Contact with aliens humans confirm implants

December 24, 2012 19:14

From ancient times to the present day from time to time the pages of newspapers are full of information about human contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations. Someone believes these items, someone is skeptical and waiting for actual evidence, not allegations.

But there is evidence of human contact with aliens or have to continue to be content with eyewitness accounts? Evidence is! Many of those who had previously thought of crazy stories about meeting with UFOs, the opportunity to confirm the truth of his words, thanks to the development of medicine.

Advanced medicine, X-ray

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Blood and water have memory


Today, in the age of science and rational attitude to life, many believe that the potential for harm to a person at a distance (for example, through damage, the evil eye, the curse) — an empty fiction. However, modern scientists do not rule out the possibility that people's views on the possibility of the evil eye had real, scientifically substantiated, the base.

So, recently has it is held by Russian scientists, biologists and physicians participated in a seminar on problems of "dead" and "living" water, as well as the possible impact on

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Secrets of the monks


Wushu — the way to his

East — a delicate matter. And China, with its long history and tradition, which sometimes do not want to fit in the minds of Europeans, and did a kind of Bermuda Triangle. Those who can tell for sure about all that is going on there, a little bit, but all sorts of myths and legends about those places There is a lot of. And the monks of the Shaolin Temple with their fantastic abilities in the list on the first cast. However, China is not so

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Hubble Space Telescope spotted an unidentified object


Astrophysical Journal published the results of a study conducted by The Supernova Cosmology Project. Initially, it was dedicated to supernovae, but in the course of the researchers using space telescope "Hubble" in the constellation Bootes at a distance of 8.2 billion light-noticed a strange space object with cyclically varying brightness.

This event occurred when the researchers studied a remote galaxy cluster CL 1432.5 +3332.8. The next three months of the object became brighter, reaching the brightness of the 21st magnitude. Then the brightness of the outer body down to 26th magnitude, ie brightness

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With whom mutate? Evolution of surprises in store for us


Dmitry Pisarenko Published: May 14, 2008 00:04:00 Article number 20 of the AIF from May 14, 2008 00:04:00

Long legs and elongated neck. Beveled, almost missing the chin and less e-elkie-small teeth. And on a small face — only one eye! Thus, according to Alexander Ermolenko, is a person through thousands or even millions of years. The scientist came to this conclusion after analyzing the changes that have occurred in the exterior of our distant ancestors, and come with us now. Why the mole difficulty seeing?

Candidate of Medical Sciences Alexander

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In Egypt, found the mummy of a female pharaoh


Archaeologists have discovered a part of the mummies, which presumably belong faraonshe that ruled Egypt 4,300 years ago. As announced renowned Egyptologist and historian Dr. Zahi Hawass, recently discovered pyramid in Saqqara, scientists have found the body of Queen Seshestet.

She was the mother of Teti, the founder of the sixth dynasty of pharaohs of Egypt.

Inscription with the name of the researchers found, however, according to Dr. Hawass, "all indications are that this is Seshestet."

Such ancient mummies are extremely rare find.

Basically, the scientists found the remains

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City found dead


Mummy Rosaline

In the Italian city of Palermo was found dead city: in the cave monastery of the Capuchins, archaeologists have found about two thousand skulls. The appearance here of a huge number of skulls due to the fact that several hundred years ago this place was turned into a shrine for local residents.  

The most recent burial refers to 1920. His final resting place there has found two-year-girl Vera, who died of bronchial infection.

Despite the fact that since the death of the

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A decision on the beatification of John Paul II

Society May 1, 2011, Pope John Paul II will be beatified.

Pope Benedict XVI during a meeting with the Vatican in the affairs of the canonization of Cardinal Angelo Amato January 14 decided publish decrees concerning the miracle of intercession of John Paul II. The paper reports on the authenticity of the healing zakonnitsy French Marie Simone Pierre Normand, which is attributed to the patronage of Pope John Paul II. It is of medically unexplained perspective sudden disappearance of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Rite of Beatification Servant of God John Paul II will be held May 1 2011a.

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What is Earthlings Comet Lulin that February 24 was shining for us especially bright green?


Last Tuesday, comet C/2007 N3 Lulin, discovered in 2006-2007, the Chinese and Taiwanese astronomers CHUAN Chih E and Chi Sheng Lin, flew as close to the Earth — a distance of 61 million kilometers. Telescopes all observatories watching her intently, and scientists agree: "Lulin" — exceptionally strange! But there are experts who believe that this is not a comet at all. Details of the "West" said Yuri LIR — Eniology who studies the interaction between man and the universe.

Abnormal and caudate Official data on the "Lulin" flown into our solar system from

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Fly away! March 10th we will fly to another asteroid,


An asteroid the size of 35 meters is already close to the Earth. To the naked eye celestial body in our latitudes can be seen on March 10.

A week ago, an Australian scientist Robert MakNaud discovered in the constellation Feed unidentified flying object. Soon he was identified as an asteroid. Celestial body was given the star the size of 19, which corresponds to our 35 meters.

As told to the correspondent of "City Watch" lecturer Kharkov planetarium astronomer Natalie Bershova, asteroid, immediately after identification, was named after the DD-45.


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