In 2013, the world will come heaven?

While the world waits for the end of the horror world, the former presidential candidate Kyrgyzstan Arstan Alai Abdyldaev calms public predictions about what the next year humanity will "sink into heaven." According to the policy, information about this he got "out of space", and it is supported by some of the events that are happening now.

Abdyldaev a leader of the organization "National Academy", he was widely known for spoken at last year's press conference, the phrase: "Winter is not" as well as the statement that Kyrgyzstan is the energetic core of the Earth. True, later ex-presidential candidate,

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Dr. Steven Greer. Cutting the alien.

Dr. Steven Greer headed "Project Discovery" — a group consisting of scientists, NASA astronauts and people in many other professions, which since 1993 is collecting documentary material, confirming the existence of UFOs.

And recently, Dr. Greer has made a sensational statement — that he was able to examine the body of a humanoid — a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Dr. Gere says he communicates with a group of scientists, which was in the hands of the body supposedly alien creature. Here's what he wrote in his blog:

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Navigator. Telluric radiation

Telluric radiation — perhaps there is an unknown type of radiation coming out of the ground and causing a number of diseases among the inhabitants of the place of radiation. In 1930, Paul released G.fon interesting fact related to the fact that they all observed cancer patients slept in places where the dowsing rods sharply declined.

Then, and speculation about the radiation from the earth of some pathogenic rays, which was called telluric (tellus — Latin for earth). Over the past few years since efforts E.Hartmanna, M.Kurri and other researchers identified the network, the nodes of which are the

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Russian Scout

BTR-40 in the Israeli museum Yad la-Shiryon

As you know, during the second World War, armored personnel carriers in the USSR were not met. Here Reddish Army significantly inferior to the Wehrmacht. In a certain degree of severity of the problem were able to smooth the supply of British and American armored vehicles under the Lend-Lease Act, but for the present at least equip mechanized infantry battalions, armored and mechanized brigades there were clearly not enough. The main means of transportation in the Red Army infantry right up to the end of the war were cars and tanks.


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Full body massage female body watch online

Training videos …Full body massage a woman's body ..

A man and his features

TECHNOLOGY mind reading — future or present?

Alexandrian doctor for two millennia before our time almost the first to seriously expose the human brain and made the first step towards opening its Enigma: The brain perceives and keeps memories of bodies emotions. Since that time, much has been made of these steps, many generations of different research schools, but the solution of Enigma human brain does not approached. The problem is that the human brain specifically been laid across the boundary between personal and impartial.

How to recognize the content of the brain researcher, if it is «clear» only personally? Is it possible to arrange for the

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Weather and health: follow closely the pressure

C 24 to 26 February in Ukraine will continue warming, but in general, keep a cool feeling to malokomfortnaya population weather.

Cold damp air and little wind with sleet will be one of the main reasons for the increased risk of colds and viral infections, as well as exacerbation of chronic inflammatory processes in the body, especially in children.

In these days of high probability of acute respiratory disease and inflammation in the joints.

In conditions of low atmospheric pressure is the most uncomfortable gipotonikam.

Cold weather-sensitive people have dynamic weather and low air pressure may adversely affect the condition

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The night meal knocks biorhythms

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Found a base on the Moon UFO

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ZAZ will sell the new model Vida in Russia

ZAZ began full-scale production of the new Ukrainian car ZAZ Vida — a licensed copy of the old generation Chevrolet Aveo. Volumes of production of ZAZ Vida in 2012 will amount to about 16 000 vehicles, half of them — for export, including in Russia.

In Q1 ZAZ Vida made in the sedan, plans two quarters — the production of a 5-door hatchback and a 2 half Zaporizhia Automobile Plant plans to develop the production of modified Vida — van. The company provides full-scale production ZAZ Vida, including stamping, welding, painting and assembly of a body on the

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