The benefits of rye bread

Rye bread. Photo:

In medieval talented unnamed master for many centuries by instinct, by the inspiration of creating technology to produce excellent rye bread, which still has no equal in the world.

Black rye bread— Genuine Russian product that is known to everyone. Production of bread began in ancient times to the present day, it is one of the most important products in every home that can promote health and healing properties.

Rye is one of the most important cereal crops. Useful properties of rye flour is primarily due to the fact that it contains a vital

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In Wales, found mysteriously mutilated corpse pony

January 12, 2012 17:52

In Wales last Thursday farmer found her pony called Barney on the field near the house of the dead and maimed. For a couple of days before, the same way was found mutilated corpse of another horse in the same area.

The first night apart from the rest of injuries was half cut off his ear. On the second night his ear was cut off entirely. From internal organs excised stomach. The owner found the pony just moments before injury.

Late in the evening she came to feed the animal and found him dead, mutilated

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What is it?

Trichomoniasis — the defeat of the genitourinary system, which cause Trichomonas. First trichomoniasis was described at the beginning of the XX century, the same doctors figured out that they can become infected through sexual contact. To date, the incidence of the disease is finally surpassed gonorrhea and syphilis, every year it gets infected more than 300 million people.

At school, in class we studied zoology all protozoa. Viewed under a microscope, amoebas ciliates-shoes and Chlamydomonas. Trichomonas vaginal — also the simplest organism of the kingdom: a single-celled, small, oval or pear-shaped, withmustache-flagella. But unlike the harmless

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Long-eared Easter Island

And could it be that the "anomaly" does not anomalies, but the norm, not the person? Or is it not at all the anomalies of the human body, and the details of his unusual costume? "Long Ears" wooden figures are more like hanging from the head headphones (especially if you look at the figure from the back).

The same is worn on the body, "a skinny ghost" look its "edge", "spine" and these round "blyamby" on the blades and the back of the head. The back of the head are

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Kozyrevs Mirrors and experiments with them

January 10, 2013 14:02

Aluminum (at least — glass, mirror or made of other metals) spiral plane, which, according to the hypothesis proposed by a renowned astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev, reflect physical time and like the lens can focus different types of radiation, including those coming from biobektov. Kozyrev mirrors conventional design is of folded clockwise 1.5 turns flexible mirror sheet of brushed aluminum, which houses the chair test and measurement equipment.

The device resembles stone mirrors Tibet, which "compress time." There is evidence of the strange death of four climbers who were in the field of the

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On the Kerch plant Bay for the company laid the vessel Bergen

The work of the plant "Bay" (Kerch) on the order of Bergen (vessel designed to service the offshore oil and gas platforms.) Has passed the stage of formation of the body. In early January, the first volumetric unit consisting of a bottom sections and sections tween decks, was laid out in a dry dock. The total weight of the unit is 150 tons. According to the head of the production plant control Pihtereva Valentine, in the near future with the composition of the body will be set next block weighing 110 tons. And in assembling and welding industry

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Biofield — space for health




Perhaps, there is now a man who has not heard the word "aura", "aura", "energy-informational structure of the body" … Accurate explanations of all these terms could not be found in dictionaries, although their existence has been proven by science. Today we decided to look into what

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The method of access to the astral plane to the astral Kanata

November 6, 2012 4:42

This technique is so named because of its key component is the imaginary invisible rope attached to the ceiling of your room. He used to have a pulling effect on any point of the astral body and thus cause it to separate from the physical body.

This technique is more effective than other, passive and indirect ways — in anticipation of a relaxation of vibration or visualize yourself outside your own body. As for the vibration, they are a side effect, not the cause of astral projection. When the astral body is enough pressure to ensure

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In the power of magic tattoos

February 9, 2012 17:55

Tattoos, like moles, really have a direct impact on the fate

Every year, in February, thousands of people gather in a kind of magical tattoos festival, which takes place in a monastery Beng Phra Vet, which is 50 kilometers west of Bangkok.


On the skin of its numerous customers all over the world, local monks applied the so-called yantra (Yantra) — sacred images that contain a Buddhist prayers and incantations, to appeal to the various elements and forces that gives protection and blessing.

The Sanskrit word "Yantra" is derived from

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Labyrinths of astral travel

October 21, 2012 22:52

According to the cosmological and theosophical teachings, astral plane (or subtle world) is between two worlds — dense and fiery. In it, according to the esoteric, live angelic and demonic beings, the pagan gods, nature spirits and the souls of suicides. For the dead of natural causes human astral plane is the one which is resistant knowledge area, where the first stage of a long journey to other worlds gets his immortal soul.

Experience of ancestors

Mention the subtle world and exciting journey in it are found in the ancient Vedic books, Egyptian papyri,

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