Our Vedic Divine Names

Which God was worshiped in Russia?

For all existing current confusion of the ancient gods, in general, it is not difficult to guess what was the chief god of the Russian people. The word Russia (the old Ra-sion or Ra-Xiyun) indicates the god Ra. Other words also confirm this:

Time (in Pa + + I) Culture (the cult of Ra +) Tomorrow (covenant + pa) Vera (Veda + pa) Dawn (light + pa) Early (top + pa) Rainbow (Ra + arc) Joy (Ra

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Chinese fish contaminated with industrial waste

Severe pollution of the Pearl River (Pearl River), metals and organic compounds has led to the accumulation of these substances in the bodies of river and marine life, the eating of which has become dangerous to human health.

For example, in the oysters from Guangdong Province copper in 740 times higher than normal.

According to the publication "Yanchen Vanbao", according to the recently promulgated Maritime Bulletin of Guangdong Province in 2010, 40% of the pollution discharged into the sea of industrial waste overfished, 16% of the sea water is polluted.

It says that in 2010, eight of the rivers flowing

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KAMAZ plans to develop a new universal material handling unit.

General Director of "KAMAZ" instructed the department to make to the development of R &D plan for the creation of advanced types of vehicles under the "KAMATEYNER" that fundamentally change the understanding of the possibilities and ways of transportation. This, among other things, is about the development of the universal detachable body, fixed container fittings, which will be equipped with folding legs, adjustable height, for installation on the ground without the use of crane equipment. This box allows you to set a car up to thirty different kinds of add-ons. Equipped with such a body exceeds the capacity of

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UFO researcher claims that examined the body ALIENS

Dr. Steven Greer headed "Project Discovery" — a group consisting of scientists, NASA astronauts and people in many other professions, which since 1993 is collecting documentary material, confirming the existence of UFOs.

And recently, Dr. Greer made a sensational statement — that he was able to examine the body of a humanoid — a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Dr. Gere says he keeps in touch with a group of scientists, which was in the hands of the body supposedly alien creature. Here is what he wrote in blog:

A few weeks have passed since the beginning of our

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Anatomy ET

Philip James Corso, a lieutenant colonel, a hero of the Second World War and one of the influential Pentagon employees, throughout his military career was a man brave and true. For several years he worked in the service of national security. By the nature of its activities Philip Corso was familiar with many secrets of the American government.

Since 1961, Philip Corso worked in several pet backroom Pentagon, which was responsible for the preservation of numerous fragments of crashed alien flying machine. His responsibilities also included the task of preventing the disclosure of secrets related to the incident in

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Hombu Lama sleeps seventies?




Let's start with one of the big news of the past 2004

Literally every day in the world occur if the opening is not loud, the next approximation to the truth. Many Web sites filled with news, comprehend and which relate to previous knowledge is not always

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Bugs alien zombie people

The best proof of meeting people with aliens — are miniature objects of unknown origin and destination, which are found in the bodies of the participants in such meetings. Research mysterious implants always unsuccessful. Nothing they do not and in understanding the phenomenon of HJIO. But give rise to the hypothesis, the main one — the hypothesis of the subordination of one's people are very powerful and unkind will …


The bloody drama in Mumbai hospital

Scientists studying the implants can only say that they are created beings, who retired in scientifically and

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How to collect MARUSSIA

Production of the Russian supercar is located on a fairly large area of the plant with a touching named "Snowflake". And it is located in Moscow, near the metro "Botanical Garden".

It all starts with a sheet of paper. In the design office employs about 10 people. Mostly young men 25-30 years old. Making the best traditions of design studios — a neat office, modern computers, lots of light, a lot of posters on the walls with sketches, sketches, photographs of other cars and other beauty.

The adopted design of the car is made of

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Forensic experts: in the body of a terrorist from Toulouse found 20 bullets

"Lead. "The results of the autopsy French terrorist Mohammed Measure showed that he got 20 bullets, two of which are a prerequisite for its destruction. This is now a French forensic experts told the media.

According to them, Measure died of a 2-bullet wounds in the left temple and tummy. His body was also found about 20 bullets, most of them were found in the limbs extremist, ITAR-TASS reported.

Last week, in the south of France, in the towns of Toulouse and Montauban, there was a series of murders. The victims of 23-year-old single terrorist Mohammed Measure were seven people,

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The phenomenon of immortality




Medical experts confirm that the incorrupt remains of Buddhist master Lama Dashi-eastern Siberia Dorzho Itigelov, who died in 1927, in many ways similar to the tissues of a living person

Russian scientists have confirmed the incorruptibility of the remains of the main Lama. The story is a

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