Iron Scouts

Since ancient times, pro scouting they say that it is the eyes and ears of the army, she smashing the blade edge of the army. No date is a popular expression in the XXI century. Scouts are always ahead. Now, commanders are paying exploration is as much attention as, for example, in the First World War. Then, however, in most cases, the scouts moved on foot or in the best case on horseback. During majestically in Russian spies appeared bikes, trucks and even armored vehicles. But now, a similar technique is unlikely to be arranged for military intelligence. The fact

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Alien body — a sensation or a fake?

Periodically, there are reports in the press: in the locality was found dead a stranger or some part of it (and even live alien). However, despite the excitement around the findings, there is no official document confirming this information. Are the organizations are trying to hide? Or is it only ducks that run with an unclear purpose?

Well forgotten old?

The corpse of a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization — The elaborate fake?

Recently, the American scientist Steven Greer, director of "Project Discovery" — the research group, in 1993 the task of collecting documentary materials on the UFO

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Babys body from the Atacama Desert studied

The so-called "alien" in the Atacama Desert (Chile) is largely externally similar to the famous Russian "Alexis of Kyshtym." Short stature, head shape, even a similar position and the degree of preservation. The story of his finding no less mysterious than the story of Alexis.

15-year-old boy from the Chilean city Antofagsta Armando Henrikvez early childhood fond ufology. Having learned that the desert of Atacama often seen unidentified flying objects, October 25, 2002, he went by bus to the city pripustynny Mehilones, and then walk to the sand dunes.

According to him the boy wandered all that

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Confessions of a contactee

Good thoughts do not come often and almost always unexpected. The idea to write what I offer you, dear reader, was initially good, and I did not doubt it for a second. And she came unexpectedly.

Bother me, I was able to present its lucidly.

I understand that the material is unusual. We are just beginning to get used to this kind of information. Until recently this was not published.

Beginning with the story, seems a long time. I will not look for her roots and start right from the middle because it further into me and very much

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Can the Russian army to intervene again in politics?

Our army in politics was noted twice. In 1991, she turned away from the Emergency Committee and supported the whitewashed house. Not all, of course, but that part of the officers, who sided with the then management of the RSFSR, was more decisive. In the end, Yeltsin defeated. In 1993, the army ignored calls to her from the rebellious white houses and again sided with Yeltsin. He won again.

After that, the services of the army authorities resorted three more times, but not from the perspective of domestic political opposition forces — a 2-Chechen campaigns and during the military conflict

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In cemeteries Russia appeared cannibals


Hungry predators — namely, bears, feed on corpses in cemeteries Russia. In search of food, hungry animals wandered into the cemetery and ate the body of the deceased. In Kamchatka, in one of the cemeteries Elizovo, three hungry bear dug up the grave, broke and ate the dead man's coffin. Wild beasts seen drivers who drove on Monday morning near Elizovsky cemetery.

One of the drivers said that he saw the three bears that gnawing human body. Predators dug grave near the road, smashed the coffin and eaten corpse.

Later, the two bears who

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Nutrition for sports. For and against

The debate about the usefulness and dangers Power Sports conducted from the time when it became public, moved with sports facilities and training systems to the shops. At present, thousands of research conducted to prove the benefit of Power Sports for people who are active lifestyle or play sports, but the dispute did not end there.

The main objective of Power Sports — Ensuring the organism useful substances and trace elements in pure form. Naturally, by itself it can not meet the needs of the human body because it is used as a food additive. The majority of consumers perceive

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The terrible secret UFO

Among the numerous reports of human contact with UFOs and "enlonavtami" occur, sometimes very strange and almost intractable analysis. To be quite honest, the analysis they certainly are amenable, but the conclusions that can be drawn on the basis thereof, so frightening, that the human mind refuses to accept. For the UFO phenomenon is a mystery, and it's a terrible secret …

Since the early 1980s, hundreds of dead horses were discovered in the south of England and Sweden. Whether it was an old song, arranged for a new tune, because now the damage and injuries were much

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Sixth sense

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Children die of old age …

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