Body oriented therapy

Traditional medicine and biology consider the body as a complex technical device, and divide it into systems and subsystems. However, the fact that man is an indivisible whole, the close relationship of his body and soul ("soma" and "psyche"), guess the ancient. Even Hippocrates said that it is impossible to treat two different patients the same medicine, and the Romans noted that in a healthy body lives a healthy mind …

In the XX century, a new branch of science — psychology, from which gradually stood out direction Psychology corporeality.

"Body Language" (neverbalika) tells us to 85% of the

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Astral beings are real

February 19, 2013 5:47

Astral beings-beings of the astral plane (the other dimension, the unseen world — whatever you like) with the mind (often — quite primitive) and do not have a physical body.

Some astral beings have the ability to penetrate the human body into energy and feed it with energy. As a rule, the essence of man is not come to nothing. To the entry and connect to the energy of human nature must be a reason — it may be some problems in life, action, event, negative thoughts or beliefs. "Connected" to the person,

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Earth threatening interstellar wanderers




After three months, kicks off one of the most ambitious space projects, NASA, called the Deep Impact («Deep Impact"). At the time, Hollywood produced a film of the same name. His story was no different intricacy — the Earth flies the most dangerous comet that threatens to destroy almost all of humanity. Americans with Russian nuclear

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How to get to the astral

February 27, 2013 21:26

Yspeshnogo for "output" must have sledyyuschee:

1) Will 2) Desire 3) Place 4) The time of

DURING otsytstvii any of the components do not polychitsya. The desire of most y depzhitsya on curiosity and with temporal ymenshaetsya. Desirable to have the will to excess. Define whether the required number of I suggest some mogy sledyyuschim, CL: Put modeled from a clock smotpite on them and stop all thoughts are … what that Chepez Quaternary you find yourself on the fact that what we thought for a long time has finally arrived

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On the Saturn put into operation new production facilities

At the head office of JSC "NPO" Saturn "(Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region.) Commissioned a comprehensive line of anodizing plant number 9.

The decision to purchase and placement in existing electroplating shop five integrated enterprise plating lines was made in order to ensure normal production and new production engine certification data specific processes according to international standards.

On the areas of the body 119 was put into operation a newly created section number 43, which is further expected to develop specialized production unit with a closed cycle of production, based on the use of electrochemical machining (ECM) to form a profile of

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Gift of Tradition

Recently, for the psychological prophylaxis and hygiene, maintaining physical and mental health becoming widely used non-drug methods, based on the extensive experience of traditional gyms East and West. Among them occupy a worthy place Slavic methods that are more and more acceptance in our society. Slavic health practices based on deep traditions, can be considered as a type of so-called body-oriented psychotherapy, impacting on the human psyche through his body. According to the theoretical principles of body-oriented psychotherapy, mental tension, stress and anxiety are expressed in muscle clamps and locks. They removed one way or another effect

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After frantic Kali Yuga the world again comes the Golden Age — Satya south. And just as the blooming spring replaces whistling snow winter, and on the Earth all over again. Symbolically four yugas in the Vedas are shown as black swastika inscribed in the red circle. Each segment corresponds to the south of the circle. With a plaintive squeak Swastika Time rotates clockwise around the center, like a dilapidated wheel peasant carts. But, alas, not oily blood and tears Wheel Stories slowly slows down. A cart laden sinners last twitches, starts and stops. Then on Earth disappears …


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It is believed that from birth we set the tasks that we have to solve in this life. To do this, the soul invested more holy power. These forces are putting the soul goddess alive and they are called — turpentine. What are they — gum? According to Vedic znaharnikam pagan Russia is that as long as thy soul in man, it contains a resin. But the amount of oleoresin each person is different: someone three, someone five, six, seven. These are the forces of order and arrangement of life. Each of the oleoresin has a leadership role, its

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At Livadia Shipyard (Maritime Territory) revive shipbuilding

In Primorye, Livadia repair shipyard decided to revive after a long break destination for ship construction. September 12 in a solemn ceremony on the water lowered the body of the future tugboat "Neptune." In the future, the company expects to begin construction of more complex, fishing boats.

In the summer of 2012 Livadia RSH successfully obtained the license of the Russian River Register for the construction of ships. The portal of the state order find information about the auction for the supply of the towing vessel to the needs of the State Organization "Management of operation of

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The process of transformation of man into biorobot underway

We are no longer surprised by the latest prostheses capable of precise movements, and medical implants, pacemakers and defibrillators, mainly. However, more recently the idea of a wireless communication (such as Bluetooth), based on the human body.

Stunning forecast recently issued specialists of the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology at Queen's University Belfast (UK): a body of people can be the basis of future communications networks through multiple wearable sensors. A team of researchers led by Simon Cotton, which is developing a high-speed wireless networks of the future generation, believes that the human body is perfect for the

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