In San Bernardo body buried people do not decompose!

A small mountain town of San Bernardo, located in the Colombian Andes, continues to amaze scientists. The fact that the bodies of the dead were buried in the local cemetery, do not undergo the process of decomposition. This phenomenon is called "natural mummification." Whether this phenomenon is a miracle, or just blame chemicals and GMOs that so hard added to food — is not clear. A similar phenomenon has been observed not long ago, the article can be found HERE

For the first time, scientists are faced with a similar

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The menu will include human mercury

The long-awaited snow that fell over the weekend will not only pre-holiday mood, but deadly to all inhabitants of the Earth. Scientists have sounded the alarm: with precipitation falls incredible amount Mercury. And the most scary is that toxic metal can get into the food chain, and thus, to get on board to man.

A large amount of mercury contained in industrial emissions, resulting from fuel combustion. Atmospheric heavy metal is oxidized, so it can return to Earth along with precipitation. In the metabolism of microorganisms oxidized mercury is converted into highly toxic methylmercury, which by its toxic effect

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Self-propelled Carnation

2C1 by the armed infantry regiments, artillery battalions filled with infantry combat vehicles. Purpose of "Pinks" — destruction and oppression of manpower and firepower of infantry, the destruction of the fortifications of field type, breaching minefields and barbed wire, fighting with artillery, mortars and armored opponent.

Ordinary Ammunition — 35 high-explosive shaped charge projectiles and 5. Separate loading ammunition — shell and the sleeve of charge. Developed a wide range of shells: lighting, campaign, electronic countermeasures, chemical, smoke, with special flechettes, cumulative, high-explosive …

In 1967, an attempt was made on the basis of the creation of the D-32

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Country wise. Part 1

Perhaps the greatest mystery in the world — it is a mystery of the human spirit. Where is the source of the harmony of wisdom, who opens within us some amazing gate from which a man — a great sage, who gives us knowledge, which can not be expressed in words? These questions are eternal and inseparable from humanity as integral to his philosophy and religion. In the culture of the people no matter what we did looked everywhere face the riddles of human wisdom — the wisdom of the ineffable, the secret by a dense veil of myths and

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The origin of the Moon: Who built the village?

Normal people in their growing up just have the full moon reflect on the meaning of life, on the problem of reproduction, etc. Usually it ends with talk on "where babies come from" and, again, with the full moon. However, some deviation from the establishment of thousands of years of ritual still available. Some view the full moon feat on an unexpected question — where did the moon itself?

Answer "She was always there" did not like it. Those who believe in the wisdom of our ancestors, remember the ancient legend about the "Dolunnyh times",

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Why do we never see Nibiru?

Now, in 2012, there is an excessive interest of mankind to the planet Nibiru.Ochevidno that it is caused by different kinds of apocalyptic prophecies Nibiru destination for our Earth and its chelovechestva.No where do these predictions? Because there is no confirmed ancient prophecies concerning Nibiru?

Where did mankind know about Nibiru? Originator is a chronicle of the Sumerians, who, as we are assured, and talked with her predstavitelyami.Eti chronicles allegedly deciphered Zechariah Sitchin.Dalshe-free interpretations Sitchin other esoteric interpretations that do it in a format defined by the breadth of their imagination. Oh, and many channelings, of course, as

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Dozens of species of fish caught for the aquarium Vladivostok

Dozens of species of marine and freshwater fish found in the northern part of the Sea of Japan, became the new inhabitants of the scientific and adaptive body oceanarium on Russian Island in Vladivostok, said on Thursday the Primorsky Territory Administration.

Aquarium of the Pacific on the Russian island, built in Vladivostok in preparation for the APEC Summit 2012, to become one of the largest such facilities in the world. Its area is more than 30 thousand square meters. It can accommodate 15-18 thousand individuals of 500-600 species of living organisms that live in different seas and oceans of the

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Moon, which is killing us


Galina Kostin Senior Fellow, Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Olovnikov believes that the aging of the organism manages the gravitational field of the Moon. It causes periodic "hot flashes" in the pineal gland that result in hormonal release, shortens the life of the organism

Illustration: Konstantin Batynkov

Black Sicilian night. New Moon. Over the looming volcano erupts from time to time a thick cloud of scarlet, illuminated from inside the crater. Feelings are fantastic — a delight and horror on the power of wildlife. These feelings then

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Can people fly and breathe under water?

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Tracked Amphibious ultralight Pelets 150/300.

Produced "Kit Car" floating among the tracked all-terrain vehicle on the Russian market stands a small size, low curb weight and an affordable price. The machine is designed to move a payload weighing 180-250 pounds or 2-3 passengers inside the body, which is covered by an awning on three sides. At the core of the machine is sealed, welded, steel case with a frame of high-strength steel. In order to obtain high corrosion resistance applied Bedliner polymer coating which is applied in a heat chamber by a special technology. The unique hull design gives it high strength and torsional

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