Scientists have confirmed that the disease can be so far-fetched



When a person thinks or talks about any offensive or annoying his things and situations in his body increased levels of inflammatory markers, according to physicians from Ohio University, in the city of Athens (USA). The results of their research will soon be presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Miami.

Associate Professor of the University psychologist Peggy Zokkola his comrades found that when the volunteers were asked to survive in the laboratory is an exciting

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Modern technology to screen passengers

In modern conditions, screening of passengers using only the electromagnetic metal detectors and X-ray baggage inspection systems do not provide the required level of security. First of all it concerns the provision of quality pre-and post-flight inspection at airports and screening at the customs checkpoints on the border. The main problem is that the commission of terrorist acts using ceramic bladed weapons, plastic explosives. Tools and objects of terrorism are made of nonmetallic materials and not just hide under the clothes, but also in the natural cavities of the body, transportation of illegal drug users are swallowed in capsules. To

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Can you gorge yourself to death?


April 22, 1891 52-year-old driver Stockholm L. swallowed a bottle of pills prescribed to him opium. He was found by a homeowner and taken to a hospital, where he inserted a funnel and long tube which allowed a huge amount of warm water. With each washing the stomach contained in itself more and more. Doctors became clear that the patient had sprung a leak. Few ended their days so sad way. Overload the stomach so that it burst — not an easy task, because this body has a number of protective reflexes. When the stomach

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Giant sea cucumber eating with the anus


Giant California sea cucumber or holothurian Parastichopus californicus — a unique natural phenomenon. It uses the anus as a second mouth, despite the fact that this, too, his mouth is.

Scientists had known earlier that the shallow-water marine invertebrates that live near the Pacific coast of North America, use the anus for breathing. Because they do not have lungs for breathing used vodnososudistaya tentacle system which consists of a plurality of channels extending throughout the body. Branched bags to help breathing goloturii receive oxygen when water is injected into the anus

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An asteroid capable to arrange end of the world will fly past Earth

May 31, 2013. By the Earth approaching asteroid with a diameter almost three kilometers. If such a space boulder fell on the surface of the planet, it could cause the end of the world.

According to experts of NASA, the celestial body fly past at a distance of about six million kilometers. Space for such a distance is negligible, but for the Earth — are huge. For example, the Moon is 15 times closer than the asteroid that route, TV channel "Russia 24".

For astronomers heavenly fireball — a real gift. In observatories around the world, scientists are going

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Souls of the dead are looking for the new bodies



Recently often write about the cases of reincarnation — moving soul of the dead person in the body of a newborn baby. But the soul of the deceased, and his memory and life experience, and can move into the body of a grown man. And in this case almost entirely relocated soul takes possession of consciousness and psyche of the person. Strange consequences of clinical death

As you know, at the time of death, the soul leaves the body. But

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Paulo Henrique dos Santos — Hulk captive. Brazil



35-year-old keeper Paulo Henrique dos Santos of Rio Janeiro participated in the contest for the best fancy dress. Paulo decided that he would represent the Incredible Hulk, and for greater plausibility body painted in green.  

Hulk enjoyed tremendous success in the competition and the costume really was a hit of the day. Everything would be fine if, after the difficult events Enrique did not have to take the normal human form. That's where the problems started.

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Konsumeristskie body

Chapters from the book "Human being. Western culture, health and body control"2000.

Dmitry V. Michael — Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of "sociology, social anthropology and social work" SGTU

A special role in modern Western culture is now playing practice self-control, aimed at maintaining the health and care of your own body. Being healthy — it's imperative, which is now followed voluntarily. The formation of modern culture that denies death, causes a huge number of people are pay more attention to your body and being. Following Michael Fiterstounom we call a culture konsumeristskoy. Consumerism — is the result of

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I work in a queue for bread

The picture that comes to mind for most people when they think of the Great Depression — all over the bread. Black-and-white photographs of people standing in a queue around the block to get a loaf of bread and take it home to his family. It was a time of great famine that not all survived. It has been estimated that from hunger and disease due to malnutrition died about 7 million people.

Today, in this great depression, which some call a recession, and some even say that it ended four years ago, the bread

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How does a premature baby

Even quite full-term infants sometimes scare new parents with their appearance — fromjournal-art puhloschekih babies, they are very different. What can we say about the premature babies, according to the laws of nature are still some when they should have been my mother's warm womb!

Head of such children disproportionately large, immature skin — very thin until translucent, glossy, soft, without any fat, so wrinkled. The body is abundantly covered by original guns, and a large degree of prematurity at this fuzz can cover and face. Marigolds are very thin, do not always reach the fingertips. The boys often

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