Being a counter or a way up looks

More than once, I've told them about his vision of the Stream of Life Development — who had heard that in the course, who have not heard — then so be it 🙂

Now decided to paint another picture. This time from the perspective of how they look, "step", according to which all are so eager to get "higher" in the heavenly realms of Being look like those "levels", which are rooted in the life of the reasons of the events and where do all sorts of life's hilarity and surprises.

To be clear: all Fictitious — this is

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Why jellyfish supplant fish

Evolutionary advantages over fish jellyfish on closer inspection are not as obvious: the structural features of the body and the way to hunt jellyfish make their closest competitors planktivorous fish, and even a slight imbalance between jellyfish quickly gain the upper hand. At first glance, the jellyfish as predators can not compete with the fishes. Fish active and moving quickly, can see their prey and pursue it, all of this jellyfish is not available. Yet somewhere in the oceans observed paradoxical situation: jellyfish supplant fish feed on plankton. An international team of zoologists, the advantages and disadvantages of jellyfish

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The Russians are looking for a tablet of eternal life

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Liquid armor

The first attempts to protect personnel from bullets and shrapnel were taken during the First World War and continued during the second. So during the Second World War, many members of the elite units of the Red Army, were dressed in bronekirasy that the word had a rather weak protective properties, but different high mass, significantly constrain movement of fighters. Next came vests with lead plates, which, although had the best defensive stats, but the mass of 20 kg was still their biggest weakness. After the appearance of light and quite comfortable Kevlar vests, it would seem, the problem is

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With obesity will fight gum

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Flights in Dreams and in Reality

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Inside living body. Online

From our first cry to our last breath, our bodies are exposed to second by second continuous transformation. National Geographic Channel (NGC) climbed in person to find out how our bodies evolve from birth to old age. The shooting took place Endoscopic HD camera inside the mouth, throat, heart, lung and other body parts.

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Super-heavy tank K-Wagen (colossal)

In May 1918, the Italian officer, advocate of military aviation Dzh.Due devised to make public their eyes in the form of mind-blowing novel "Winged Victory." In the book, he "supplied" Germany with 2 tyschami "colossal tanks Krupp to 4000 tons (!) Weighing from 6 to 3000 hp diesel engines (Replacement of blocked 2) the speed of 4 km / h, the spray on the area of a semicircle with a radius of 100 m pep liquid crew … — 2 of man. " These monsters are useful only Douai in order to set off the power of his proposed

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SPG Object 212

Languid self-propelled gun "Object 212".

Shortly before the war chassis languid KV served as the basis for the development of self-propelled guns, which took the index object 212. The works were carried out in SKB-4 LCZ Zh.Ya.Kotina under common control, the lead designer was appointed Ts.N.Golburt. The draft submitted to the ABTU at the end of 1940, has been developed under the obvious influence of the Soviet-Finnish War.

Overcoming the long-term strengthening of the "Mannerheim Line" was much more difficult than it appeared to the General Staff of the Red Army, and solve it without the help of the heavy

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If a loved one has died, what to do

Death will take all of us, it is a fact, but we are increasingly concerned if a close loved one dies, than the idea that we are ever going to die.


The death of a loved one — it's usually a big loss that shows how much we were attached to him.

Faced with this phenomenon, a person may experience a variety of negative emotions and experience the unpleasant state:— a state of shock, stunned, numb, confused. Usually it happens in the first few minutes after receiving the sad news.— feelings of guilt, remorse, self-reproach — if a

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