Chicken broth: more benefit or harm?

Most people believe that the chicken broth health benefits. If about the usefulness of meat, many are beginning to have doubts, then the meat broths are still popular. This is somewhat surprising, because in fact, meat broth to the human body even more harmful than the same myaso.Itak, what is their risk? Let's start with the fact that, as a warm chicken (as, indeed, any other meat) broth is so quickly absorbed by the intestines, the liver in capacity does not have time to process it is passed to the mass of meat from the broth extracts. The result is

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Returning from death




Is there a God, the soul and the afterlife — these are the three main issues, which are endless arguments over the centuries. In our time, the answers to these questions are given … clinical death.

Very early unnamed authors of the "Book of the Dead" knew

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Altai. Responsible body of the Earth

October 2, 2012 21:23

Here is the "cutting edge" restructuring of the climate machine Planet

More and more of earthlings can understand — the world go global planetary change. They will affect everyone on the planet. On this subject, conducted workshops and conferences. One such scientific conferences on the topic "New state of nature and man" held Shebalinsky district administration of the municipality, and, despite the fact that since its implementation has enough time, it is more relevant than ever.

The report "On the organization of the new psychology of life in the renewed nature of Gorny Altai" was

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Krukiv developed a new hopper car

Krukiv expanding line of hopper cars

Lineup wagons Kryukov Railcar added another new hopper cars for transportation of crops. In February Interagency Commission authorized its production. This wagon mod. 19-7053-02 to the size of the body 116 m3 capacity and 70.5 tons on trolleys mod. 18-7055, that can withstand axle loads of 23.5 ton.The line of hopper cars of its own design Kryukov Railcar is already more than 10 models. They differ in the profile of bulk cargo transported and design features — the size of the body, types of trucks and unloading devices. Unusually large sizes new body

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What is there in the astral world?

February 10, 2013 21:11

Our soul is a part of another world, where other, incomprehensible to us the laws of physics. Especially clear this person feels during clinical death, when fully merges with your spiritual self.

Clinical death and clairvoyance

it is believed that the ability to predict the future is in each person. But the vast majority of people it is hidden or dormant, state, and "awakened" only in extreme situations.

One of these extremes is a clinical death. In January 1970, the 68-year-old American writer Sandra Currie admitted to hospital with an acute heart

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Kryukіvsky Carriages rozrobiv Novi Hopper wagon

Kryukіvsky Carriages rozshiryuє lіnіyku vagonіv-hoperіvLINEUP vantazhnih vagonіv Kryukіvskogo vagonobudіvnogo plant popovnivsya slit a new repeare wagon-hoperіv transported to crops. We lyutomu mіzhvіdomcha komіsіya permitted to yogo serіyne virobnitstvo. Tse vantazhny car mod. 19-7053-02 s rozmіrom body 116 m3 i vantazhopіdyomnіstyu 70.5 Tonny on vіzkah modes. 18-7055, yakі vitrimuyut navantazhennya vіs to 23.5 mc.

Lіnіyka vagonіv-hoperіv vlasnoї rozrobki Kryukіvskogo vagonobudіvnogo plant skladaє vzhe bіlshe 10 models. Pong rozrіznyayutsya profіlem carrying sipuchih vantazhіv i constructively Especially — rozmіrami body types vіzkіv i rozvantazhuvalnih pristroїv. Nezvichno velikі rozmіri body novoї modelі car Hopera dozvolyayut perevoziti at once uniquely bіlshy obsyag produktіv,

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Witch, pleasant in all respects




In the West, every self-respecting man at the first symptoms of life neuvyazochek rushes to his psychoanalyst.

In Latvia, the people who respect themselves in such cases to seek psychoanalysts rarely, but every third secret to clearly whether enlists the aid of psychics, astrologers, fortune-tellers, or even

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Edgar Cayce on the origin and destiny of man

June 6, 2012 18:07

This article is a translation of statements Casey on the origin and destiny of man. Most of the "readings" (numbers 3744-1, 3744-2, 3744-3, 3744-4, 3744-5) are at Phillips (the Phillips Hotel), Dayton, Ohio, 02/14/1924. If no further reading is not specifically named, then it belongs to one of these readings.

Edgar Cayce

Questions are marked with (B), Casey said — a symbol (O). (B) Is the Darwinian theory of human evolution right or wrong? Give an answer that will enlighten people about evolution.

(D) The man was created in the beginning, as the

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Death — is just the beginning or NEezotericheskaya version 2012

May 11, 2012 1:34

2012 is the area of hypotheses, theories, beliefs, predictions, prophecies and myths. NONE of the usual three-dimensional people can not reliably tell what will happen to us in 2012! Aware of this, only 5% of the world population, which is currently already in the fifth dimension, that is, their physical body is reunited with the astral body.

Time is an illusion only the physical layer, so for those who are able to visit outside of time, is not difficult to tell us about the future. The idea of ascension is coming from such people, linking

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10 of the most resourceful parasites

They are dazzling. And not only the danger posed, but the ingenuity with which the use of others. One can make the fungus beetle, the other — completely change the language fish.

1. Toxoplasma gondii — A parasite that pushes straight into the jaws of mice cat

Danger to humans

T. gondii — a parasite that is capable of sexual reproduction only in the cat. The most interesting thing is how he gets there.

The way this amazing winding. First, this creature enters the rat or mouse, making the latter suddenly develops an irresistible attraction to the

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