Ancient artifacts on the moon. Mysteries of the Moon

November 5, 2011 13:03

Robot head. In the crater. On the moon. Photo:

It's about extraterrestrial structures on the Moon, as well as traces of intelligent beings on our nearest cosmic body. Washington. March 21, 1996 National Press Club. "… NASA scientists and engineers involved in the implementation of programs to study the moon and Mars, reported the results of processing the information. First announced the existence of artificial structures on the moon, and man-made objects. "

At the briefing, and mentioned the fact that the Soviet Union had once also part of the photographs on

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Psychotronic doping




His developing in secret laboratories for supersportsmenov

Finn Lasse Viron — Olympic champion in 1972 and 1976 in the women's 5 and 10 thousand feet. According to our interlocutor NN on it for the first time experienced foreign experts psychotronic devices. In the preliminaries, he always

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Keane will not be …

Gun design Gryazev-Shipunova is unique in the world, is the first in the Russian self-cocking a 9mm pistol enhanced penetration (greater than piercing AK). Designed for close combat. Personal weapons of new generation contains all of the latest advances in the design and production of weapons of this class. The gun has a low weight, high capacity magazine (18 rounds).

Movie really should not be removed unless in the hands of GS-18

Because you can not hide in a movie for the car door …

You can not because of the wall and

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Solar Yacht can change the trajectory of a potentially dangerous asteroid

Flotilla of spacecraft theoretically capable asteroid shield from the sun, causing it to move in a different direction. Several of these "boats", collected in a single fleet — and Apophis is not terrible, French scientists said.

The idea, proposed by the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), was announced at the symposium, which was held at the New York College of Technology. It involves the launch of devices operating on a "solar sail" (by the pressure of sunlight) to the asteroid Apophis.

The asteroid was discovered in 2004. According to calculations of astronomers in the 2029-meters, he has to

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U.S. scientists have simulated the Arizona meteorite fall




The largest meteorite crater in the world — evidence of fortunate circumstances, scientists say. The disaster, which led to its formation 50,000 years ago could have been much more serious. Jay Melosh (Jay Melosh) from the University of Arizona, and Gareth Collins (Gareth Collins), from Imperial College

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Our Vedic Divine Names

Which God was worshiped in Russia? For all existing current confusion of the ancient gods, in general, it is not difficult to guess what was the chief god of the Russian people. The word Russia (the old Ra-sion or Ra-Xiyun) indicates the god Ra. Other words also confirm this:

Time (in Pa + + I)

Culture (the cult of Ra +)

Tomorrow (covenant + pa)

Vera (Veda + pa)

Dawn (light + pa)

Early (top + pa)

Rainbow (Ra + arc)

Joy (Ra + Dusty)

City Hall — City Council building (Pa + soul)

Men (gods

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A cup of coffee — a pleasure or an environmental disaster?

As it turned out, the western part of the Pacific coast may be the main supplier of caffeine pollution in the ocean, as in the countries located on it, coffee has played an important role in everyday life. The effect on marine life from coffee residues containing a powerful tranquilizer, can be unpredictable.

Proven that caffeine from sewage in Oregon, USA, easily falls in sea water, and in the current near the mouth of the river. Moreover, the level of pollution in bodies of water in the city is not as high as in some parts of the sea

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Ultraviolet and for breakfast and lunch




Who does not dream of during the holiday season, "sunbathe", "soak in the gentle rays of the sun!" They are known to accelerate the circulation of blood in the human body to neutralize infection by killing bacteria. According to some experts, help restore sight …

Since ancient

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Humanity and the Jews. Knowledge of the Ancients

In the ancient Jewish — a Jew means alien. One should not think that a Jew is a visitor from other countries. Jew — a visitor from another world, which operate and manage the nature of things and the natural world very different energy, are fundamentally different from the energy of the world Svarga in which we live! Particles Grey Worldwide, access to which is possible through the black hole of the universe (as well as feedback) in direct contact with the particles of the World Svarga explode, forming superheavy substance. This explosion of physics called annihilation. But, despite the

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Alternative diagnosis: what and how




It is said that the diagnosis can be made even at prevailing in human feelings and emotions, if you are too easily offended, then you have tortured angina. Or color preferences: the desire to hang red curtains says nervous exhaustion and constant fatigue. Many non-traditional methods of

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