Healing Secrets of self-hypnosis

January 20, 2013 21:57

Scientists are trying to understand why some people are witches spells, while others get well by drinking a glass of pure water.

Secret of the placebo

Placebo — a "dummy" — tablet or a solution that does not contain any drugs. They "treat". Not all, of course, but many. Especially if the doctors tell patients that provide a new drug. And explain how it should operate. First miraculous effect was discovered in 1955. Then Boston anesthesiologist Henry Beecher was surprised to see that useless sugar pills or a glass of clean water act favorably by

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A light touch of death

January 2, 2012 22:04

In July 1973, the Hong Kong Bruce Lee died. He was 32. The idol of millions of moviegoers and martial artist, first opened the world of Kung Fu, died of cerebral edema. But the debate about the reasons that led to swelling, do not cease to this day.

Official medicine believes that his appointment provoked strong medicine. According to the other version, the informal, the actor was used against a mysterious ancient martial art of Dim Mak, also known as the art of delayed death …

The death of famous people is always a lot

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Paintings from the parallel dimension

December 27, 2011 5:54

Afterlife does exist, and continue to create outstanding people in the other world — think parapsychologists. His works convey the spirits of famous artists to people from time to time by entering into contact with them. And there are those who argue that the stories get their creations from the representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence …

Thus, the Englishman Matthew Manning, he said, supported otherworldly connection with Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Pablo Picasso and other great artists. In trance, the man drew a picture, which, in the opinion of specialists, no different from the

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In Georgia, the corpse of Bigfoot?


According to www.kp.ru, in the U.S. state of Georgia's body was found, presumably belonging to the yeti. Residents who discovered the body, sold it for $ 10 million. About fantastic discovery reported "KP" Igor Burtsev, Ph.D., who learned this sensation from their American counterparts.

History findings is that in July two Clayton County residents Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer was accidentally discovered in the woods a huge humanoid creature covered with red hair. In their eyes it died of his wounds.

With the assistance of local residents due to the rescue, the body was smuggled out of

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German tank destroyer of the war (Part 8) — Jagdpanther

"Yagdpantera» (Jagdpanther) was, of course, the best option of conversion of a medium tank Pz.Kpfw V Panther. According to experts, it became one of the best self-propelled anti-tank second world war. In many ways it exceeded the ACS allies. Despite this stunning German tank destroyer did not leave a significant trace in the military campaigns of the past war. In part, this explains the small outlet (about 390 units), and the overcoming of all manufacturing defects only closer to the end of production for 30-40% of the latter machines.

Having a good in its own arsenal of 88-mm long

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Mummy hunting scientists?


About revenge Egyptian Pharaohs those who violate their peace, heard many. Not so long ago in the Alps appeared ancient "Avenger."

For eight corpses 17 years ago, the German wife of the climbers in the snow-covered Alps on the border of Austria and Italy stumbled on a frozen body. Thanks to the analysis carried out in Innsbruck, set "ice man" froze 5,300 years ago. In Europe, as the ancient body is discovered for the first time. Soon after, the story, as if dreamed up in Hollywood, one by one people died during the

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Who implanting implants in human bodies?

December 8, 2011 14:48

Aliens implanted in our bodies their microchips

About 20 years ago, American ufologists started talking about strange new phenomenon: implanted into human bodies tiny microchips, the purpose of which is still unknown. However, the fact that these devices are of the highest technological performance, suggests their extraterrestrial origin. For this reason alone implants should be the subject of careful study in scientific laboratories.

Volzhanin Valery I. asked to meet with me to determine the kind of foreign body, which he accidentally discovered the forearm right hand.

-I looked once, something rolled under the

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Mine Highlander-K

In the 20 days of October, the month was held in Moscow exhibition "Interpolitech 2012". At this salon presented their products almost four hundred square meters of companies from 23 countries of the world. Also, for the first time in history, "Interpolitex" State Pavilion was opened. It benchmarks its products presented the French firm. During the four day or salon "Interpolitex-2012" was visited by 17.5 million people, a third of this amount were the leaders and bureaucrats, business organizations, military and law enforcement agencies of different countries. The total amount of the exhibited models of weapons, equipment and machinery exceeds

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In Tuva, opened a new gold processing plant

Swedish mining company Auriant Mining AB has opened the field Tardan, 78 km from Kyzyl gold processing plant, which at first in 2013 on capacity will based on heap leaching technology to get 1 tonne of gold per year.

The final permission to launch a new production was obtained from the territorial structure Rosnedr opening day, August 24.

The first gold produced was sent for refining in August 2012. Today the factory is on the field Tardan produced 55 kilograms of gold.

General Director Igor Oglov Tardanskogo mine, the Holders of the insignia "Miner's Glory", introduced to the technological

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Doppelganger: they — are we?

November 29, 2011 5:50

People see not just his double — they see their astral and often have the feeling that this is their true nature

Once the famous German poet Goethe was heading to a personal meeting in Strasbourg. Peacefully rocking on divantsah friendly crew, he threw a casual glance out the window and to my surprise I saw on the side of the figure itself. True, the twin of the poet wore a gray coat, trimmed with gold embroidery. Similar fashion in Goethe was not, but eight years later, driving along the same road, he remembered

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