Trap Novovoronezh NPP-2

Localization device melt (it is — a trap melt, it is the same — HRM) — a device filled with a special material, which is called sacrificial. HRM allows you to level in the event of a severe accident potential adverse effects of the molten fuel and does not give him the opportunity to go beyond the body "traps" and get into the environment. This kind of trap — the ultimate guarantee plant safety to the environment when all of the many safety systems suddenly will not work. Trapped melt developed by Russian designers and constructors in 2004. The

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Liftbek Lada Granta was lit in the photo

The network has photos of Lada Granta in a body "liftbek." The car was filmed in Togliatti on the streets of the city and published a portal Speedfreak. Earlier, the management of AvtoVAZ announced its plans to release a hatchback Lada Granta, so most likely, he and this liftbek — the same car. If the assumptions are correct, then it is this modification of Lada Granta is to replace the family of Samara. Rather, liftbek Granta will be no different to equip the usual sedan. It is planned that the car will be mass-produced in 2013. Recall that in

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Let my body does not know the decay




Incorruptibility dead body in all ages been considered a sign of holiness. But in the case with the remains of Count Christian Friedrich von Kalbuttsa (1651-1702) can be said just the opposite. Being a man of unbridled passion, he had 11 legitimate children and, as they say,

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The daughter of the creator of the universe are identified by DNA

November 25, 2011 18:04

Hatshepsut (1490/1489-1468 BC. Oe., 1479-1458 BC. Oe. Or 1504-1482 BC. E.) — Female Pharaoh of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.

For her to ancient Egypt changed the system of government, where the first place so first belonged to men. But for some reason it was buried in the royal tomb nurse. Identify the famous female pharaoh help computer analysis — and a broken tooth … Name of Queen Hatshepsut — one of the most famous in Egyptian history. No, it was not the "only" female pharaoh, as is sometimes written in the newspapers.

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Somatic keep humanity?

November 24, 2011 12:32

In the state of somatic people are conscious, and can get out of it at will. Image source:

"It's a fantasy" — a phrase can be heard frequently. It strongly breaks the flight of thought. But if you view the works of the first science fiction writers, is not alone: they are 90% of all current developments anticipated! And when comes another "crazy" idea, you should not shy away from it … "- offers an esoteric Belgian magazine" Garden of the Gods. "

In 2004, in the presence of relatives and forensic Itigilova

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LiAZ — Likinskiy Bus Plant

"Blog Trucker" continues a series of photo reports by enterprises Division "Russian Buses — GAZ Group". We present our photos from the Likinsky bus plant. Nestle, the photos will be many.

1. Our tour of the plant begins with the pressing-blanking shop.

2. Here are the longitudinal and transverse cutting of steel coils, as well as all the necessary preparations for cold stamping of future coaches.

3. The line "Halbron."

4. In cold pressing production made facing the body panels, as well as parts and components of the elements of the body shell.

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Languid family armored Sd.Kfz. 231 8-Rad

In the first half of the 30s already, Nazi Germany began openly violate all international treaties to limit the production of arms and military equipment. The Nazis were preparing for war, and tried as best they can be faster to equip the army itself with the latest technology. So, in the middle 30's the German auto industry has introduced an armored car Schwerer Panzerspahwagen 6-Rad, also recognized by the designation Sd.Kfz. 231. The main requirement of the customer was to ensure maximum use of parts, components and assemblies of available trucks. The corresponding feature of the project was a unified

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Greer was an alien like Alexis

November 6, 2012 18:54

American UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer (Dr. Steven Greer) said in early August 2012 that his team of scientists has a body, possibly of extraterrestrial origin. This caused a very heated discussion and speculation.

Greer is now published in his blog for more information on their existing research facility. According to Greer, now is "the detailed X-ray and CT scan of the body." Examples of these records have not yet been published.

DNA samples were collected in sterile surgical conditions and are now being analyzed "several leading geneticists of the world." "X-rays and

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Tantra together




There are five exercises in the style of tantra, and you will become clearer and closer to each other

Andrew Lapin, author and host of the first sexual training (Tantra) in Russia, will help you with this. Although this phenomenon has appeared with us ten years ago,

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Through the light

October 9, 2011 16:40

In 1982, the artist Mellen-Thomas Benedict survived clinical death. He had been dead about a half an hour, and during that time he left the body and went into the light. Expressed a desire to know the universe, was taken to the depths of being ancient and even more in the energy Vacuum — Nothing prior to the Big Bang. Regarding this near-death experience Dr. Kenneth Ring said: "His story is the most remarkable of those that I've heard in several years of research of similar cases."


In 1982 I died from

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