades is not something that "train", even "include" do not try this his unknown ability. But in fact for a time in idleness any body atrophies! After lying in bed for a year sick already learning to

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In Ukraine, the middle child colds

C October 18 to 20 people in most regions of Ukraine expects dynamic cold and uncomfortable feeling for the weather.

Cold rain and wind, especially in the south, high pressure and low temperature will be a major factor in the increased risk of colds and viral infections, as well as exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes in the body, especially in children.

This weather may be one of the reasons for declining health in people with heart disease, asthma and chronic inflammatory processes.

In the cold air, and compressed air is the most uncomfortable high blood pressure, as well as people

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Seizures in pregnant women

A pregnant woman, tired of the day, the evening falls finally to rest. But what is it? Sharply, suddenly, causing severe pain, clenched calf muscle located on the back of the leg. Stop straightened, stretched, as if wanting to "stand on his toes." Moreover, experiencing considerable pain from muscle overload and hyperextension, you just can not relax and get a foot in the normal position: the muscles simply refuse to obey the orders of the brain. So manifested seizures, which are often unwelcome companions of pregnancy.

Most seizures are beginning to disturb the mother-in early pregnancy with recurrent vomiting

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Secret files. Levitation. Subtle world

November 19, 2011 22:40

Subtle world is revealed to the person who released from the body, according to the degree of expansion of his consciousness and preparedness to stay aboveground. All generalities relative. All individual experiences are different for each spirit. All radiation is seen through his own aura and painted it. The wider consciousness, the richer and truer perception. Need a complete detachment from all earthly things, and complete emancipation of the habits of the earth and gravity, to take more or less true. And the fact that there are completely unavailable and impossible for

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Treated right thoughts and intuitions

November 14, 2011 0:09

Each person in a sense, his own doctor, the psychologist Anisa ZANEEVA. Developed intuition helps us to correctly assess the state of their health. Some doctors believe that the trust should only diagnostic equipment. But after the time of Avicenna, and especially Hippocrates never heard of ultrasound and computed tomography, and in the definition of the disease is not wrong …

— Anisa Maratovna what actually is intuition and the medical intuition different from the patient's intuition?

— Doctors mostly rational people, and the basis of intuition, they are usually referred to as knowledge and

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Secrets of the banal cabbage

Even the most powerful and purposeful woman, accustomed themselves to win any of life's difficulties, may unsettle health problems. Especially if these problems are related to the intimate sphere, causing cosmetic damage and can lead to fatal consequences. It is about the human papilloma virus (HPV).

According to various sources in the world are infected with HPV 70-90% of sexually active people.

Fortunately, HPV infection does not always lead to the development of disease.

There are over 100 different types of papillomaviruses.

And some of them are not harmful to health. Some types of HPV

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Tactics and practice of getting rid of constipation: Adjust the process

If you — man of the world, certainly among this experience there and this unpleasant episode as constipation. Someone might come across it while traveling. For some, the stress has caused disruptions in the full digestive process.Women can experience the "charm" of the condition during pregnancy or other hormonal changes the body.


One way or another,chronic constipationsuffers from 10 to 50% of the adult population in developed countries. Today it is one of the 7 most frequently occurring diseases of civilization.


But admit it yourself — it's not every time we have trouble in this area, we

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No incurable diseases — there is a shortage of knowledge




What are the main means of healing in modern Aesculapius? Antibiotics, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Whether it was easier to name the funds of legal euthanasia?

In 1810, the German physician Samuel Hahnemann founded homeopathy. Today, homeopathy is referred to the Information therapies. In the history of

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