Mysteries of the Bible

Miracle of the Bible! According to the Institute for Bible Translation in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1986, it has been translated into 1,848 languages, so that only about two percent of the world's population does not have its own language no book of Scripture. Now she moved more than a thousand small languages, even if they say thousands, hundreds or even dozens of people.

In terms of circulation, it always takes the first place in the world in 1900 was printed five million Bibles and New Testaments 7,000,000, and in 1980 — 36 million Bibles, New Testaments 57

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Smoking leads to global warming

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Could this happen to the Earth? (Tumble Dzhanibekova)

Effect discovered by Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov, more than ten years to keep Russian scientists in secret. He not only broke the harmony of all previously recognized theories and ideas, but also became a scientific illustration of a looming global catastrophe.

We know a great many scientific hypotheses about the so-called end of the world. Approval of various scientists to change the Earth's poles is not portrayed for decades. But despite the fact that many of them have a slender theoretical evidence, it seemed that none of these hypotheses can not be tested experimentally. Of history, and especially

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Until the end of the world — 22

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The girl with eight limbs in surgery

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Scientists around the world are aware of the upcoming change of the poles of the planet Earth. This was first predicted by Japanese scientists 16 years ago. Even before 13 October 1917. was the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd in Fatima (Portugal) with a message of great importance for the future of the human race.

This message contains information about the change of the poles, and planetary catastrophe as the "end of the world" as well as an explanation of the upcoming "solar and lunar miracle" — the appearance of two suns in the sky,


Unique Omsk mummy

The embalmed body stored in the anatomical museum of the Medical Academy — this year the exhibit has already turned 80 years old. Scientists still do not know the composition of which was used for mummification. One thing is clear — for those years, he was unique.

In a glass sarcophagus lies the body of an elderly man. Lying here for 80 years. It is the fruit of a unique anatomical experiment, which in 1933 had no light of science, and ordinary laboratory assistant Andrew Romodanovskiy. This is, perhaps, the world's mummy, which has not lost in the preservation

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27 June a huge asteroid will fly close to Earth

June 27, Monday, near the planet rapidly sweep 18-meter asteroid 2011 MD. This celestial body will fly at a distance of 17.7 thousand kilometers above the earth. This distance is 23 times less than that of the Earth to the Moon.

See the "stranger" can be even in the small telescope. Unfortunately, not all humans will see a rare sight. It will be clearly seen over the South Atlantic and the Antarctic coast, but in the northern hemisphere is granted to behold the phenomenon.

Despite the fact that the gravity of the Blue planet can change the trajectory of "stranger",

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Kozyrevs Mirrors and experiments with them

Aluminum (at least — glass, mirror or made of other metals) spiral plane, which, according to the hypothesis proposed by a renowned astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev, reflect physical time and like the lens can focus different types of radiation, including those coming from biobektov. Kozyrev mirrors conventional design is of folded clockwise 1.5 turns flexible mirror sheet of brushed aluminum, which houses the chair test and measurement equipment.

The device resembles stone mirrors Tibet, which "compress time." There is evidence of the strange death of four climbers who were in the field of the Tibetan mirror and a few hours

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Performed the last of the parts of the program to improve the LPC body Lada 4×4

AvtoVAZ has passed since the beginning of July to the color of Lada 4×4 new material — polyester primer. Thus, the latter is made from parts of a program to improve the body paintwork vazovskogo SUV. /

 The process of modifying the color Lada 4×4 was launched in AUTOVAZ earlier this year. First in technology have introduced new painting materials — trehkationny phosphate and cataphoresis ground, increase the corrosion resistance of the body. The final touch — a polyester primer should increase the resistance to chipping paint, and provide longer retention of gloss enamels, said "Volga carmakers."

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