A message from the Federation of Light.

"I like to live in your NOW and bring these energy education through the message of love.Let me start by saying that you expect quite amazing performances, and I would like to continue to say it, I feel your love is rising higher and higher, far above the level that is necessary in the average!We (the Galactic Federation) here, we did it, we had reached the limit, and even surpassed it. I thank you for your enlightenment, which formed the New World, and I can honestly tell you that this form is very beautiful and is made of purity. A

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In Japan, escaped from the cells of the two bears killed a zoo staff member

Bears, escaped from the cells at the zoo Japanese Akita attacked a zoo employees, the women died from his injuries, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to agency Kyodo.

Zoo workers Akita Hachimantai, which contains only the Bears on Friday found the body of one of the officers near the open cells, where they were to be bears. Then the body was found another dead.

All six escapees were later shot and killed the bears caused by hunters. In 2005, two Japanese zoos have been three attacks of bears on the staff. Two people were killed and one was wounded.

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Spring update image E-mobile.

Let me remind you that the beginning of production of E-mobility is scheduled for 2013, and now the company is actively working on the exterior and interior of the car, trying to take into account the wishes and concerns of potential buyers (see offs.'s) Because the design can change at any moment in one direction or another.

In the meantime, the project came to a very important date — March 5. Will confounded the skeptics, or the project will evaporate? Soon find out.

Introduction: E-mobility — a car with a dual-fuel power plant on board and electric

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Message from Kuthumi

"I inform you that a month, this 3D body to heal humanity and the Earth has been passed successfully."

Let me remind you what it is about. The Message from Kuthumi July 26, 2012 said:

"From 25.07.2012, the order of the Higher Father / Mother (Prime Creator — Ra and Surya) from Galactic Central Sun (Nibiru, also known as Alcyone), the Milky Way galaxy to the solar system and the earth, he served Healing energy dense bodies and, therefore, all the dense bodies of living creatures of the earth.

Time (terrestrial standards) for recovery of the dense body of the

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Channeling: How to pass on the Path of Ascension

Humanity has come to a very important point, which is connected with the fact that all of you are standing at the last line where there are two mutually exclusive actions: either you are involved in the overall process of the Ascension, which will take your land, or stay in the old energy and you have to go to other planets through physical death. This choice only you can make, no one else can help you make any decision. You'll have to make that choice very soon, because the events are developing rapidly.

I'm talking about climate change and migration

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Translation of the clock has a negative impact on human health

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Children of the Sun

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Channeling. The calm before the storm? Natalie Nyquist

Dear Father, Sanat Kumara, Archangel Michael, I want to know what is going on in the higher plane on the planet, and in particular, in the human body? I think that somehow calmed down and it was in some kind of order.

Dear Goddess! Now the outside is really all starts to calm down, tuning in to the inner man. All lightbearers turn inward, remaining nominally in the third dimension, but in fact, they are already out of the plan actually associated with the physical. You sprout on, increasingly connecting with the higher self and grow in their higher

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7 horrific womens ways of finding beauty

At all times women tried to attract attention by any means. And it seems to be nothing wrong with that, but sometimes women in the pursuit of beauty make your own body just terrible things.

1. Corsets

You know, it seems that men especially boring? Wholesome female body, that's what! Why do you think in the 19th century, the stronger sex so diligently hunted whales? Women to drag away their bodies whalebone corsets and maim internal organs, of course.

2. Arsenic

7 horrific womens ways of finding beauty

Repair iPhone

Very often it happens that when buying Iphone, the lucky owner of an expensive devaysa faced with unexpected difficulties. One of these problems is that the installed software on it with mind-boggling ease beginning to find their own updates on the Web. For obvious reasons, you do not even know about it until such time as the balance of your account is zeroed, and then go away, as they read, in the negative. From time to time, turn off the option firmware update software is very difficult. In such a case it is better to use the services of experts.

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