Steelmakers automobile body sheet stretched abroad

Russian steelmakers are beginning to export automobile body sheet, which has so far delivered only to the domestic market.


Magnitogorsk Iron &Steel Works has agreed to supply to Volkswagen, Huindai-Kia and Renault-Nissan. Automobile body sheet — high-tech products, is still in Russian metallurgy companies it was not high enough quality to foreign automakers. But with the introduction of new facilities is changing, in addition, the domestic market for metallurgical becomes cramped, despite the increase in car production.

As the "Y", Magnitogorsk Iron &Steel Works (MMK) has accepted delivery of Victor Rashnikova autosheet more Volkswagen and

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What is a dietary supplement?

According to experts, people's health by 12% depending on the level of health care, 18% — from a genetic predisposition, and by 70% — from the way of life, the most important of which is the term diet.

Medical opinions, never differing stability in general, throughout all of human history were unanimous on one point: the worse the food, the more diseases. Experts say that the human diet today should contain more than 600 different substances (nutrients). Unfortunately, a balanced diet from all food substances can not afford not all. And then come to the rescue biologically active

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The limits of the human body.

Holding your breath for 20 minutes or refraining from sleeping for 11 days are weird record, but what are the exact limits of the human body?

Food, water, sleep, and breath is essential to the support of human life. While other organisms can survive for long periods of time without these necessary things, human life without these four basic factors, according to science, is not possible.

But in reality, how long a person can live without one of these sources that support life? Where is the limit? Obviously, if someone is trying to bring an absolute

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What we brush our teeth? Myth of fluoride, which strengthens our teeth

I will talk about the most famous "additive" in toothpastes, which disputes can not shut up for over half a century! We take for granted all that we repeat on television, and when buying toothpaste, actually believe that it will eliminate bleeding gums, destroy harmful bacteria and ensure fresh breath. In fact — this is all lies!

Scientists in Germany have found that toothpaste is not the ability to prevent tooth decay! Why people started adding fluoride to toothpaste and water? As always in this story involved a lot of money and politics. Fluoride is waste in the

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The benefits of rye bread

In medieval talented unnamed master for many centuries by instinct, by the inspiration of creating technology to produce excellent rye bread, which still has no equal in the world.

Black rye bread — traditional Russian product that is known to everyone. Production of bread began in ancient times to the present day, it is one of the most important products in every home that can promote health and healing properties.

Rye is one of the most important cereal crops. Useful properties of rye flour is primarily due to the fact that it contains a vital human body amino acid

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Call of maddening

April 4, 2012 16:01

In the early 70-ies of the newspaper "Trud" published in its pages a quick note, on which adorned title: "The issue of the prosecutor Seitova", but the content was strange. It was about four participants in the research expedition, which sailed on a boat from the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. More of them is not known.

The boat was found, it was fully operational and free of any damage, but the passengers were not there. In the boat found only clothes. The body of one of the men after a while found near the shore.


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Contact and distant healing

Healing was popular in many times, as it covers a sufficiently large group of different magic disciplines.

Healing is one of the most ancient sciences of magic, appeared before our era, when people first learned to heal their wounds and special herbal decoctions, and later, when the first magicians discovered their ability to manage their energy for the healing of the body and spirit.

Up to now has healing came in a different form, so now, when we hear the word "healer", we first assume that this man is not only masterful magic of healing, but also

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What is male menopause?

Climacteric, rather, menopause, during which the age takes physiological changes the body — this is a logical step in everyone's life — both men and women. The only difference is that men have this restructuring is milder and usually starts a little later than in women, that is 50-60 years. During this period, because of lower level of the main male hormone — testosterone — there is a gradual transition from puberty to the extinction of sexual function.

With age, the male body undergoes natural changes in one of the most important parts of the brain — the hypothalamus,

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Gift tradition

January 5, 2012 0:01

Recently, for the psychological prophylaxis and hygiene, maintaining physical and mental health becoming widely used non-drug methods, based on the extensive experience of traditional gyms East and West.

Among them occupy a worthy place Slavic methods that are more and more acceptance in our society. Slavic health practices based on deep traditions, can be considered as a type of so-called body-oriented psychotherapy, impacting on the human psyche through his body. According to the theoretical principles of body-oriented psychotherapy, mental tension, stress and anxiety are expressed in muscle clamps and locks. They removed one way or

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Our son — a normal child. Just too hairy …

11-year-old Indian boy Prutviray Patil of Sangli district near Bombay suffers from one of the most rare genetic disorders — excessive hairiness.

"With ten years of the child tried to treat a variety of ways, including homeopathy, ayurveda and laser, but nothing worked. According Prutviraya, it is sometimes name-calling Wolf" and strangers staring at him. "

"It's hard when you have to go out of his city where people do not know me. But otherwise the hair do not bother me, they do not itch and do not smell. When I went to school, first the other kids teased

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