What can and can not in psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis long and complex process, the most important of which are the moments of experience of treatment, long-term monitoring of patients and the right choice of methods and means of therapy. You should always remember that the most important thing in the treatment of this unpredictable disease — "touchy NOCERE» (do no harm). In many ways the treatment of psoriasis depends on the patient, from his awareness of this disease, mental state, mood and optimism.

Make sure that it is really psoriasis (if the rash first appeared.) Remember what circumstances and events preceded the appearance of

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People — being multidimensional. Each of his body and into our solar system, Level Seven, composed of matter inherent in the space plane of the planet, which is associated with consciousness embodied Monad. The four main bodies in the world people are the foundation, the basis, so that people can exist in lower dimensions-reality.

By spiritual bodies of man are: buddhic, atmic. monadic. This is the body that is the essence of Soul spiritual man. The soul of man is immortal, if separated from its higher spiritual "I". Monad in terrestrial worlds

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Shamanic breathing practices

August 28, 2012 18:35

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Agim — breathing

The word "Agim" comes from the Turkish "ak" — "for", "flow". This type of breathing involves the operation of all parts of the lungs, which slowly moving air stream to compare with mystics Heavenly River. Agim-breathing action there in the sense of complete rest, satisfaction, and self-control. Cardiac activity is a little slow, the blood pressure goes down, calms the nervous system. In shamanic terms with Agim-breathing positive and negative flows that pass through the body, equalized, preserving the stability for a considerable time after practice. Agim-breath has no

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20 facts about the human heart

1. The heart of the average adult hits about 72 times a minute, 100,000 times a day, 36.5 million times per year and 2.5 billion times in a lifetime.

2. Kitchen faucet should be included in the whole head for 45 years, to pour the amount of water equal to the amount of blood pumped per heart human life expectancy.

3. The volume of blood pumped heart, can vary widely, from 5 to 30 liters per minute.

4. Every day, the heart produces enough energy to drive a car 32 km. Over a lifetime, this is equivalent to a

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With the help of weight loss can prevent 22,000 cancer cases annually

Excess body weight increases the risk of many diseases, including cancer of the pancreas, breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, uterus and gall bladder.

The research experts concluded that out of 123 thousand cases of cancer, 18 percent (or 22 thousand cases) can be prevented.

Experts of the World Cancer Research Fund have summarized all the latest research on cancer. Researchers concluded that, for example, 1 257 cases of pancreatic cancer could not be, if the patients are more attentive to their weight.

Professor Alan Jackson of Southampton University, said that "a significant number of people do not get sick, if

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Will heal itself — GUIDE parapsychologist

Usually they race to head a continuous flow, like a herd of wild horses. Seize us and carry, carry, somewhere, excite feelings are deprived of sleep. And if not — health … Therefore, each useful to learn to tame them, to use their own good. And, above all, to heal your body and spirit.

Thought — a real force

Human subconscious — a storehouse of knowledge. All information received by our senses, thoughts and feelings are born in it. There are hidden opportunities and our supersensible, the whole experience of our previous lives. That would be to learn to

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Metrovagonmash: how to make subway

During its long history Metrovagonmash accumulated rich experience. In 1897, he was based as a car-building plant, then mastered the production of tracked vehicles, later together with AMO "ZIL" produced trucks. Now Mytischinsky Metrovagonmash is the birthplace of almost all Russian subway cars.

At the moment, the main activity of the company is the production of rolling stock subway, rail buses manufacture and repair of cars.

The main types of metrovagonov produced nowadays are 81-714.5/717.5, 81-740/741 and 81-760/761.Last year, the company produced 243 subway car, 32 car rail buses to repair the 113 subway

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Consciousness transferred to Ladakh

October 15, 2012 1:04

Ladakh — a historical and geographical region in the north of India. This is the most mountainous and desert part of the country. Harsh climate and cultural traditions of Ladakh is very similar to Tibet, so it is called the Small Tibet. And as the recent visit to Tibet to have difficulty, then a trip to Ladakh twice makes sense for someone who seeks to come into contact with a mysterious and extraordinary.

By jeep to the stars

I have long dreamed of visiting Ladakh. I was especially drawn to two monasteries, which are advised

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Homo aquaticus: people-and people-Ichthyander sperm

June 11, 2012 12:54

Who can count the number of books written and a film about people who are able to live under water, a man of amphibian? It is unlikely that this can be done. Meanwhile, as the science fiction dream of conquest of the oceans, the leaders of some of the military departments in full swing preparing for the U-boat war, so far to local, in which the main role was given to people-morezhitelyam.

The first man was an American amphibious combat swimmer "seal", 23-year-old special forces commando superelitarnogo Francis Faleichik. Best surgeons of America made him

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What lies beyond life? Thomas Benedicts Near-Death Experience

June 4, 2012 18:58

In 1982, the artist Mellen-Thomas Benedict survived near-death experiences. He had been dead about a half an hour, and during that time he left the body and went into the light. Expressed a desire to know the universe, was taken to the depths of being ancient and even more in the energy Vacuum — Nothing prior to the Big Bang. Regarding this near-death experience Dr. Kenneth Ring said: "His story is the most remarkable of those that I've heard in several years of research of similar cases."

In 1982 I died from an incurable cancer.

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