Immortality. And we need this?

October 28, 2012 2:10

How to become immortal, eternal life? This question certainly cares deep down all of us. After all, who does not want to spend a bony old woman with a scythe and to live forever?

The Scripture says that man was originally created for eternal life, but because of the sins of his immortality decision was reversed. Apparently, because of mankind and begin the search of the elixir of eternal life. However, unfortunately, we humans are mortal.

But here at the end of the twentieth century dawned on the horizon, though small, but the chance of

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Twin of the Sun

October 23, 2012 19:55

As is known, the Laplace plane perpendicular to the total angular momentum vector of all the planets and the rotational moment of the Sun. Orientation of the plane should remain the same because of the conservation of angular solar system, due to its isolation from the distant stars. However, experience shows that the Laplace plane precesses with a period of about 36,000 years, which is only possible if the total angular momentum per solar system does not take into account the contribution of the orbital angular momentum of a massive body, which has a circulation of

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What to do when the male menopause?

In principle, there is no reason to take hormonal changes the body as the disease. In men, it usually happens very smoothly. In addition, in parallel with the fading of the reproductive glands are effective special internal mechanisms that ensure the gradual adaptation of the body to change. Therefore, the vast majority of men hormonal changes the body shall not affect the state of health or the health.

Especially as being in violation of the male menopause — the condition is temporary. It usually lasts from 2 to 4 years. With respect to the respective male menopause leaves

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Who among us does not dream to reside in the beautiful intellectual form, while possessing a clear and mobile mindset enables you to easily "cut one" in new problems? Besides being branded an interesting conversationalist and wit? But all of the above features does each of us. At least, so says the famous Canadian psychologist Tom Vudzhek. Just these abilities must be able to implement, and this, in turn, need to learn to control himself.

Fundamentals of management simple. So why are we not using appropriate techniques? — You ask. Because, as a rule, act spontaneously: the habit, according

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Yoga in the air

I've never flown in a dream. Not afraid of planes and kindly envied those with a tremor in his voice told of how, during take-off and landing in all contracts and pushes you into a state bordering on syncope.

The only time I was able to experience something like they were young, when my lot to take video as newcomers paratroopers jumped out of the helicopter.

Hum …, wind, will open the hatch … and I "leash" — tied a rope to the floor, you do not accidentally take off after the others. Stranglehold grabbed the camera, and to

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The phenomenon of magnetism in Ukraine common among women

February 25, 2013 18:24

Ukrainian land to rich women magnets! About Tamara Dmitruk of Novograd Volyn, which cling to the body of metal objects, "Ukraine Abnormal" reported at the time, today is an occasion to meet with 77-year-old Valentina Mikhaylishin. As is often the case, she found a phenomenal talent quite by accident.

Stick to her body all: metal and plastic products, paper and even glass. A stick like someone smeared superglue! A woman can easily hold on the palms and chest cutlery spoons and forks, an iron, a book, a glass of

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Mobile death?

Mobile communications, who came to our world, an incredibly simplified life, has added comfort and pleasure. But at the same time, she brought us a whole lot of questions about the harm of the signal and the phone in general. What is the threat to our body? Are there under all the rumors and speculation the real reason? I think the article and the movie will help us to understand this, and conclusions do is every man for himself.

Recent statistical studies have shown — the mobile phone registered in

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Can the human body to predict the future

The human body can anticipate the great event before it happens — at least, according to the results of a new scientific study.

"We found that the event can be predicted without any external prompting — explains neuroscientist at Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) and co-author Julia Mossbridzh. This signal, though small, but very real. The question is, how it arises. "

Other scholars refer to the conclusions of researchers at Illinois rather skeptical. They think they are too tense and hasty.

The effect of "anticipation" is real?

Many experiments have shown that physical indicators such as heart rate, pupil

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Man in space — death in 90 seconds

1. During the first 10-15 seconds you stay awake and feel as moisture evaporates from the tongue. The same occurs with the entire surface of the body — as in heavy perspiration. Therefore, in the vacuum of space a person feels icy cold.

2. You can experience nausea and vomiting as the gases from the stomach and intestines rapidly pushed outward. (Note: before the spacewalk from soda and hot sauces best to refrain). 3. If the Eustachian tubes in the ears plugged with earwax or something else, you may have a problem with the inner ear, if not —

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Yoga — the highest concentration of power

Spiritual and physical perfection of yoga reach a high level of consciousness.Yoga originated in the Indus Valley (in Pakistan), about 5,000 years ago. The earliest mention of the doctrine of yoga are in the "Vedas" — first Hindu scriptures, dating back 1500-1200 years. BC "Upanishads", written between 800 and 500 years. BC, developing the idea of "Vedas".

They provide a deeper look at the theory and practice of classical yoga. In the II. BC Indian philosopher Patanjali codified philosophical core of Yoga "Yoga Sutras".The path of yoga. Over the centuries, yoga (the word comes from the Sanskrit word

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