10 facts about the weight of the body


Science does not stand still, and the fact that we are considered true just a few years ago, now the scientists opinion could change radically. In addition, every now and then reveals all the new factors affecting the weight and the ability to lose weight. Now many scientists are looking for new ways to the relationship of weight to genetics, pregnancy and various chemical processes in our body.

1. It really genetics.

When scientists first discovered the gene responsible for predisposition to obesity and diabetes type 2, and so they

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Aura today

Today, it is not necessary to place any person in the volume chamber to see his aura. With the help of special devices, it is easy to "read" with the palm of the hand. Now it is known that aura — is a complex summation of biological currents of the human body, and physically — electromagnetic waves emitted by every cell.

This is part of the biofield, which is beyond the physical body and forms around the structure in the form of a cocoon. People still approach this phenomenon from different perspectives: the philosophers — in search of the

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Orion Empire

Many literary sources on esoterica, UFOs, extraterrestrial civilizations established residents Orion extremely negative reputation. In the books it is because they have been involved in many conflicts and devastating wars with the other representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence of the universe.

Other esoteric sources report that gray, which for the last thirty years, probably more than any other contact with the people, using them for their experiments, live in a star system Zeta constellation network that is not so far away in the constellation of Orion. Although there is evidence that many of the gray civilization for centuries visited

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Weather health: sudden emotional swings

C 3 to 5 March in Ukraine remain uncomfortable for being citizens of the country the weather.

Cold damp air and wind, sometimes with sleet, will be one of the main reasons for the increased risk of colds and particularly viral diseases, as well as exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes in the body, especially in children.

In these days of high probability of acute respiratory disease and inflammation in the joints.

Cold weather-sensitive people have dynamic weather may adversely affect the condition of the nervous, immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body.

This can cause a feeling of general

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UFO hole teleportation

Small size of the UFO suggests that these ships are not designed for long-haul flights, which even at a speed close to the speed of light take dozens (hundreds of years). Also needed are large supplies of fuel and food, and powerful protection from meteors. At a speed close to the speed of light, even a speck of dust can destroy the ship. So it is natural to assume that the UFO come by using the method of instantaneous teleportation. The following is a hypothesis about the method of teleportation ability to teleport instantly UFO large masses without destroying it

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Mysterious interview with Reptilians LASERTOY. Extension

Q: First of all, who are you? Are you — an extraterrestrial species or can your origin be found on this planet?

Answer: As you can see with your own eyes, I — not people (!) Like you, and if the end to be honest I'm not a mammal — despite my partly mammal-like features of the body that are the result of a kind of evolution I — female reptile belonging to a very old reptilian race (reptilians).

We — native earthlings, and we live on the planet for millions of years. We have mentioned in your

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Aliens bullied …


In Peru, near the capital enlonavty in 1991 forcibly carried away in a UFO two miners, pulling them out of the car. The names of the miners — and De Rozarri Pozo. Putting humans on the tables, the aliens have extorted from them a huge amount of blood taken, if a study sample of the skin and nails. Way of sucking blood "kosmitov" is simple: they "shake" it directly through the skin. This process is described in different cases varying degrees of pain. Often the "guinea" unbearably painful.

Mexico. Six "insectoid" creatures of the same,

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Life after Life

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Alien on the tree?

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In Siberia, found the body of a dead alien

Proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life or another fake? At first glance, this is too weird to be true. However, this does not stop the two residents of eastern Siberia, who claim that they found a dead alien.

His mutilated body was found lying in the snow near Irkutsk. After receiving his fame thanks to the numerous UFO sightings, this region is often visited by both domestic and foreign scholars. Video, which can be viewed on the discovery, almost instantly spread over the network: just a couple of days he had time to look around 700,000 people.

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